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Good morning.

We are trying to build a new staff of writers here for the ‘2017 season’ and I’m thrilled to announce that four of our longtime readers and comment makers, Eddie Corona, Will Kay, Eddie Mendietaand Richard Jones, have joined Thomas Brennen, Reese Kaplan, and myself as active writers.

I have returned for a few posts a month and we’re not going to hold either Eddie, Will, Eddie-2 or Richard’s feet to the fire regarding how much they write. They’ll get started when they get started.

The Mets are reported to be working on a trade to ship catcher Travis d’Arnaud and LF Michael Conforto to Tampa Bay for services of pitcher Drew Smyly. Smyly was paid $3.75mil last season in his 2nd arbitration year and iit would probably take the Rays $6mil+ to lock him up in 2016. This is a team that had a combined 2016 team salary of less than $71mil ($9mil of which went to James Loney). Conforto and d’Arnaud would be far more in line with their bottom line. The 27-year old Smyly had 30-starts last season, and went 7-12, 4..88, 167-K, 175.1-IP. Having the Mets trade for another starter doesn’t seem to make much sense, but let’s remember that this guy had 63 relief appearances in 2013 where he went 6-0, 2.37, 1.04, 76-IP, 81-K.

Both the players in the Dominican Republic and Venezuela scheduled for the 2017 International baseball draft are in the planning stage of boycotting any association with major league baseball if they decide to the can the current ‘non’ draft where players as young as 16 can sign with any team they want. Details of the new collective bargaining agreement regarding the international market would be:

“Under the terms of MLB's initial concept, the new international draft system would start in March of 2018, with a 10-round draft held over two days. As the new structure evolved, with terms grandfathered into the process, the minimum age for draft-eligible players would be 18 years old by 2021.

As part of baseball's proposal, MLB would operate facilities in the Dominican Republic, where international draft prospects would be invited to live to develop their skills and education before becoming eligible. This would also give MLB much greater control over a process which has often been viewed by baseball executives as a wild, wild West of player procurement.”

The Dominican kids started this out yesterday, boycotting the Showcase event that was scheduling.

Trust me, big business always wins in things like this.

How this would affect the Mets is hard to determine since they have spent very little time and money investing in quality talent (especially pitching) in this market.

I saw that Tim Tebow was a guest on FOX News. What the hell is that all about? I know he has an arrangement to do some TV work in college baseball, but FOX News? You’re kidding me.

Do you think Sandy and Company would make this exception for some other minor league A+ player?

From Fangraphs - The pathetic state of Mets first basemen - 

       2016 End of Season Fantasy First Base Rankings
1Paul Goldschmidt1587052410695320.297$28.70
2Joey Votto158677291019780.326$26.40
3Miguel Cabrera158679389210800.316$26.40
4Edwin Encarnacion160702429912720.263$25.10
5Freddie Freeman158693341029160.302$24.00
6Wil Myers157676289994280.259$22.50
7Anthony Rizzo155676329410930.292$22.40
8Hanley Ramirez147620308111190.286$21.00
9Mike Napoli150645349210150.239$15.50
10Carlos Santana15868834898750.259$15.40
11Eric Hosmer158667258010450.266$14.40
12Jose Abreu159695256710000.293$14.20
13Chris Carter16064441849430.222$12.90
14Chris Davis15766538998410.221$11.80
15Adrian Gonzalez15663318699000.285$9.40
16Brad Miller15260130738160.243$8.20
17Brandon Belt15665517778200.275$7.80
18Matt Carpenter12956621816800.271$7.20
19Brandon Moss12846428666710.225$3.10
20C.J. Cron11644516516920.278$2.40
21Travis Shaw14553016637150.242$1.00
22Mark Reynolds11844114615310.282$1.00
23Sean Rodriguez14034218495620.27-$0.70
24David Freese14149213635500.27-$0.70
25Marwin Gonzalez141518135551120.254-$1.20
26Joe Mauer13457611684920.261-$1.40
27Tommy Joseph10734721474710.257-$1.70
28Mitch Moreland14750322496010.233-$2.30
29Adam Lind12643020485800.239-$2.50
30Justin Bour9032115355100.264-$4.60
31Matt Adams11832716375400.249-$4.60
32Wilmer Flores10333516384910.267-$4.60
33Yonder Alonso1565327525630.253-$5.20
34Ryan Zimmerman11546715604640.218-$5.20
35Ryan Howard11236225355900.196-$5.40
36Logan Morrison10739814454340.238-$5.70
37Jefry Marte8828415384420.252-$5.90
38Steve Pearce8530213353500.288-$6.20
39Dae-Ho Lee10431714334900.253-$6.30
40John Jaso1324328454200.268-$6.60
41Ryan Rua992698402290.258-$8.10
42Mark Teixeira11643815434420.204-$9.30
43James Loney1003669303400.265-$10.00
44Billy Butler972745273500.284-$10.40
45Justin Smoak12634114333410.217-$10.70
46Kennys Vargas4717710272000.23-$13.00
47Byung-ho Park6224412282410.191-$13.80
48Tyler White862768242810.217-$14.40
49Andres Blanco902094262120.253-$14.70
50Lucas Duda471727202300.229-$14.70
51Josh Bell451523181900.273-$15.40
52Clint Robinson1042255162600.234-$15.70
53Rob Refsnyder581750251220.25-$16.50
54Miguel Rojas1232141271420.247-$16.80
55Chris Johnson1132645202400.222-$17.00
56Tyler Austin3190571210.241-$17.80
57Brett Wallace1192566192000.189-$18.80
58Brandon Snyder374748900.239-$18.90
59Ji-Man Choi54129591220.17-$19.20
60Rob Segedin4083291200.233-$19.30
61Chris Parmelee6824400.5-$19.60
62Darin Ruf438938900.205-$19.70
63Ben Paulsen3997181100.217-$19.90
64Stephen Cardullo275925600.214-$20.40
65Richie Shaffer205415400.25-$20.50
66Eric Campbell408819910.173-$20.80


Thomas Brennan said...

Amazing in the first base ranking that Duda is as low as #50!!!! And Campbell, to no one's surprise, came in dead last at #66. Flores on a full time basis would be higher than #32, but it is not a strong position.

Smyly as a reliever and possible fill-in starter? Seems we'd be giving up a lot, and I'd hate to see Conforto get past the Soph Jinx and become the next Justin Turner bat.

Eddie Mendieta's first article at 10AM!

Mack Ade said...

My assumption is that Sandy and Company's firs two moves this off-season is to finalize the status of Cespedes and Bruce.

Adam Smith said...

I'm not always a fan of this FO's talent evaluation, but TdA and Conforto (or even just Conforto) for Smyly would be a shockingly bad deal for the Mets.

Mack Ade said...

Adam -

I agree with you.

I just report crap like this.

Eddie Corona said...

acquiring Smyly in a vacuum is not a bad Idea... Especially if the plan then is to flip one of our own for other players... But Conforto? I would have thought he was part of the future or part of a bigger deal that would provide a foundation player...

Mack Ade said...

Eddie/Adam -

You just can't trade off in one year your top prospect talent. You completely send the wrong message to everyone that is coming through the pipeline.

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