I often think of how Jenrry Mejia foolishly killed not just his career (and millions of dollars), but sabotaged the Mets, too, this season, due to his lifetime ban brought on in self-inflicted fashion by repeated failed drug tests. 

How would the bullpen have looked it we were using a clean, healthy Mejia in 2016 rather than guys like Goeddell and Verrett?  Better, for sure.

Jenrry Mejia still lives - and remarkably, still pitches.  Whether he will ever see the light of day in major league baseball again is another story.

I saw the following from the excellently informative Adam Rubin - Rubin wrote:

"RHP Jenrry Mejia is still a member of the Mets organization, notes Adam Rubin of ESPNThe Mets can release him if they choose but he's currently costing the team nothing.  Mejia, who was suspended from Major League Baseball for life last season due to a third positive PED test, recently began pitching in the Dominican Winter League" (with a scoreless inning - my added note). 

"He could potentially be reinstated from his lifetime ban after the 2017 season."

What a tragedy - but with a slim (?) chance at future redemption.  A future Met? He's still a member of the Mets!!!!  But a future as a Met?  Highly doubtful - "fool me thrice, shame on me."

Right now, though, he "did the crime, so he's doing the time."  Where will Jenrry's saga end?  Hopefully not at the local pharmacy.  Perhaps in a beer league in a few years with Bartolo Colon, should he ever retire.

Instead of Jenrry, I'd rather focus on Paul Sewald, pitching in the Mexican league this off season and already with with 6 innings of 1 run ball, and 0-1 but with 4 saves. 

Hopefully, Highly Reliable Paul will have an established MLB career before Mejia ever dons a big league uniform again.

P.S. Here is a picture of a character who looked like Jenrry, pose-wise, after one of his Mets' saves, and probably what he felt like while on the PEDS - just having a little fun, folks...


Mack Ade said...

Morning Tom

There is no reason to make a TASTY... err... hasty decision here.

He's costing the team nothing to hang out with his BUDS... err.. friends in the D.R....

Thomas Brennan said...

Mack, my guess is assuming Jenrry is a model citizen, the league would still turn him down for 2017 to send a message, and if he stayed clean, give him a chance to return in 2018. Just my guess. That's a lot of $$ flushed down the salary drain.

Mack Ade said...

And there sure has been a lot of stuff flushed down the toilets in the Dominican...

Thomas Brennan said...

I can only imagine.

Stubby said...

I'm still in the camp that believes the way this went down was too fishy. I know it isn't a court of law. If it was, Jenrry would have absolutely been acquitted--at least for the second and third offenses. Because of the nature of the substances he tested positive for, they still would have shown up in his blood and urine even if he had never touched them again after the first time. Furthermore, the Players Association totally sold him down the river. Jenrry wanted to appeal the first and second offenses (which he has a right to do; the third is automatic with no appeal permitted) and the Players Association wouldn't. That isn't their call. I still hope he sues the Players Association into non-existence, which is also his right. They had an affirmative duty to represent him and they failed. Furthermore, MLB told Jenrry that, if he wanted to appeal, they would make sure that it would not end well for him. Sounds like exactly what ended up happening. I am sorry, but I am not turning my back on a human being who may well have been wronged by the system and the people running that system until it is laid out beyond a reasonable doubt. Again, I know this is not a court of law, but Jenrry got royally screwed and, until its proven otherwise, I do not believe he was at fault. It's a shame so few people have faith in anything anymore. Kinda like so many Mets fans had no faith in Sandy Alderson and "the plan", which has gotten us to the post-season two years in a row (something that only happened once before in franchise history).

Thomas Brennan said...

Good counter-arguments, Stubby. if what you said may have happened DID happen, they are screwing with a guy's life big time, and that would be horrible. If he were more GQ like Matt Harvey, maybe they would have been much more apt to want to appeal. If there was something nefarious, hopefully it surfaces someday.

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