I May Be Wrong, But...


1. Outfielder Juan Lagares continues to impress in the Arizona Fall League (.393) and is slotted to start in the AAA-Buffalo outfield come opening day. He will also most probably be invited to the parent Mets ST facility and, if he torches pitching then like he’s done this entire year (.349), you just never know? Lagares does turn 23 in March and this will be his 7th professional season. He’s ready. He’s mostly a left fielder, but Lagares 56 games in center. And… guess where he’s playing in the AFL? I have moved Lagares way up on ‘The Keepers’ list, half based on the fact that he looks like the next outfielder that is ready to make the leap. I was in Savannah when he arrived with the other much-heralded Latin prospect, Hector Pellot. Hector didn’t pan out, but it looks like Juan will.

2. RHSP Dylan Owen had an outstanding outing in the VFL last week. I talked to him and he said that the umpires down there were calling the game real tight and it lasted far longer than it should have. Owen is being managed by Tim Tuefel, who spent  last year in Buffalo with Dylan. Tuff is moving on to Queens and, I honestly believe that Owen will be given an opportunity to win a bullpen spot this year in ST. Owen, a native of Chesterfield (pop: 1,318), South Carolina, had a remarkable career at Francis Marion University, where he struck out 334 batters in 323 innings. He was named to the American Baseball Coaches Association/Rawlings NCAA Division II All-South Atlantic Region Team, in addition to being named the region’s “Pitcher of the Year” Owen was drafted in the 20th round of the 2007 draft, and throws a 93 mph fastball, and an electric slider. The Prospect Handbook said this about him:  “Owen dominated hitters during his college career at Francis Marion (S.C.), earning NCAA Division II 2007 pitcher-of-the-year honors after going 10-1, 1.04 and setting the Peach Belt Conference career strikeout record with 334 in three seasons. His success carried over into his pro debut, as he took advantage of short-season Brooklyn's pitcher-friendly Keyspan Park like few pitchers have. Signed for $50,000 in the 20th round, Owen claimed two-thirds of the New York-Penn League's pitching triple crown, leading in wins (nine) and ERA (1.49). He has a shorter and wider body than scouts would like but also solid-average stuff and an advanced feel pitching. He spots his 86-90 mph fastball to all four quadrants of the strike zone, and while he has below-average velocity, he can get to 91-92 when needed, even late in games. He has above-average fastball command, and he can vary his breaking balls depending on the situation, using shorter sliders for groundballs and bigger curves for strikeouts. Owen doesn't have much projection or a true plus pitch, so he's unlikely to become an elite prospect. But he's likely to get pushed aggressively to see if he can get advanced hitters out, and he could jump to high Class A in 2008.”

3. Mack’s Mets’ Frank Gray raised some shit over at http://bleacherreport.com/articles/907676-albert-pujols-why-the-mets-should-give-him-a-blank-check-let-jose-reyes-walk when he said the Mets should give Albert Pujois and sign him when the free agent season starts. It’s an interesting idea and something that might have happened in the old Wilpon-Minaya days. Of course, that was when the Mets were a pennant contender and your house was worth twice what it’s worth today. It screams of the Carlos Beltran days. You would have Pujois at first base, hitting fourth. Jason Bay and David Wright would instantly get more to hit and whatever centerfielder you got in return for a trade with Ike Davis, would fit in nicely into a very respectful 3-4-5-6. It’s something that most probably has no chance of happening unde the current Mets fiscal problems, but Frank can dream, can’t he?

4. Didn’t you kind of find it amusing that Joe Torre said that instant replay in World Series games would slow up the game?  Really?  What about one million network commercials? Do you really think the baseball fan that tunes into the World Series cares how long the game is? This is, at most, seven games a year. You can’t start these at 7pm EST and adjust work schedules accordingly in home cities. Come on.

5. the Mets have to take a look at Brad Lidge, no? I mean, even in a bad year (2011) he went 140-ERA in 25-games. I’m sure some team will offer him a two or three year deal, but what’s wrong with tossing out a $5mil one year deal with another $5mil/team option 400K to opt out before the 2013 season? I’m neek?and wouldn’t this be a nice way to start off the free agent season next ot saying he’s going to take it, but he could be pissed


Charles said...

With u on Lidge.

Mack Ade said...

I can understand that.

I'm not even sure if I was just being reactive to the fact that he was released.

You know me... I want Mejia there.

Hobie said...

Want Mejia too (eventually). While not predicting a Rivera-esque career, I note that Mariano started 26G (7 Columbus, 19 NYY) at 25, set up Wetland at 26, and became the closing icon at 27 (43S). There's time.

Mack Ade said...

and Hobie, the same kind of pitch as Mariano

Charles said...

Mejia is a season away from closing games after tommy john. Until then, the Mets need someone they can count on. Not the musical chairs they've had. Sign someone who could take over for 2012, and then come spring training in '13, let Mejia close the games, preferably after doing some closing in Buffalo after rehab next season. If this team can fill three starting slots and the 8th & 9th relievers through their minor league system, then they'll have some excess cash to fill other spots. Keeping high salaried jobs near the league minimum would be my dream and I think they're headed there.

Charles said...
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Mack Ade said...

Charles, I actually agree with you :)

I'm not sure of your timeline on Mejia though. He will return to pitching sometime next season, though it should be in Buffalo.

I don't think anyone is targeting him yet, other than people like me. The coaches will be happy just to have a healthy arm that can throw the same pitches he used to pitch.

I'm seen too many TJS returnee come back and fail.

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