Deep League: - Top 100 2011 Draft Prospects


Bradley O'Neill posted an interesting list of, in his opinion, the top 100 draft prpsoects that came out of the 2011 draft.  The Mets had three:

1. Gerrit Cole—P, Pirates
2. Anthony Rendon—3B, Nationals
3. Trevor Bauer—P, Diamondbacks
4. Dylan Bundy—P, Orioles
5. Danny Hultzen—P, Mariners
6. Bubby Starling—OF, Royals
7. Archie Bradley—P, Diamondbacks
8. George Springer—OF, Astros
9. Francisco Lindor—SS, Indians
10. Taylor Jungmann—P, Brewers

20. Brandon Nimmo—OF, Mets
59. Michael Fulmer—P, Mets
93. Phil Evans—SS, Mets



Charles said...

All I gotta say is...three or four years from now, maybe sooner, watch out for the Nationals. I knew they.had a good draft. They've probably had the best three year stretch of drafts in a long time. I didn't think Matt Purke signed. Anyone know how his health is, shoulder wise? Also, those Yankees have a damn good scouting department. They didnt pick in the first round and still end up with one of the best, maybe thee best prospect in the GCL with Dante Jr. As far as the Mets are concerned, I guess when you pick for the highest ceiling, you're probably doing well to have three in the top 100. Honestly though, probably should have had at least one more.

Mack said...

Purke is said to be 100% healthy

Michael S. said...

Springer was the guy I wanted for the Mets. I was hoping they'd take a chance on Purke in the 2nd as well.

Mack said...


Every year has someone that falls due to an injury.

2010 it was Anthony Renaudo.

Think how excited we would be if the Mets picked both of these guys.

Michael S. said...

Yep, the amount of pitching in the system would be ridiculous. I'd rather see the team take chances than make safe picks.

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