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Good morning.

Anthony DiComo - @AnthonyDiComo

Yoenis Cespedes' second (left) heel surgery has been delayed a few days due to a scheduling conflict. It should still be done by the end of this month, keeping him on track to begin baseball activities around late 

            Mack – A ‘scheduling conflict”?

            Is there ever a sense of urgency from this organization?

Doug - @FTLO_Baseball\ - 

            From just released, Baseball America Mets 2018 Draft Report Card:

Zach Rheams (27th Rd) posted elite exit velos in pro debut, on par with Alonso!

Manny Rodriguez (10th Rd) has 80 grade wheels.

Jaylen Palmer (22nd Rd) out of Queens HS: strong                                    athlete/sleeper.


  Brittany Apgar loves baseball. Not softball. Baseball.

"I love the competition and the challenge," she says. "Baseball is not just a physical game. It's a mental game too. You have to have a good memory, but if you make a mistake, you have to be able to forget about it and move on to the next inning."

Apgar, 15, was one of the nearly 300 girls, ages 9-18, who converged on Rockford, Illinois, last summer for four days of spirited competition. They came from across the United States and from as far away as Australia and France for the Baseball for All Nationals, the largest girls-only baseball tournament in the world. The event brought together the past, present and future of women and the national pastime. Games were played at Beyer Stadium, home of the iconic Rockford Peaches, the team immortalized in the movie "A League of Their Own," and players wore patches commemorating the 75th anniversary of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League.

The Washington Nationals signed the first free agent of the young off-season. Ex-St. louis Cardinals' closer Trevor Rosenthal signed... details not announced yet. The 28-year old Rosenthal went 3.40/1.20 in 50 appearances last season, which included 76-Ks in 47.2-IP.

2080 Baseball  on Peter Alonso

     Large, bulky body with elite strength in both halves. Solid athlete for his size; body will require maintenance in future.

Swing Mechanics - Even, shoulder-width extended set-up, bent knees, hands low, bat across shoulder. Leg raise, average stride, quiet load up behind ear, legs engaged, natural loft in bat path, excellent extension. Bat speed, hands, timing to impact baseball.

        Tool  Present         Future
         Hit       45                  50

Looks to damage and does; comes with swing-and-miss. Plus barrel-feel on anything hard; vulnerable to spin away. Solid approach; doesn't expand early-count, can take a walk. Two-strike approach needs work, doesn't shorten up. Will strikeout and walk.

Game Power          60       70

Murders fastballs middle-in and up out over plate; waits on and punishes hangers up in zone. Pull-heavy at present; some vulnerability soft away, but has feel for barrel. Half-grade projection with adjustments to tap opposite field power.

Raw Power             70       70
Elite strength, plus bat speed, elevated bat path, and leg engagement all work together for top-scale pull power and ability to go out to all fields.

Run               40       30
Not a clogger; down the line at 4.45; will lose a step with age. Station-to-station on bases.

Field             50       45
Compensates for below-average lateral mobility and stiff fielding actions with plus hands. Will cost outs on dirt, save outs with scooping ability at bag. With age, good enough to stick at fringe-average.

Throw          50       50
Accuracy and strength to make solid DP throw to 2nd; makes throw across diamond on line.

Mack – Personally, I found the current 50 fielding rate a little high, but I still though you should see this in writing.

The Disappointing Loss of Franklyn Kilome  -

     Franklyn Kilome has an electric fastball and is developing a nasty curveball. MLB.com rates his fastball at 70/80 and his curveball at  55/80. If his other pitches don’t develop or the Mets’ “big four” block him from joining the starting rotation, a hard fastball and a good curveball immediately become a good base for a solid relief pitcher. Many pitchers have accomplished more with less.

Mack – I always question why some of these guys get sent to winter ball after throwing so many pitches during the regular season. Yes, he never pitched one pitch there, but he was assigned and the word is that he ‘heard something’ as he was preparing for a winter worth of baseball.

Mets could be adding new problems to old ones by picking agent Van Wagenen as GM -

          Based on his experience, however, he is as qualified to be the Mets' first baseman as he is to run the organization's baseball operations -- which is to say, he's not really qualified at all. And beyond the inherent questions of practical application, the Mets' move to hire Van Wagenen is so overloaded with conflict-of-interest quandaries that folks on all sides of the industry, from Major League Baseball to the union to club management, find the choice to be bizarre and inevitably problematic.

And lastly… one of our loyal readers, Stewart Wolpin, came to me with a problem he has that could benefit you. He is a 30-year season ticket holder at Citifield with GREAT seats… just in front of the SNY booth (section 319, row 6, seats 5-6… but he needs to sell off around 15 games or he may have to give them up. 

If you are interested to pursue further, contact Stephen at stewartwolpin@yahoo.com


Reese Kaplan said...

Rosenthal was a shrewd pick-up. Another year after surgery now and he should be even better.

Rustyjr said...

Mack- Cespedes had the surgery 2 days later so it was a moot point - it doesn’t setback his return time . I’m not making excuses fir this organization but it is quite possible that the scheduling conflict could have been on withervthe doctir - or the hospitals end . I work at a hospital & it’s more common if an occupancy tgan you would think . Anyway enjoy your Sunday

Tom Brennan said...

Alonso homered off a 103 MPH FB last night.

Cespedes would be a great "addition at the 2019 trade deadline."

Get well soon, Mr. kilome.

Mack Ade said...


Good info hospital guy

Mack Ade said...


And... Bodie was there to witness it but also an excellent defensive play down the line

Anonymous said...

Morning Mack;
Hope you and your family are doing well.
I watched the game lastnight, Alonso was very impressive.
The homer in the 1st after,Pearson threw a 103mph fastball past him!wow
His play in the field was great until Gimenez sent him one in the dirt in the 9th,that opened it up for the teams loss. I don't blame Pistol Pete, but after lastnights game. Gave me pause on what and where I think Gimenez should start and be playing in 2019.
I came away thinking Andres is farther away, also not seeing the arm strength. that it takes to play Shortstop in the majors. He had some tough at bats against some good lefty pitching. He needs work

Lots of rumours going around reguarding Harper and Machado?
Here is a player id like to see the Mets go after if they acquire either one of the big priced FA. Martin Maldonaldo, he will come less expensive than Ramos or Grandel and wont cost prospects in a trade like Realmuto would
Either way Mack if the Mets sign either Machado or Harper id look at Maldonaldo. They wil still need to sign a couple BP arms. I want them to sign Britton and Herrera
Enjoy the day Fellas

Mike Freire said...

A couple of days delay isn't horrible, I suppose. It is also a bit judgmental on my part but when I first read that I wondered if Cespedes was the reason since he has been a bit of a diva, if you will. I hope he comes back with a vengeance and the Mets use him as a major trade chip next deadline.......as he gets older, I think he will be more of a DH type as opposed to a full time OF'er.

When I first read the scouting report(s), I saw Manny Rodriguez and for some reason I read that as Manny Ramirez. Either way, can you imagine what a weapon the older MRam would have been if he had 80 speed?

Agreed, nice pick up on Rosenthal.....not sure why, but I didn't know free agency was "open" yet? Good on the Nats for being
that proactive, I suppose.

Sucks about Kilome, but it seems like TJS is almost a rite of passage anymore.....might as well get it done now, so he is ready to roll in 2020. I still see him as an elite bullpen arm, but that's just my untrained eye.

Mack Ade said...

Steve -

The Mets are NOT going to go after either Machado or Harper.

Mack Ade said...

All -

I have no idea what the Mets will do team wise in the meetings that start tomorrow.

I do expect a continued effort to create a 4 year plan to rebuild this franchise. This will include a new front office staff, a new Director of International Scouting and Development (Omar), a new analytic division headed up by 2 guys from Van Halen's old company, and a new head of the domestic draft scouting team.


Don't now...

But Van Halen is not Sandy. Definitely not a Ricco.

Look for no top chips traded during THIS odd season.

bgreg98180 said...

Another 4 yr plan?

Logically that would necessitate trading deGrom, Syndergaard, and Wheeler due to age and/or free agency.

That stinks.
AND Van Wagenen stressed his aim to win NOW.
not wait until 4 yrs to win

bgreg98180 said...

No Machado....stupid decision.

Considering how strong the team would be with Machado and Realmuto.... stupid decision.

The team is closer to success by adding a fee players than they are to successfully rebuilding

Mack Ade said...

Bob -

Gee... I thought you would find this exciting.

There is too much old money on the books to add a Machado to it. Third is safe this year with Frazier... rest of infield by the end of April will be Alonso, McNeil, and Rosario. Gimenez will join them during the season, play short, and Rosario will either play second or third. This is team controlled progress so the big money can be spent on new contracts for Wheels and Jake.

bgreg98180 said...


This team is so close to having a really strong core for the next 3+ years.

$$ should not be an issue in regards to Machado considering Wright & Cespedes insurance will pay for Machado this year. Cespedes contract is done in 2021.
That means only 2020 would Machado & Cespedes contracts would overlap. Consider it the price of being stupid and screwing the fans the past few years. If Cespedes returns and demonstrates value, trade him.

This team is incredibly close.
I believe Matt Cerone's article the other day put the payroll at $165 millionish if Realmuto, Machado, & Adam Jones were added to the team.

The starting pitchers are ready NOW!
Give them an offense to compliment them.

This is what Van Wagenen meant, in my mind, when he said that the Mets "can't be afraid to win".

Side note: how about trying to bring Sonny Gray over from the Yankees?
Maybe a buy low opportunity since the Yanks were not happy with his performance in tiny Yankee stadium. Perhaps the bigger citifield will result in numbers closer to his Oakland days.

Anonymous said...

Good evening Mack:
Ok you don't believe the new Mets will be in on Harper or Machado.
But here are a couple moves I believe that can help.
Neil Walker to play 1st till Alonso is called up,then Neil can back up at 2nd and 3rd aswell.
Martin Maldonaldo is you cant sign Ramos or Grandel.
Id still like them to sign Zach Britton and Kelvin Herrera


TexasGusCC said...

While we all have a Christmas list of player signings, let’s just look at what this team needs:
1. Most import is at least two good relievers, preferably three.
2. More offense at catcher
3. A good right handed bat, preferably at the abyss of third base.

So, I don’t get the vitriol thrown around if they don’t sign Machado. If anything, Harper is more of a need because while the farm system is stacked with infielders, there aren’t any outfielders until you reach rookie ball. I know Harper is a lefty, but when you are spending that kind of money, righty or lefty can’t matter.

Having said that, Britton, Herrera, and Familia or Ottavino would be very nice. Get a real catcher and if you can add Donaldson, you showed up your team with good veterans, plugged your holes with quality players, and gave yourself a chance. Why spend all your money on one guy when you can get three or four for that amount?

bgreg98180 said...

The way I see it, getting Machado allows the Mets to use Rosario or Gimenez to acquire Realmuto.
Dealing from a position of strength to get a young mid 20's above avg catcher and a mid 20's middle if the order offensive All-Star in Machado.

The Mets need to learn from past mistakes and find better than 30+yr old free agents like Donaldson when better opportunities are available.

TexasGusCC said...

Bob, love your thinking. I have said that Giminez is who I would give up for Realmuto, and that is a good trade for the Mets. Why Giminez?
1. His skill set is the easiest to replace.
2. He has never been called “a tool shed”, and even at 19, we would see signs if he were to truly be a top prospect.
3. We have alot of good infielders, and some that project better than Giminez.
4. The Marlins don’t have a decent infield prospect, so Giminez would immediately become their best prospect.
5. The Mets need Realmuto and the Marlins need youth up the middle. Maybe we can help Jeter out by taking Castro rather than giving up another prospect?
6. Of the Mets top five hitting prospects, only one is not like the others. Giminez has never hit .300 nor shown pop, and while we all toast his youth the higher levels, even his defense has never been called “elite”.

Giminez and Dom Smith for Castro and Realmuto would be a great start to the off season.

TexasGusCC said...

As I think of it, that’s not enough. Need to throw in something interesting. Would Anthony Kay suffice?

Kay, Smith and Giminez for Castro and Realmuto. Can’t say no to that, even if it means losing the lefty. I’m pulling the trigger on that. Would the Marlins?

TexasGusCC said...

Or, take Prado’s $13MM and injured seasons and keep Kay? Background: Both Castro and Kay are signed through 2019 only, Castro makes $12MM this coming year (adding the $1MM buy-out) but did have a 2.3 fWAR last year.

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