Tejada in Terry's Doghouse Already?


By Jeremiah Alley

There isn't much I disagree with when it comes to Collins' methods, but in my opinion his handling of Ruben Tejada this spring is not justified. First of all, Collins comes off as being a tad ignorant, considering everyone and their mother knew that Tejada was having visa issues. I think I initially read he was having issues close to three weeks ago. Did Collins have no idea he was having visa issues? I find that hard to believe. If he indeed had no idea then he needs to do a better job of knowing.

The second thing that leaves me scratching my head is that what good is a deadline to report to spring training if no one adheres to it? It is unfair for Collins to hold Tejada to any different standard than any other player in this league, or on the Mets for that matter. Mets position players are required to report on February 25th. If Tejada shows up early that is great. But, he is not required to do so, and it should not be held against him if he does not report early. It is his right to report on the 25th.

To me the situation is akin to taking vacation days at a "regular" job, but your employer demanding that you cut your vacation short and report back to work when you have already arrived at your destination. It does not work like that. You have earned the time off and that should be respected. It may be prudent for Collins to recognize that viewpoint.


Anonymous said...

You are 100% correct which is why I can't understand why Collins keeps going off about Tejada being late.

I honestly lost respect for Collins because I thought he was above these things.

Anonymous said...

this seems to happen every year with players. you would think that someone in the front office would be helping to facilitate the players to get this taken care of in advance.

Mack Ade said...

they probably fired that person so they could pay for the helicoptor

Will said...

The Tejada thing is pure window dressing. I think it's just Collins looking to rant and thus set the tone for a tough, disciplined camp. Tejada was a convenient target. This will e forgotten by tomorrow.

Jarod Alley said...

I would agree with what everyone is saying but He had months to square this stuff away. In this case a proactive stance for a guy who will be taking over the starting shortstop duties for the New York Mets might have been prudent. Especially considering the shoes he has to fill. That being said, Collins still can not be upset with a guy who is going through issues that are clearly out of his hands. Talk to the guy in private, don't speak about it through the media vultures who are looking to cling on to any "story" they can to make the paper more relevant.

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