OPEN THREAD - Adding $20mil to the Mix


This one comes from Bill Metsiac...

If the Mets were to add $20 mil to the payroll (in addition to raises for current young players), would you like that spent by:

1) Going all out for one star, via trade or FA, using the whole 20?

2) Adding two mid-level players at $10 mil per?

3) Spreading it around for a group of $5 mil players?


Mack Ade said...


I'm sort of sick of the clutching at straws, $5mil player thing.

I want to play with the big boys, even if it only could get me one GREAT player.

Reese Kaplan said...

That's a loaded question because you could add a guy like Hader who costs almost nothing and he would have a bigger impact than adding, for example, a $10 million per year Jeurys Familia. Without naming the names, it's hard to say just based upon numbers alone.

TexasGusCC said...

I also would rather see “a difference maker” rather than a bunch of filler. This team has alot of MLB players, but not enough players to put it over the top. Question is: Where to add this “difference maker”? I don’t trust pitchers, but it seems like the only recourse.

bill metsiac said...

We need another SP, a backup Catcher, and bullpen help. If we spent the whole 20 on one player (let's say Strasburg) we can't fill the other needs.

I'd get a Catcher for 5, a few good RPs for around 7 each, and move Lugo or Gsellman to the rotation.

Of course, trades will be factors too, but that's how I'd split the 20.

Mike Freire said...

Sign Rendon and back load the deal a bit so the first year is 20 million.

OK, so that's the childish answer.

In reality, Bill is right.....we are not one stud away from the WS. We have multiple needs, so
spreading the cash around a bit would be smarter, but less exciting.

John From Albany said...

If they cut Cano (I know would never happen) would the salary still count against the Luxury tax?

Also I think the Average Annual value counts toward the tax so back loading a deal may not help.

bill metsiac said...

As far as I know, all salaries count, even if the player is cut.

I think (not sure) that only the current year's salary counts.

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