Q and A - Jose Reyes

Carmine wrote: -

Mack, I'm a long time Mack follower going back to your NYFS days. You've seems to go back and forth about Jose Reyes over the years and you're now once again calling for the Mets to sign him to a long term deal.

1. Why the back and forth on Jose?

2. Can the Mets really afford him?

3. Does he really want to stay?


Thanks for the email, Carmine.

You are correct when you say I have vacillated on Jose. I could go back and check, but I believe most of my suggestions about him being traded came when he was on one of his extended DL stints. I've never questioned the time he needed to come back from his injuries, but each one always seemed a little longer than the healing process needed. 

I also go back to the 2007 season when multiple sources told me of his end-of-August demands that his buddy, Carlos Gomez, be played every day during the pennant race. Manager Willie Randolph said no, and Jose went on to hit .238 for the remainder of the season. I'm not saying he tanked it on purpose, but this always stuck in me.

I don't consider him a diva but he seems to be a handfull. Some players don't need one-on-one handling, others do.

But, that's where my concenrs end.

I don't know Reyes, nor have I ever interviewed him. We've shared a few words and I'm sure he's walk by me if we ever passed on the street. Yes, we have been in the same clubhouse at the same time well over a hundred times. but I have always avoided the big time guys and concentrated on the past minor leaguers I have come to know over the years.

I will tell you this. There is no one that lights up a room more than Jose does. There is always a smile on his face and a kind word from his mouth. I've never seen him turn his back to a reporter and he can pump up a clubhouse in a New York second with his smile.

I also never have seen a Mets player tilt the field the way he does. The September 2007 reference above proves how things go when Jose is off his game, but when it goes well, it goes very well. How many times have we watched him get on base in the first inning, knowing all along he would eventually score somehow.

I frankly can't remember the last time the Mets won a game and Jose was't a big part of it. Sometimes it's a hit, other times it's either a stolen base or a fantastic defensive play.

You ask if the Mets can afford him. I think we will find that out in early June. By then, there should be a new minority owner and there will be additional monies to run the team.

Does he want to stay?  I have no idea. I think he does because he will never be the face of an organization like he currently is with the Mets. He, and David Wright, are the heart and soul of this organization.

In closing... the Mets have an opportunity to puchase a 28-year old all-star, who plays excellent defense, has blazing speed, has only been injured with secondary injuries, and currently leaded the league in hits, triples and stolen bases.

Reyes, Wright, and Ike Davis would give the Mets the foundation of a team direction through 2015, and possibly, beyond. We could all stop projecting who is going to play any infield position other than second base, move prospects like Wilmer Flores and Aderlin Rodrigues to the outfield so we can see how they handle it, and concentrate the 2011 draft on additional pitching, the outfield, and catching.


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