John Sickles: - Top 50 Hitting Prospects for 2011

1) Bryce Harper, OF, Washington Nationals, Grade A: Hit .318/.423/.554 with 14 homer and 19 steals in Low-A, then .256/.329/.395 with seven steals in Double-A, at age 18. Still the best overall prospect in baseball with this very impressive debut.

2) Domonic Brown, OF, Philadelphia Phillies, Grade A:
Hit .261/.391/.370 with 12 steals in Triple-A, then.245/.333/.394 in 184 major league at-bats. He'll be fine, he just needs to play.
3) Jesus Montero, C, New York Yankees, Grade A: Hit .288/.348/.467 in Triple-A, then .328/.406/.590 for the Yankees in September. He's clearly ready for a major league job offensively, and should be the next great Yankee slugger.

4) Mike Trout, OF, Los Angeles Angels, Grade A:
Hit .326/.414/.544 with 33 steals in Double-A, then .220/.281/.390 in 123 major league at-bats. He was rushed a bit at age 20, but all the markers of stardom are still here.
5) Mike Moustakas, 3B, Kansas City Royals, Grade A: Hit .287/.347/.498 in Triple-A, then .263/.309/.367 in 338 major league at-bats. The power will come eventually.

22) Wilmer Flores, SS, New York Mets, Grade B+: Hit .269/.309/.380 with nine homers in 516 at-bats in High-A. Performance OK but not terrific, however he's still just 19 years old.



Phlavio said...

I think that Wilmer NEEDS to be moved to RF, 3B, 1B or CATCHER (Yeah... I still like that move). He can't continue to be strung along as a SS. I'd like to remind people that while he's got limited range he's got a strong arm and good hands.

Mack said...

t's time for his bat to dictate his future

Charles said...

Wilmer needs to start driving the ball. Awful lot of singles. He had plenty of rbi's this past season, so at least he made those singles count, but I expected some pop from this youngster. Hope it comes.

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