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photo by Mack Ade
By: Mack Ade

The Ryan Zimmerman extension has caused additional speculation regarding the future of David Wright remaining a Met. Reporters asked him to comment more on this Sunday and he remained on the high road.

No one has a crystal ball here. I think Wright wants nothing to do with Fred Wilpon, but that’s just my speculation. The fact is no one knows what the final outcome will be here.

Someone in the organization said that the Mets want Wright to be the “face of the Mets”. I wish I knew who that was so I could email them and remind him (or her) that he already has been through all the recent crap coming out of the front office.

I’d like to believe that the Madoff mess will be over soon. The minority money coming in should pay most of the utility bills piling up and the team could get back to operating for the future.

It’s hard to believe that the Mets have no contractual dollars on the books in 2015… except for Bobby Bonilla, of course. This may be a combination of trying to break even on the balance sheet and a desire to make headlines in the nation’s number one market.

I’m sure the Mets will pick up Wright’s 2013 option at $13mil, especially if they have any desire to trade him. This would be a very attractive first year contract to a team that would pay him his current value in the market. There’s no one in the organization that comes close to this man’s talent and the only 2014 free agent in this class would be Boston’s Kevin Youkilis (then 35-years old).

I miss my old team.


metsfan73 said...

Wright's contract for '13 is $16M, not $13M. That extra $3M might be the breaking point for the Mets. Bay in '13 is due $16M, and Santana is due $25.5M. Wright's contract might be the easiest to move. Wouldn't surprise me if this is his last season in Flushing.

Anonymous said...

I think you are reading way too much into the whole Wright/Wilpon thing and seeing something that isn't there.

Wright might decide to leave the Mets...but that would likely be because the team has no money and/or they don't show any inclination of winning anytime soon. Not because Fred Wilpon made a negative comment about him to a reporter once. Just the other day Fred was talking about how he'd be proud to have Wright as a son. And Wright always speaks glowingly about how he's been treated by the organization. And Wright and Jeff Wilpon are good friends.

Mack Ade said...


I thought that the Mets had a $13mil "option" on 2013.

BTW - thanks for participating here over the years. It's been fun.

Mack Ade said...


yeah, I probably should get off of that horse...

David Rubin said...

The option is indeed for 16 mil. I think Mack isn't directing Wright's being tired of the organization and the assorted mischegas because of Wilpon's comments- I think he's saying that David is tired of being at the front lines virtually alone in defending an organization that has very little that's actually defendable right now. It's hard to be the "face" of a team when the team is in such tummult, and it's sad that such a great person/player has to concern himself with anything other than what transpires on the playing field. He simply might just be tired of all that's transpired.

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