OPEN THREAD - 2B - Robinson Cano


The Mets have been approached by the Seattle Mariners about a possible trade for Robinson Cano.

36 years old

2018: only 310-AB, .303/.374/.471/845, 10-HR, 50-RBI

$24mil a year through 2023 (41-years old)


bgreg98180 said...

If the Mariners are willing to eat the majority of Cano's contract and add in a significant prospect, then it would be worth exploring.

If the Mets are not sold on Alonzo, there is more reason to explore it.

Tom Brennan said...

Ideal aging Mets acquiree. We love them as they are getting old and in decline.

Maybe, though, the Mariners would take Bruce, Swarzak or Vargas, and Frazier. That might make it more interesting to consider a swap.

Cano's 2018 #'s were cut in half by his 80 game suspension.

Reese Kaplan said...

Bruce plus Frazier plus Swarzak and Vargas andaybe Lagares, too. Clear salary this year and get Mari ers to pay down subsequent years. It would leave you thin in the OF. I would expand the deal to include Dee Gordon to play CF.

Reese Kaplan said...

Also the limited ABs were due to suspension, bot health.

Mike Freire said...

Not a huge fan of Cano at this point........very costly, even if Seattle eats some cash and he really isn't a fit anywhere in the infield moving forward, IMO.

Plus, why would Seattle eat money just to get rid of him if he is still an above average bat? Plus, the more money they eat, the more they will want in return (especially if we try to dump salaries in return).

I think we can do better.

Tom Brennan said...

Josh Donaldson to...the Braves? Brodie VW, what is UP, dawg?

Seattle Steve said...

No on Cano...but why would BVW the a job with the Mets and walk away with 2018 commissions of close to 25 Mil and who knows what he would make in 2019...just wondering

TP said...

Does anyone here remember Robbie Alomar or Carlos Baerga? No thanks.

Mike Freire said...

Yeah, Josh Donaldson to Atlanta for 23 freaking million dollars!

Granted it's a one year deal, but that's a lot of cabbage for a player
approaching his mid-30's. Not to mention he missed a bunch of time
last year.

It could work out, but that contract has some serious flags, IMO.

Mike Freire said...

I think I would actually take Cano over Donaldson (and I would pass on both, if necessary).

Pablo Grullon said...

This would be an incredibly stupid trade. Cano is 36 years old, still got 5 years on his contract and wont be able to play DH in our league when he cant play the field anymore. Oh and hes coming off a PED suspension. I dont care how much $ the Mariners absorb in the deal, 5 years is still 5 years and it's not a good fit for us. It blocks McNeil now and potentially blocks Alonso at 1B in the future. And you know however much $ were left paying Cano the Wilpobs will use his guaranteed $ as an excuse to not spend elsewhere to address other needs. We have no financial commitments past 2020 rite now. I'd rather use that financial freedom then to supplement our young players coming up then and not commit dollars to any player approaching 40

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