Quick Met Notes - One Minor Trade - Hu's on First? No, Hu's at Short!!


By David Rubin

From Adam Rubin/ ESPN: New York -
Mets acquire SS Chin-lung Hu from the Los Angeles Dodgers in exchange for lefthanded pitcher Mike Antonini
Hu had been, at one point in time, a potential "shortstop of the future" for the Dodgers, but it says a lot about his current status when a team that features aging Rafael Furcal as their major league shortstop trades a former top prospect for a AAAA reliever.

(Side note- will this placate the Chinese female reporter who questioned Sandy about importing more Asian talent?- LOL)


Also, let's put an end to the Scott Kazmir talk FOREVER!!! How come no one recalls that, on December 6, 2006, the Phils traded both Gavin Floyd AND Gio Gonzalez for Freddy Garcia? 2 great young starters for a workman-like starter who is again a free agent. Thanks to Jon Elfenbein for reminding us, once again, that in every teams' cupboard are bad trades like this!!

IF the Rangers paid $3 million for Webb, shouldn't $5 million land BOTH Young and Francis? Isn't that what we REALLY need? Not a lot of guaranteed dollars and potentially tons of upside, even if only one pans out. Just a thought...


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