The Mack Report – Building The 2011 Mets Rosters – Part 2, Adam Nichols, Mets Tranactions


We’re continuing the building of the Mets minor league rosters, using the premise “assign the player in 2011 based on 2012 projection”.

We’ve five down and here is, according to “The Keepers” list, prospect #6-10:

6. SP Juan Urbina - 18/yrs. old - remember now, the true definition of a baseball prospect is tools, ceiling, projection, and age. Urbina is all that. The 6-2 lefty was signed as a 16-year old out of Venezuela and played no Latin-ball. Came straight to GCL as a 16-year old and went 5-3 in 2010… 5.03, 38-K, 14-BB, 48.1-IP. Son of Ugueth Urbina. Arrived in States with an 88-89 sitting fast ball and ended the season hitting 92. Coaches project increased velocity as he matures. The “old” Mets management loved this kid. My high ranking of him is based on projected velo and nothing more. We will find more in 2011 and look for the Mets to keep him close in Brooklyn.

2011: Starter in Brooklyn

2012: Starter in St. Lucie

 7. OF Fernando Martinez – 22/yrs. old – Yeah I know, blah, blah, blah… but, the fact remains, baring injuries, he has it all. There’s a lot of talent in the Mets’ minor league outfields right now, but F-Mart is still number one when it comes to prospect ranking. This is probably his last chance in the Mets organization. Omar is gone and his past has created a zero chance of being traded. It’s Buffalo in the spring, Queens in a year, and the junk pile in 2013 if goes down once more.

2011: RF in Buffalo

2012: RF in Queens

8. OF Darrell Ceciliani – 20/yr. old - right now there are six to seven young outfielders in the Mets system that had a wonderful season in 2010. That doesn’t mean all of them project as a top prospect. The one that does stand out from the rest right now is Ceciliani, an over-slot pick that no one expected the Mets to sign.He’ll play Savannah in 2011, frankly because he’s blocked in St. Lucie by Cesar Puello and the two college dudes, Matt den Dekker and Cory Vaughn. No problem. He’ll get a chance to play next to fellow prospect Javier Rodriquez.

2011: CF in Savannah

2012: CF in St. Lucie

9. OF Gilbert Gomez – 19/yrs. old - Okay, this might be a new name to a bunch of you. Signed as a pup out of the D.R., came stateside last season, and hit .229 for the GCL Mets in 2010. Tons of tools and ceiling. Excellent pop at his age. Spped is his thing, stealing 35 bases in 2009 for the DSL Mets. I expect the Mets to keep him the neighborhood in 2011 and play him in Coney Island. No rush here. ETA 2014.

2011: OF in Brooklyn

2012: OF in St. Lucie

10. RP Eric Goeddel – 22/yrs. old – another new, but exciting name. Goeddel was drafted by the Mets last draft in the 24th round and this pick was considered a stab in the dark. Goeddel was (and still is) one of the big time kid relievers, who went down for TJS and had been out for two years. He came back late last season for UCLA and was spot on the minute he hit the mound, but everybody that knew anything knew this kid wouldn’t sign with anyone without getting another year under his belt. Well, we were all wrong. I’m not sure if this qualifies as a Mets over slot pick. I consider it more of a “let’s throw a dart” attempt to see if they could hunt the big dawg. It worked. Oh yeah… fast ball sits at 96-97.

2011: RP in St. Lucie

2012: RP in Binghamton


Here’s what our rosters look like so far for the 2011 season, based on 2012 need:

Buffalo: Rotation: (1) - SP Jenrry Mejia

Relievers: (0) –

Catchers: (0) -

Infielders: (1) – 2B Reese Havens

Outfielders: (1) – Fernando Martinez

Binghamton: Rotation: (0) –

Relievers: (0) –

Catchers: (0) -

Infielders (1) – 3B, Wilmer Flores

Outfielders (0) -

St. Lucie: Rotation (1) – Matt Harvey

Relievers (1) – Eric Goeddel

Catchers (0) –

Infielders (0) –

Outfielders (0) –

Savannah: Rotation: (0) –

Relievers: (0) –

Catchers: (0) -

Infielders: (1) – 3B Aderlin Rodriquez

Outfielders: (1) – Darrell Ceciliani


Rotation : (1) - Juan Urbina

Outfield: (1) - Gilbert Gomez

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Congrats to PR intern Adam Nichols who heads to Birmingham today to begin his new position as the Double-A Barons' PR director

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New York Mets transactions:

Signed: RHP Ryan Coultas (re-signed), RHP John Lujan (re-signed), OF Valentino Pascucci (re-signed)

Released: RHP Cole Abbott, RHP Dan McDonald, RHP Tim Stronach, RHP Zach Von Tersch, C Jordan Abruzzo, 2B Andy Green, 3B Marinus Vernooij, OF Kurt Steinhauer

Added to 40-man roster: RHP Manuel Alvarez

Removed from 40-man roster: RHP Eddie Kunz, LHP Raul Valdes, C Omir Santos, 3B Mike Hessman, OF Jesus Feliciano

Elected free agency: C Omir Santos, 3B Mike Hessman


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