Cutnpaste: - Ramon Hernandez, Depodesta on Collins, Moneyball and Stats, Jorday Valdespin, and Gregg Jeffries

Ramon Hernandez:

Ramon Hernandez (4.1 WARP): Both of the Reds' catchers—Hernandez and Ryan Hanigan—performed well last season. Hernandez is getting up there in age and is no longer going to be a full-time starter, but in 352 PA he produced a .289 TAv with his highest power output since the 2006 season. Valuations of catcher defense make it a tricky proposition to find unheralded players at the position, but his offense pushes him over the top. Honorable mention to Carlos Ruiz of the Phillies, though his bandwagon grew almost exponentially throughout the season.


 Depodesta on Collins:

“I think very highly of Terry,” DePodesta said. “I thought he was terrific. I thought he was a rock for us in player development. You know, (former Mets GM) Omar (Minaya) actually asked me about him about a year and a half ago, when the Mets were out here visiting San Diego. He had known Terry and asked me what my experience with him was. I told him I thought Terry was an absolute star in player development and was a huge help to the Dodgers organization. I think he was really helpful in the development of a lot of those young kids who are the core of their major league team right now.”

Asked what makes Collins a good candidate he said, “He’s done it before. Any of us who’ve been in these jobs, I’ve been through four organizations, hopefully that will be helpful to the Mets. Same could be said for Terry. He’s been a manager, been in the Far East, had a lot of success in player development. Everyone likes different personalities. I like Terry’s intensity. He’s a tremendous guy.”

Moneyball and Stats:

" 'Moneyball' has taken on a lot of connotations that weren't intended," DePodesta said during a conference call, one day after being placed in charge of player development and amateur scouting. He will arrive at Citi Field today.

" 'Moneyball' doesn't have anything to do with on-base percentage or statistics. It's a constant investigation of stagnant systems, to see if you can find value where it isn't readily apparent. It can be anything. At the time, it happened to be using statistics to make us make better decisions. That's not always the case. There are new frontiers we need to conquer."

Michael G. Baron
 Jorday Valdespin:

Second base prospect Jordany Valdespin's solid performance in the Arizona Fall League may be ending prematurely.

Valdespin, who was the Mets' lone representative in Saturday's AFL Rising Stars game after right-hander Brad Holt withdrew, has suffered a forearm strain. He had been hitting .355 with one homer and 11 RBIs and was 7-for-7 in steal attempts in 19 games when he was forced to leave Monday's game after two at-bats.


Gregg Jefferies

Trade: Sent to Kansas City in Brett Saberhagen deal

After trade: 1,000 games played, .294/.350/.424 OPS+ 105

Analysis – Probably a wash. Saberhagen had one great year for the Mets in 1994 when he finished third in the Cy Young Award balloting. But he is remembered for being part of the terrible early 90s Mets and his role in the bleach-spraying incident. Jefferies had two All-Star appearances after the deal.



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