Morning Report – 4-26-14 – Top 10 in Draft, Relief Pitchers, 1999, Eno-Chat

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        11 am – Reese Kaplan Dwelling in Anonymity:  Hidden Gems in Las Vegas

2 pm – Top 10 SS in 2014 MLB Draft - Updated 4-23-14

          5pm -  Luke Weaver, Chris Harvey, Brandon Downes, Mike Papi, Andrew Daniel

          8pm –  RHP - Michael Cederoth - San Diego State

Bobby Abreu hasn't been on the DL since 1997

Last two games for Brandon Nimmo:  3-4, 7-BB

GMs of teams with #2, #3, and #4 picks in draft watch Shepherd High School's Tyler Kolek strike out... 16

This was another outstanding night of pitching from the prospect starters in this organization and, every time this happens, scouts from other teams plead for their General Managers to pull the trigger before the cost of trading for one or more of these guys gets too high.

This is all going to pay off big time when the all-star break rolls around and the likes of deGrom, Montero, and Syndergaard start knocking on the door of a bedroom with no empty beds.

You're really going to like the results of all this by the end of the year.

We posted an updated top 10 draft pick list on the right side of page one of the site. This averages all the mock drafts in April:

1. LHSP Carlos Rodon - NC State
2. LHSP Brady Aiken - Cathedral C.H.S. (CA)
3. RHSP Tyler Kolek - Sheppherd (TX) HS
4. RHSP Tyler Beede - Vanderbilt
5. RHSP Jeff Hoffman - East Carolina
6. C Alex Jackson - Rancho Bernardo HS
7. RHSP Grant Holmes Conway (SC) HS
8. SS Nick Gordon - Olympia (FL) HS
9. OF Bradley Zimmer - San Francisco
10. SS Trea Turner - NC State

As usual, the starting pitchers are rising to the top. Grant Holmes has especially gained a stronghold and could wind up in the top five before the draft is called.

I found the decline of shortstops interesting. Early on this mock season, there were three in the top 10, Gordon, Turner, and Jacob Gatewood. I have absolutely no problem with drafting Turner, who could be major league ready by opening day 2016.

Lastly, you would be surprised how close Rodon came from losing the top rank position.

Relief Pitchers –

I’m sorry. I just don’t analyze minor league relief pitchers. There are too many of them and most of them were drafted as filler. I hate to sound so cold, but that’s just the way it is. The money is in the starters and nowhere else.

That being said, let’s discuss a few in the system that have caught my attention, both good and bad.

(first of all… I’m not one of those guys that dance in the halls after three outings in April. Playing minor league baseball is a marathon on steeper hills each level you go up. You analyze these guys on their total package, not what they have done in 15 days in April)

Michael Socolovich – 6-1 RHP 27-yrs old – 217-G, 8.10 K/9, 3.82 BB/9, 3.76, 1.30  -  Don’t you have to give a chance to a pitcher that has pitched for both the Cubs and a team in Hiroshima? He’s holding down a 1.12 WHIP in Vegas this spring. On the surface, he looks like the perfect replacement for the struggling Jeurys Familia.

Jeff Walters – The 26-yr. old Walters came off an all-star 2013 season for Binghamton where he set a team record for 38 saves (53-G, 2.09). No one earned a bump to AAA more than he did, but he is having some growing pains (9-G, 8.0-IP, 5-SV, 9.00-ERA). The good news is 7 0f the 8 runs he has given up this year were in two games, meaning, he has given up only one run in the other seven games he has pitched in. These are pretty good numbers from a guy that started out the season with a 54.00 ERA after his first outing. I expect Walters to continue to go down the right path, on the way to Queens.

Vic Black – the ‘demotion’ has had its upside… 6-G, 7.1-IP, 0-R, 0.00-ERA, 8-K. The only problem is the 7-BB that keeps the ‘wildness’ tag on him this spring. He’s not coming back to Flushing until he pounds the zone while avoiding bats.

John Church I have no answer for the Rodney Dangerfield of the Mets organization. He really has never pitched bad and, after going 3-0, 3.21 for Las Vegas last year, he was demoted back to Binghamton to start this season. He’s got a 3.42 career ERA with a 7.99 K/9… if I was Church I would at least demand to be the workhorse of the staff so he could at least get that kind of reputation.

Jack Leathersich – Boy, he had us excited, didn’t he? The 23-yr. old is still throwing at a 16.43 K/9 clip this season, and totals, career wise at 15.20 (255-K in 151-IP). The problem is he had a horrible year in Vegas last season and is barely holding his own this year back in Binghamton. I think we’ll always see the high strikeout rate, but ‘Leather’ doesn’t seem capable to be counted on to keep a game going in the right direction.

Randy Fontanez – Scouts are starting to say that the 25-year old South Florida ex-starter has what it takes to be a big league reliever. He’s currently sitting at 2.38, 9-G, with 15-K in 11.1-IP. Career: 9.47 K/9

Akeel Morris – The ex-starter prospect had the walls cave in during 2012 (7.98-ERA), but has come back with a vengeance, mainly due to a 94-98 mph fastball that has A-ball batters swinging wildly at. So far this season, he hasn’t given up a single run in five games he has pitched in. I am going to interview him on the next home stand so feel free to email me any questions you would like me to ask him.

Tony asked –

        Hey Mack… Dice-K… Colon… Abreu… is any of this making sense to you?

Mack – Ha! All any baseball team tries to do each day is win a baseball game against a given team. That means they have to score one more run than the other guys, regardless the age of your players or how many of them are batting under .200.
As a Mets fan, you have to decide what your goals are here.

 Additionally, if pitchers like Dice-K and Farnsworth can get the back end of your bullpen done in a proper manner, who are we to quibble about them being part of the 2014 roster.

I said this on a comment yesterday… I think a good goal right now would be to finish the first half of the season five games above .500. The current Mets pitching and defense seems capable of doing that if only a couple more bats wake up. 

In my opinion, those bats have to be Granderson and Chris Young. They’re getting the big bucks and have the talent to turn three or four potential losses into wins before the all-star break.

This would create a tough call. Do you trade players like Colon and Young and replace them with prospects like Montero and Puello? 

And, if so, did your rush to promote the prospects cost you what got you to the dance, or did the return or the players who were not going to remain on the team in 2015 anyway outweigh their loss?

Replacing Colon with Montero sounds like a good deal on paper.

 Replacing Young with Puello has a little more risk.

For now… party like it’s 1999.

Eno-Chat – 

Comment From Will - How should the Mets call up first if someone in the rotation gets hurt?

       Eno Sarris: Montero is more polished than Syndergaard, I bet he’s up first.

       Comment From Larry - Who was the PTNL the mets got back for Davis

       Eno Sarris: Not known yet, probably from the draft last year. Jacoby Jones or the lefty starter.

       Comment From JL - Is David Wright a significant upgrade over Anthony Rendon at this point?

       Eno Sarris: yes, as much as I like Rendon.

       Comment From john - so you like the mets and you like sandy. can you defend grandy and colon now? they were both omar-type moves when they were signed and i feel vindicated being the only one against them at the time.

       Eno Sarris: One thing I’d say is that Colon is not going to be a problem. Two years, that money, they can release him and the smell of the fart would dissapate quickly. Obviously Granderson is Bay-like, but Bay money now is like 75% as valuable as Bay money then (bad math, just guessing) because year to year inflation is like 10% in baseball. So yeah, slightly Omar-like with Grandy, but tons of pressure to spend money … and from my comments on my grandy piece, you were not alone.


Ernest Dove said...

Technically, Familia pitched and earned the win last night......no walks, but also no Ks in the inning. Why isn't he striking anybody out so far?
Is there any status update on Lagares hammy?

Bob Sugar said...

Very good win last night. Like the heart and the fight they showed in the comeback in the ninth. Zack Wheeler really gave us something to think about future wise. He was a bulldog with mean moving fastball last night. 13-10 with a tough April schedule. I'm very intrigued.

Bob Sugar said...

And Josh Edgin? Hope he gets back to the show.

The Closer said...

Yea, how has Edgin been doing? Also, is Giancarlo Alvarado still around as a possible pen arm? like Mack said, I don't know why Chirch isn't talked about more, all he's done is pitch well at every level.

The Closer said...

FYI, as of this morning (4/26/14) the Mets minor league affiliates are now a combined 54-26 or .675 winning percentage, which is the #1 winning percentage of all minor league systems. I know our farm system is ranked around the 10-15 area and I know winning minor league games are not as important, but I'd much rather them get used to a winning culture in the minor leagues instead of losing games and get used to it.

Id like to see all of our affiliates win their respective divisions, develop their players and develop a winning culture that the players can take with them to Flushing when they get the call ups. It's nice to see the kids playing well and even mid year when in season promotions happen, we should still have some quality minor league teams.

It's the start of a good time to be a Mets fan with all of the solid prospects we have playing well at the moment, slowly but surely, I'm starting to see some changes in the culture and winning is right around the corner. In my opinion, we're one big trade and 1 free agent signing away from being a playoff team.

Mack Ade said...

Morning guys -

Familia just isn't wowing them like we all hoped he would.

I have heard nothing on Lagares.

Edgin has not pitched well... 11 games... 7.88 ERA

Alvarado is 7.56 in 5 games

Mack Ade said...

Closer -

More important is this winning culture really started two years ago in the lower levels.

The Mets minor league teams are beating the other minor league teams because they have better baseball players. This has to translate into the majors some day.

The Closer said...

Another RP off to a good start that's a big surprising is Cody Satterwhite in AA. So far, in 11 2/3 innings, he's only given up 4 hits and 11 ks, ERA 0.00 & WHIP of 1.03, but Cody's walked 8 guys (sounds familiar huh?). I guess that's the downside of having strike out guys in the pen, they tend to walk their fair share of guys. Worth noting to keep an eye on if he can stop walking guys and continue to keep runs off the board.

Otherwise, Chase Bradford & TJ Chism are the other guys in AA to keep an eye on that has a chance on a mid season promotion if he pitches like they have been in he last few seasons, besides the starters obviously (Bowman, Lara, Robles, Gorski, Pill).

Mack Ade said...

The Mets will have some pen decisions to make before the end of the season. It's still projected that Syndergaard, Montero, and deGrom will be heading to Queens at some point this season. There's no room.

I would think that deGrom would be the perfect candidate to replace either Famila or Germen.

Tom Brennan said...

Great "problems" to have. I hope they go at least 8-6 the next two weeks against weaker competition and then the stage will be set for unfolding the call ups, trades, etc. to make this team rise again.
Look forward to the Akeel write up - ask him how his other pitches are developing please.

Mack Ade said...

Re: Akeel - definitely

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