5-30-11: - Collin McHugh, Erik Goeddel, Elvis Sanchez, Mark Cohoon

-P Collin McHugh was promoted from St. Lucie to Bighamton before last night's game. Collin has had some difficulty this season and, hopefully, he gets a new deck of cards at AA. Pitch well, bud.

-Erik Goedell was supposed to return to starting on Sunday for the Sand Gnats, but he was placed on the DL prior to the game with a right shoulder strain. Replacing him on the roster was Adam Kolarek who had pitched briefly this season for St. Lucie.

-Interesting lack of information yesterday from the pre-game notes by the B-Mets. The next four games, beginning on Monday, all list the starting pitchers as “to be determined”. Sounds like some moves will be happening.

-I think it is becoming quite apparent to the average Met fan that any chance of making the playoffs this year is beginning to come to an end. The Philly series is proving that, even when you do your best, you just don’t have enough consistent talent on this team to compete with the big teams.

-The Elvis Sanchez era began last night on opening night for the DSL Mets2 team. Sanchez homered in the 7th inning, leading his team to a 6-5 win over the Royals.

-Fernando Martinez finally reported to Buffalo along with LHP Mark Cohoon. The 23-year old has had a relatively successful season so far for Binghamton, though the lack of bats there has limited his stats: 9-G, 1-3, 3.81, 1.46, 52.0-IP, 44-K, 17-BB, 19.2% K/PA, .329-BABIP, 4.36-FIP. Mark is more of a finesse pitcher and doesn’t dominate you with his fastball. I see it as a combination of an opening created because Chris Schwinden had been taken out of the rotation, awaiting confirmation if he would spot start for R.A. Dickey, and the fact that room is needed in Binghamton for an upcoming promotion of Matt Harvey from St. Lucie.

Here’s what I have on Cohoon (#13) in “The Keepers”:

Cohoon was selected in the 12th round of the 2008 draft by the Mets.

2008 was a fast track year for Mark. He started out with Kingsport (1-1, 5.89), splitting time as a reliever and a starter. He was sent up to Savannah, where he started seven games (2-2, 3.82).

For reasons never explained, the breaks were put on Cohoon in 2009 and he pitched the entire year for Brooklyn: 9-2, 2.15, 0.97, in 14 starts, 2-CG, 1-SH.

His combined two year professional stats are: 12-5, 3.05, 1.14.

1-1-2010 Forecast: - Early on, the Mets had a problem deciding whether Cohoon would be a starter or come out of the pen. Things became much easier when his ERA was well over double as a reliever. Last year, they slowed him down and he became the ace of the Brooklyn staff

4-19-10: - Mark Cohoon - SP - A-Savannah - Cohoon is off to a great start, going 2-0, 0.77, 1.03 in 11.2-IP. He was one of the Cyclones' aces last season posting 9-2, 2.15, in 14 starts. Mark was the 12th round pick in 2008, out of North Central Texas College.

5-22-10: - Mark Cohoon: I’ve learned over the years not to get to excited about A-level pitching. That being said, this year’s version of the Sand Gnat rotation might be the most talented I have ever seen. One of them, Mark Cohhon, pitched Saturday night and threw up 6.0-IP, 2-ER, 5-K, 0-BB, 2.05-ERA.

6-17-10: - And, just when you thought A-SP Mark Cohoon has showed us all his bag of tricks... all he did last night was go out and throw his third complete game shutout... in a row! Start getting used to this name because it looks like you're going to read a lot about Mark from now on. Trust me, he's be in St. Lucie next week.

6-27-10: - Cohoon pitched his first game at the AA level on Saturday… and got the win, but it wasn’t the cake walk he has been used to at the A and rookie level. The stats were quite different: 5.2-IP, 11-H, 5-ER, 1-K, 7.94… welcome to the almost big time, Mark.

8-4-10: - stock down – the B-Mets came out with their projected rotational pitchers in the next five games and Cohoon’s name has been removed from his slot, replaced with TBA (to be announced). Speculation is this position might be filled with Jenrry Mejia, but it is definitely a set-back for Cohoon, who has had a rough time at the AA level this season (8-starts, 1-3, 6.63). We’ll keep an eye on this and see if he he is sent to St. Lucie, which he jumped earlier this year.

8-29-10: - I had the pleasure this year of watching Mark Cohoon completely dominate the Sally League. He was sent to Binghamton around the all-star break, which, I believe, is the first time the Mets have promoted someone directly from A to AA since Savannah became an affiliate. That being said, I expected a bump in the road due to this two level jump, which, as predicted, did happen; however, Cohoon now seems to have settled down and is beginning to dominate in Binghamton. Yesterday, he went: 8.0-IP, 0-ER, 5-H, 5-K, 2-BB, 4.36. His combined Savannah/Binghamton stats this year are: 11-4, 2.73, 122-K, 30-BB, 148.1-IP. You simply can’t do any better than this and it will be interesting to see what the Mets will do with him this winter.

9-7-10 - 2011 Forecast: - Cohoon had 13 starts at the A+ level and was promoted to AA. He then had 13 more starts at AA. It will be interesting to see what the Mets do with him in April. He turns 23 next week and it will be tempting to start him off in Buffalo, but I'm going to go the safe route and say he'll first go back to Binghamton to get his pitch count in order. Either way, 2011 could easily be the last year Mark spends in the minors.


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