OPEN THREAD - Seattle Sell-Off


MLBTR.com reported that the Seattle Mariners are considering a major sell-off of the players they have under contract.

Word is that they are telling all teams that anyone is approachable.

So, what do they have here:

RHP Felix Hernandez:  2019: $25mil

    32/yrs. old - 2018: 8-14, 5.55, 1.40,
                             155.2-IP, 125-K

2B Robinson Cano:  2019-2023:  $24mil/yr.

     36/yrs. old - 2018: .303/.374/.471/845

3B Kyle Seager:  2019-2021 (2022 opt): $14,286/yr.

     31/yrs. old - 2018:  .221/.273/.400/673, 22-HRs

RPH Mike Leake:  2019-2020 (2021 opt): $16mil/yr.

     30/yrs. old - 2018:  10-10, 4.36, 1.30
                              185.2-IP, 119-K

2B-CF Dee Gordon:2019-2020 (2021 opt):10mil/yr 

     30/yrs. old - 2018:  .268/.288/.349/637 

SS Jean Segura: 2019-2022 (2023 opt): 14.85mil/yr.

     28/yrs. old - 2018:  .304/.341/.415/756

RHP Juan Nicasio: 2019: $9.25mil

     32/yrs. old - 2018:  1-6, 6.00, 1.32
                          42-IP, 53-K

LHP Wade LeBlanc:  2019: $2.75mil, opt 2020

    34/yrs. old - 2018: 9-5, 3.72, 1.18
                          162-IP, 130-K


Is there anyone here that we should go after?


Rustyjr said...


Tom Brennan said...

If anyone, Segura and LeBlanc.

If we got Segura, it would be part of a win-now approach. Maybe Rosario could then be used to get us Realmuto.

If it were me, I'd probably not do that, especially since the Mariners obviously would want a lot for Segura.

bgreg98180 said...

If no Machado, Segura could help.

Mack Ade said...

I honestly don't want to go in this kind of direction.

I want to build this team from within and target 2020 and 2021 as my critical years to compete.

No more contracts to 30+ year old players.

Reese Kaplan said...

LeBlanc could be a budget alternative to the Jerry Blevins role but the others are too expensive and/or on the down side of their careers.

I'm in Miami right now en route to Dallas and then El Paso Should I knock on Mr. Realmuto's door and tell him how great NY is?

Eddie Corona said...

wasnt there a Good Reliever? Diaz on seattle?

Anthony Carnacchio said...

Why is everyone obsessed with realmuto? Fine he can hit, but his defense isn’t anything to be clamoring for

Gary Seagren said...

Mack and Anthony I agree on both. Please lets not go the 30+ route again. Realmuto is good not great just the best of bad lot as I would go defense there and spend on the BP.

Gary Seagren said...

Guys does anyone here know what the insurance premium is that the team pays to be covered on those monster deals for injured players like D. Wright and YC for example?

Anonymous said...

I asked you on another social media spot.
How about Mike Zunino?
As a #7/8 hitter and gold glove defensive id approve.
But what would he cost prospect wise?


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