Update: - The Keepers - #49 - 1B - Alan Dykstra

49. Allan Dykstra 1B

Dykstra was a first round draft pick (23rd overall) by San Diego in 2008.

He played a few professional games in 2008, and then had two disappointing seasons in 2009 (A: .226/.397/.375/.772, 11-HR, 60-AB) and 2010 (A+ - .241/.372/.438/.810, 16-HR, 70-AB).

He also has shown a remarkable ability to draw walks, especially for a ”slugger’: 208 vs. 902 official at bats.

He was traded to the Mets in the 2010-2011 off-season for P Eddie Kunz.

3-29-11: - the Eddie Kunz for Allan Dykstra deal has nothing but upside for the Mets. I like Kunz and I thought he was going to a big time closer, but the Omar Minaya Mets rushed him just like they did to most of the minor leaguers that showed promise early on. The 6-5, 240 pound Dykstra was a big-time 1st round pick (23rd overall) by San Diego in 2008. He hit 49-HR/166-RBI in 173-G over a 3-year period for Wake Forest. He has played two seasons in the minors, rising to A+, and has hit 27-HR, 130-RBI in 797-AB. It seems to me that Dykstra, who will play 2011 as a 24-year old, will replace Nick Evans as the number one first base prospect in the system. He also has options.

4-27-11 - About the only thing that came out of this game good is the fact that once top baseball prospect 1B Alan Dykstra had three hits. Remember, this is someone they now say has flopped as a baseball player, and he still hit 16 home runs last year.

5-15-11: - I wanted to spend a few minutes on 1B Alan Dykstra. In terms of a prospect, yes, he has been a bust. He was a big time prospect when he was picked in the first round, 23rd overall, by the San Diego Padres, in 2008. His OPS for his three years at Wake Forest were: 1.149, 1,094, and 1.164. Since then, it’s been .772 in A-ball (2009) and .810 in A+ (2010). Yes, he did hit 27 home runs in those two seasons but he batted .226 and .241. Dykstra came to the Mets in a trade for RP Eddie Kunz. Both represented players each organization was obviously done with. FYI: Kunz is currently 1-0, 6.39, 4-K, 9-BB, 12.2-IP for San Diego’s AA team. This year, for the B-Mets, Dykstra is currently hitting .271, with three home runs in 70-Abs. More importantly, his OPS is at a professional high of .874. He continues to strike out too much (23 in 70-Abs), but what slugger doesn’t? Allan will have a birthday on the 21st of this month. He will turn 24. He will never take a job away from Ike Davis, but he does give the Mets a legitimate, young, emergency backup first baseman for the next five years that can buy a house in Buffalo and settle in. Alan Dykstra for Eddie Kunz? Every day of the week.

5-23-11: - 1B Alan Dykstra may currently be considered a prospect flop, but this is still only his fourth year in organized ball. Believe me, if the Mets had drafted him, and he was fourth in the organization in ISOP, the weenie kids out there would still be calling him a prospect. One problem is he also leads in the highest percentage of strikeouts per at bats.


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