Mock - John Sickles

1) Pirates: Anthony Rendon, 3B, Rice: It's not a sure thing, but I still think it will happen. There may be rumors right up until draft day that the shoulder issue will scare the Pirates off, but in the end I think Rendon is the best overall hitter in the draft and I think the Pirates will agree.

2) Mariners: Gerrit Cole, RHP, UCLA: As with Rendon, this isn't a sure thing but the attributes that attracted scouts to Cole in the first place are still here. There is some talk that the Mariners will go with a position player here, so if Rendon falls he could end up with Seattle. Another option is Bubba Starling although he won't have the rapid impact that Rendon or Cole would.

3) Diamondbacks: Danny Hultzen, LHP, Virginia. Everyone still thinks this will happen, and I agree.

4) Orioles: Dylan Bundy, RHP, Oklahoma HS: His stock has shot up since our last mock, his brother pitches in the system, and Bundy might get to the majors as fast as some of the college pitcher (I had Jed Bradley here last time).

5) Royals: Jed Bradley, LHP, Georgia Tech. Persistent rumors hold that the Royals will take an advanced college pitcher instead of local product Bubba Starling (who we had here last time). Which advanced college pitcher is a matter of debate, however. I still think Starling is a possibility, but the Royals have coveted left-handed pitching as much as they covet tools, and Bradley won't need long in the minors. If the Mariners and Pirates pass on Cole, he will probably end up here.

13) Mets: George Springer, OF, Connecticut: Loads of tools with some risk involved, but rumors indicate the new front office is willing to be more aggressive in the draft. I had John Stilson here last time but Springer makes more sense. Mikie Mahtook is also plausible, and there are rumors they like Brandon Nimmo.

44) Mets (for Pedro Feliciano): Josh Bell, OF, Texas HS: If the Mets are serious about putting more money into the draft, here is their chance. Bell says he won't sign, but if the Mets dangle enough $$ in front of him, plus a nice presentation about how cool it would be to play in New York, that might change. A similar choice would be Pennsylvania HS outfielder Derek Fisher, another strong bat with a college commitment that would be expensive, but perhaps not impossible, to buy off.


TheCloser said...

Hey Mack, I posted this elsewhere, but let me know your thoughts as well on my Mets 6 round mock draft.

I know this is a lot of pitching and a lot of right handed pitching, but those numbers listed next to the players are the baseball america.com draft ratings for each player.

Mark Pope's rating I don't think is accurate, but I was trying to stay true to the BA ratings and take the best player available at the spot.

(1st Round, #13th Overall)
Best Pitcher Available, which based on most mock drafts would leave us with.......
13. Matt Barnes, RHP, Connecticut

Supplemental Round, #44th Overall)(Compensation for Pedro Feliciano)
46. Dillon Maples, RHP, Pinecrest HS, Southern Pines, N.C.

(2nd Round, #71st Overall)
76. Michael Kelly, RHP, West Boca Raton (Fla.) HS

(3rd Round, #101 Overall)
102. Kevin Comer, RHP, Seneca HS, Tabernacle, N.J.

(4th Round, #132nd Overall)
164. Mark Pope, RHP, Georgia Tech

(5th Round, #163rd Overall)
180. Christian Lopes, SS/2B, Edison HS, Huntington Beach, Calif.

(6th Round, #194th Overall)
194. Nick Rickles, C, Stetson

Mack said...

Hey Closer:

I'd be very happy with the results of your draft.

I also picked te best player (IMO) available and didn't pick by position. That will cause this year's picks to always be top heavy in RHPs.

Matt Barnes would be a great Mets pick (if he's still around). In the Pelfrey-mold.

Hell, I might pick Pope in the 3rd round.

Lopes could easily fall that low and he'd be a steal.

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