OPEN THREAD - Starling Marte


Reports (sic) are that the Mets are kicking the tires on OF Starling Marte.

The Pirates are supposedly looking for a 'team controlled catcher'.

Marte will play 2020 as a 31-year old. Last year, he hit .295 while hitting 23 home runs and knocking in 82.

He is under contract only through 2020, at $11.5mil.

So...   are you interested here and, if you are, what kind of package would you offer,  


Dallas said...

Everytime I see Nimmos name mentioned in a trade rumor I get angry. Lets note that he is 5 years younger, has an extra year of control, and is cheaper. He is also trending upward whereas Marte is trending the other way. Sure Marte is a good player but the Mets outfield is a position of strength. If you really want to upgrade defensively sign Betts next year. Put the 11.5 million Marte is making towards a decent RP and SP which will probably net you a bigger positive than the slight defensive bump you get in the OF. Nimmo is the kind of guy you build around. Yes he had a bad year last year from his injury in the OF but finished off the season like the way he played in 2018 which was in the top echelon of offensive players.

Marte would be nice, but is that really the place to spend money to upgrade for MAYBE an extra .5-1 wins?

Mike Freire said...

They have to relieve the logjam in the OF if they obtain Marte, right?

I can see Marisnick as the 4th OF'er in this scenario and Conforto isn't going anywhere.

Rumor has it that Nimmo could be dealt in this deal, or another deal for presumably pitching depth. You still have to put McNeil somewhere (at times), along with Smith and Davis. Oh and then you possibly have Cespedes coming back.....

Not the best job of managing assets so far, Brodie.

bill metsiac said...

I'd look for a multi-player deal, getting Marte and Felipe Vasquez. If they'll take Lowrie to give us salary relief, I'd offer Nimmo, Smith and Lowrie and ask for a prospect. Or hold back Smith and offer mid-level prospects to them.

Tom Brennan said...

Dallas and Mike,

I would keep Nimmo, no doubt. Too much is being made of the lack of outfield defense. That's why we got Marisnick - as a defensive replacement.

If Cespedes comes back largely healthy, our outfield will ROCK offensively.

The ONLY reason to get Marte is righty balance, but if Yo is back, along with Davis and Marisnick, it IS lefty/righty balanced.

Nimmo only had 93 plate appearances when he finally returned, but he was a terrific .261/.430/.565. In 2018, a terrific .263/.404/.483. What, exactly, is wrong with that? To me? Nothing.

That .404 OBP in 2018? In 2019, he would have been 7th in the majors, and only a few points behind # 4 Rendon.

I am thrilled offensively with an Outfield that has Nimmo, Conforto, Davis, Cespedes, McNeil, and Marisnick. If Cespedes can't play, it is still fine. Leave it alone. Spend on a starter and relieverS (plural).

Zozo said...

Do not trade Alvarez in any deal involving Marte

Dallas said...

Is this going to be the Kazmir, Kelenic trade all over again? I have this pit in my stomach that the Mets are going to do something stupid because they can't spend the last 25-30 million to fill out the rest of their holes. Mets were an offensive juggernaut in the 2nd half don't mess with that, fix the pitching and backup C and move on. I could not care less about Marte. Don't block Cohens signing of Betts next year.

Hobie said...

Flip Marisnkck, dump Yo & Lowrie (eating significant salary). Done.

No Nimmo, Dom, FD, Alverez, etc.

Tom Brennan said...

Dallas, I have a Cole article coming up, comparing Yanks' and Mets' approach. Another pit in my stomach article.

bill metsiac said...

The Pirates are certainly NOT looking to add significant payroll. They will not take on Lowrie AND Yo. Why do you think they would?

Did you read my proposal above? If so, what's your opinion of it?

Pablo Grullon said...

@ Bill Metsiac- we dont want felipe vasquez. That guy is facing charges for having sexual relations with an underage girl. We dont need that drama.
As for nimmo i would hold onto him. I think he's a valuable piece to our team and an on base machine.

bill metsiac said...

I forgot about that. You're right, it drops him from my "wanted" list.
Maybe Chris Archer or another pitcher instead.

Mickey said...

Not saying , I’m crazy about this deal. But what about Marte and Archer for Dominic Smith, B . Nimmo, J Lowrie ( if they want Lockett they can have him too ) . We keep our prospects, and get a starting pitcher who you hope flashes old performance . A quality center fielder and increase payroll within reason . Pirates save money and get more offensive . What you think ?

bill metsiac said...

Thank you for agreeing with my plan, Mickey.

Hobie said...


(Home now and could look up Vasquez)
I was kidding about dumping Yo & Lowrie on the Pirates.
Well, sort of. Given both YC snd Lowrie plus Msrte se FA after 2020, throw in enough salary relief and by 21 th Bucs are up one Marisnick to none. I now it's not real.

I just think trading LF/3B Davis and/or LF/1B D.Smith for difference between Marte & Nimmo is a Turner-sized mistake.

Anonymous said...

I don't see the need for Marte. He is on the wrong side of 30 and the defensive metrics show that he is, at best, an average defensive CF'er. He probably is better suited for a corner outfield position moving forward. To spend trade assets, and money, for someone who does not improve the team and does not improve the pitching, the real area of need, just seems a very poor allocation of resources.

Anonymous said...

Felipe Vasquez is in prison

TexasGusCC said...

My package would include Chris Archer. Archer and Marte are both controlled for two years via their team options for 2021. They are both 31 and between them are owed $20.5MM this coming year and $23MM in 2021. Cherington would want players that will be around when they win again, so they must be young with control. Offering: Ali Sanchez, David Peterson and Gimenez to Pirates. If they are t interested, neither are we. If they ask for something more, we could offer someone like Dibrell. That’s plenty. My thinking is that we have plenty of middle infielders and Gimenez has never been known for his bat. Peterson pitches to contact. Sanchez is the young catcher they want and Dibrell the throw-in.

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