Mack Report: - David Rubin, Dillon Gee, $144K/yr.,

Mack Report - December 15, 2010

Kudos to David Rubin for the primo job he did summarizing Monday’s conference call with Manager Terry

Mack Ade
 What’s the definition of “class act”? Well, I got in touch with Dillon Gee right after the Sandy Alderson Q&A with the fans on Monday and let him know that Mr. Alderson mentioned his name as one of the rotation guys once the season opened. Gee has always stayed away from any discussion about being on the 2011 rotation, simply because he doesn’t believe he has earned that yet. Well, I caught him by surprise with the news and he emailed back: “Wow that's news to me. Thanks Mack! That would be great but my job is still just to come to camp ready to compete and do my best.” Now, THAT’S a class act.

Have you ever made $414,000 a year? How many people do you know who have made $414,000 a year. I worked 41 years and never made $414,000 a year. Well, major league baseball decided Monday afternoon that the 2011 minimum salary will be $414,000. What a great, fucking job.


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