Should we extend a QO to Neil Walker that could cost us a painful $17.2 MM?

Those sorts of tough decisions make me reflect back...

What about the 2 second basemen we let get away?


In 3 years for LAD, during which he earned a total of $8.6 million (exactly half of that one year QO # for Walker):

.296/.364/.492 in 1383 regular season plate appearances.

15 career playoff games, .391/.500/.696.


142 games in 2016 for the Nemesis Nats: .347/.390/.595.

19 career playoff games, .351/.430/.662.

First year of a 3 year, $12.5MM average per year contract.

#'s our beloved Yoenis Cespedes would not sneeze at.

Oh, well.  Can't win 'em all.  Keep fishing.

2 game hitting streak, on base 4 of 22 times, only 7 K.  Considering the stiff competition, I think he is more than holding his own.  And all the critics of him playing in the AFL after he has had 10 at bats may yet look awful stupid. Let's see what Tebow does in the minors in 2017.


Mack Ade said...

I'm writing about the infield next week, but, to me, the QO to Walker is a no brain choice.

I want the best on my team at each position and he gets first shot.

Reese Kaplan said...

@Mack -- I'm sorry, but I can't gamble $17.2 million on a balky back, particularly if Cespedes remains on the team. If he does leave, then that option becomes more palatable as you'll recover the $25 million Yo was slated to earn, but even then I'd have to think long and hard about it.

Eddie Corona said...

@Reese... the more I think about it your 100% right... We cannot risk him taking the QO... I personally cannot believe the QO is 17 mil... how the owners agreed with this is crazy... how many 2B make 17 mil ? 2? (cano and maybe pedroia)
and I was never a Murphy fan... so whatever he does I could live with... I only hoped that he went to a team outside of our Divison but even with that I have not missed him... I am in the minority, I know... But No one on the planet thought he was a 350 Hitter...
Justin turner made no sense... he was not making any money when we let him go... he absolutely should have been on this team the past 3 years... and we would not have had all the pain from Wrights injuries...
The best Front offices scout their teams best... Great job Sandy on this one...

Thomas Brennan said...

Eddie, Turner was a HUGE mistake.

Also, I did not want Murphy retained for 2B but as a 1B who could switch to 3B if/when Wright crumbled, a very likely event going into 2016. I'd have dumped Duda in a deal last winter. If Murph was our 1B this year, we win the Division.

Mack, I also am very askance on Walker at $17.2MM coming off back surgery. If not for his back, I'd want him back for 1 more year at that price.

But given his back, I'd rather see TJ at 2nd, save $17MM, invest the savings wisely (read Cespedes, jantsen) elsewhere.

Mack Ade said...

I understand both your concerns and I apologize for continuing to build my teams with the Mets money, not mine.

Reese Kaplan said...

Between Jose Reyes, TJ Rivera and Wilmer Flores (with Gavin Cecchini in the wings), there's ample depth to let Walker limp away.

Zozo said...

I agree as well. Our weakness is not at second. That 50% chance that Walker take the QO, I would rather go overboard on the international market for once with that money... that would more than make up for us gambling to get a middle round draft selection.

Thomas Brennan said...

Good discussion, boys.

Ernest Dove said...

...........tim Tebow is not good at baseball........
I drink my morning coffee faster than he swings a bat........

Thomas Brennan said...

Ernest. The world's fastest coffee drinker! How are ya?

Ernest Dove said...

Im good my friend.
I was in st lucie last month watching Tebow heave hoe that lumber.
You know who does have a sweet lefty swing is 3B prospect Blake Tiberi.

Pete Alonso abuses baseballs like they owe him money.

WAY down on farm remember the name Ricardo Cespedes.

I also had pleasure of interviewing 17yr old Gregory Guerrero. Nice kid. Wishing him all the success in the world.

eraff said...

It is unlikely that Tebow will become an MLB player-- even more unlikely that he would hit accomplished prospects after a 10 year baseball hiatus, with only his athleticism and HS playing background.

It doesn't take a genius to point to mit being unlikely..... but low production is a given at this point. If he can compete at Columbia or St. Lucie by the end of the year, that would be an amazing acccomplishment.

The problematic question is the limits you place on AB's that he may steal from 22 year old baseball players who are more likely to put 200-400 ab's to good use.

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