Lee Mazzilli was a fine  local player for mostly the Mets, starting back about 40 years ago.   Nearly 5,000 major league plate appearances, .259/.359/.385. Solid, and fine at getting on base, even if not a spectacular career.

In the minors, Lee was a fine .281/.408/.425 in 1,361 at bats (plus a lot of walks).

Brandon Nimmo in his minor league career has put up similar .285/.389/.421 stats, over 1934 at bats, including his great 2016 season.   Lee hit somewhat more homers, but less triples and doubles, per at bat than Nimmo.   In the majors, Lee never hit more than 16 homers in a season, so that seems like a bar Nimmo could reach.

Mr. Lee struck out less, and had better speed, reflected in Lee's far superior stolen base results (Nimmo has stolen only 37 of 67 in the minors, while Lee stole 41 once in a year in the majors AND 123 in his 3 early years in the minors over just a 388 game span).

Question is:
Aside from stolen bases, is Nimmo the next Lee Mazzilli?  You decide.  

My guess? Nimmo will be more like Joel Youngblood, who was even closer to Nimmo in terms of his minor league stats than Mazzilli.  Joel ended up putting up .265/.329/.392 #'s over 4,078 major league plate appearances, with just a Nimmo-like 60 steals in 115 attempts.  I'd think Nimmo would be reasonably satisfied with a career like that.



Eddie Corona said...

Wow... I think we all would be happy if Nimmo turns outs to be Lee Mazzilli...But I think her will be a Avg 4/5th OF... heck If he was Benny Agbayani I think I would take it... It may be Harsh But I think He will never live up to the expectations ... Drafted 13th overall your expected to be MLB starter... they don't all make it but that's considered a failed Pick... Period... Had he'd been picked where he was projected 2nd/3rd/4th round he would have been a good value pick... Not his fault but that's how the game is played...

Zozo said...

I'll take either or if possible. They both 2 of my faves growing up

Gary Seagren said...

Well better than the next Bruce Boisclair but how about more like the next Jeromy Burnitz...hey u never know he didn't come into his own until he was 28....hey we can hope.

Adam Smith said...

Nimmo will never have Youngblood's arm.

Thomas Brennan said...

Adam, Youngblood did have a gun for an arm, very true.

Nimmo can still alter his trajectory by adding a power game - his one huge homer in Queens aside, his 2 XBHs in 80 plate appearances is not encouraging. May he have an epiphany and hit like Jon Olerud.

Mack Ade said...

Nimmo's future with the Mets is probably tied with whether Bruce stays or goes.

I don't see the Mets investing any more 2017 dollars in the outfield, so, if Bruce departs for either prospects or a relief pitcher, my guess is the starting outfield will become Cespedes, Conforto, and Granderson, while Lagares and Nimmo will get 300+ at bats during the season.

Thomas Brennan said...

Mack, every major leaguer gets his window of opportunity. Nimmo needs to be ready for it...we don't need another den Dekker or Nieuwenhuis.

Reese Kaplan said...

Didn't Youngblood also have some positional versatility going for him? As I recall, he played 3rd base and 2nd base as well as OF.

Thomas Brennan said...

Correct, Reese. 745 OF games, 400 games at 2nd and 3rd. He also got a few innings at 1st, SS, and catcher.

Thomas Brennan said...

One last note: we appear to intend to keep Grandy, who will be 36 in March, as a starter.

Mazzilli retired at 34.

Youngblood in his last 3 years (he was sis months younger in the first of those 3 years than Grandy will be this year)was up 332 times, hit just 6 homers and batted .237. Guys get old fast in baseball - 36 is well past prime for most of them - I'd trade Grandy and keep Bruce for that reason.

Anonymous said...

For Nimmo, Conforto and Lagares to play enough to prove they are either bench, part timers or full time players, Granderson and Bruce would have to be traded.

And when it comes to the Mets, when do they ever favor a young player vs a veteran player especially with Collins as the manager? 2017 will be yet another year where we will continue to have the same questions about the trio above. And because of that, once Granderson and Bruce hit free agency, the Mets will seek outfield help from outside the organization because they learned nothing about their own players.


Mack Ade said...

Viper -

Please email me at macksmets@gmail.com

I have something I wanto ask you.


eraff said...

Reese...The Youngblood comp has absolutely nothing to do with Nimmo...but, it's a nice reminder of a guy who was a terrific ballplayer. He played all over the field...a lifetime 721 OPS...1000 hits. He'd bee a more appreciated player today---a fantastic super sub!

He was kind of like Joe McEwing---exept for the Fact that Youngblood had Skills and athletic ability---and the fact that he could hit a little bit---and the fact that he could actually field many positions..yeah--like "Super Joe"...except for the fact that he was good.

Yeah---nothing like remembering one guy well by trashing another guy...oh well!

Thomas Brennan said...

Eraff,back when "Super" Joe was playing, my brother frequently reminded me of 2 things: Joe wasn't Super at all, and the Yanks got star vets for their bench while the Mets were content with not-so-super Joe types. And more recently like Reese's favorite Ruben "I'm no Sandwich" Tejada. Yanks had Reggies and Sheffields, we had Storm Theodores and Pat Misches.

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