Mack’s Revised 2017 25-man Squad


I wrote a post on September 26th in which I outlined my thoughts on the 2017 roster on opening day.

I’d like a do-over in the outfield.

Outfield -

CF – Curtis Granderson -I’ve moving him back to centerfield and boxing him in with Yoenes Cespedes in leftfield and Jay Bruce in right. Everything that is going on in September is proving to me that this might be the last chance the Mets could have on their hands three 30+ home run hitter that could consistently bat 3-4-5 in this lineup. I have to go for the moon here by punching in Bruce’s 2017 option and renegotiating Cespedes into a $30mil/yr deal for hopefully two years and an option

Michael Conforto, Juan Lagares, and Brandon Nimmo give me stellar options either as utility backups or quality trade pieces to find a stud catcher of first baseman. Work their ass off in the off season, come to camp ready, and two become the backups.

The other… Las Vegas starter number one.

Only last decision would be who drives Ty Kelly, Alejandro De Aza, and Justin Ruggiano  to theLas Vegas  airport to join Roger Bernadina and Travis Taijerson, There’s no one coming up behind them anyway so there’s absolutely no pressure on the Vegas team.


Thomas Brennan said...

Only one problem with your analysis....Cespedes hits 40 next year. Playing injured most of the year and missing 30 games, he surpassed 30 homers. He's got at least one 40 homer year in him. I like the idea of 100 homers from your 3 starting outfielders.

Zozo said...

I believe De Aza was only signed to a one year contract? So we won't have to drive him anywhere.
I would trade Granderson and stick Conforto in center and away we go.
Hopefully Duda does well in the playoffs and we can trade him as well?

Thomas Brennan said...

Zozo, are we convinced enough that Conforto will rebound to be an everyday starter? Maybe he needs another half season in AAA. Mack definitely would have drafted Trea Turner, who just had a Superstar Half of a Season. Check out Trea's remarkable stats.

Eddie Corona said...

2 words ... Sell High... If anyone believes in Bruce, Duda or Grandy... SELL HIGH...
If Some American League needing a DH/OF on a 1 year deal with 30 HR potential... Look at what Beltran Received and he was 39... SELL HIGH... Personally I would keep Grandy... Yes we should expect exactly what we got from him this year... Long Droughts but he is very timely and when he is hot he carries the team... Also NY doesn't affect him which is huge... and he is a team guys who does anything we need... We need to give him rest... Play him about 130 Games at CF... And hope we can get assets that will benefit now or in the future...

Thomas Brennan said...

Eddie, good points. I'd still like to see a 100 Homer starting outfield start the season.

If Cal Ripken had Flores' wrist injury, would he play Wednesday? Of course, the answer is yes. Would Cal have been stupid enough to go head first into the catcher? The answer is no. If you are reckless, you get hurt.

bob gregory said...

I will agree.....sell on Granderson.
He managed to finally hit toward the end of this year..... big risk to assume 1 month of production will continue into next year......especially given his age.

Please focus on Offensive production (including avg please) and health in any replacements.

Thomas Brennan said...

Grandy will make $16MM next year. Seems a very hard deal to move. I think we pretty much got our money's worth the past 2 years. Let's hope he has one more good one in him.

Thomas Brennan said...
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