The Keepers: - #12 - OF - Gilbert Gomez


     12.                   Gilbert Gomez                  OF

Gomez is an undrafted international free agent that comes out of the DSL system. Batted .268 in 2009 for the DSL Mets as a 17-year old.

     2001 stats (18-year old) for the GCL Mets: .229/.289/.344/.633.

7-7-11: - Mets outfield prospect Gilbert Gomez is beginning to make his mark professionally. The 19-year old went 3-4, 1-double, 2-RBI in yesterday’s suspended GCL game and has now raided his 2011 BA to .308. He was signed in 2008 as a heralded 16-year old, out of the Dominican Republic, and has so far taken baby steps through the organization… 2009:  DSL - .268, 2010: GCL - .229. Pop is still projected here, though he has five doubles this year and is sporting his highest (.422) slugging percentage in his career.

8-12-11: - Stock Up – OF Gilbert Gomez – OF Cesar Puello was placed on the 7-day DL today by St. Lucie and it’s easier just calling up someone from the back field GCL team, than shipping someone out of Savannah. Gomez got the call and, yeah, he debuted with an 0-4 line, but did you expect?

8-22-11: - #16 – OF Gilbert Gomez – Gomez is a long way off, but he’s currently benefiting from the same kind of promotion Ruben Tejada had a few years ago. The GCL and St. Lucie Mets teams share a complex and it’s much easier to ask someone to take a walk down the block rather than pay airfare from someone in Savannah, especially when there is an injury. Gomez, who was basically floundering with GCL is now holding his own with Lucy, so it will be interesting to watch his stat line for the rest of the season. Either way, I’ve got the 19-year old sticking with Lucy for the 2012 season, though I reserve the option of moving him down as this process continues. ETA: 2015

8-28-11 – Stock Up: - OF Gilbert Gomez – This is weird. I had a working title on my notes page entitled “Is Gilbert Gomez the new Cory Vaughn’? It was going to be a post that was pro-Gilbert, but, at the same time, designed to light a fire under a player I like and is going through his second slump of the year. So, what do BOTH of them do today? They both hit two home runs in the same game. Weird.


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