Top 10 SS in 2014 MLB Draft - Updated 4-23-14

     1.  Trae Turner – NC State


9-4-13 – Mack’s Mock Draft v1.0 – 4 – Cubs -  SS Trea Turner – North Carolina State – Turner could easily go 1-2 with his fellow Wolfpack, P Carlos Rodon. Has all 5-tools,  especially speed and the ability to stick at shortstop. Compared to Troy Tulowitzki. This is about as good as a draftable SS can be.

1-20-14 – PG Preseason College All-Americans - Shortstop - Trea Turner, NC State - 2013 Stats: .368 AVG, 13 2B, 4 2B, 7 HR, 42 RBI, 38 BB, 31 SO, 30 SB - North Carolina State lefthanded pitcher Carlos Rodon might be the nation’s elite pitcher and prospect, and the headliner for the Wolfpack. But plenty of coaches out there would take Turner over anyone else in college baseball. Turner, a lanky 6-foot-1, 171-pounder, has exceptional speed, an advanced offensive approach and is a more than adequate defender. He’s truly one of the electrifying players in college baseball, and it’s a good reason why he’s our No. 3 prospect entering the season. http://www.perfectgame.org/Articles/View.aspx?article=9294  

    2.     Nick Gordon – Olympia (FL) HS –


9-4-13 – Mack’s Mock Draft v1.0 – 6 – Giants – SS Nick Gordon – Olympia (FL) HS – I’ve got Gordon as the first high school shortstop to be drafted. The lefty projects as a leadoff hitter and plays a very good defensive game. Did not have a great summer, but I still have him as one of the top 10 players in the draft

12-9-13 – Pine Tar Press  -  18- SS/RHP Nick Gordon Olympia HS (Florida State Commit) 10/24/95- He is another talented 2-way guy. He has already grown 3-5 inches past his dad, the former big leaguer Tom. I think he sticks at SS even though the arm is pretty effortless sitting in the low 90’s with a solid curve (although not the elite curve his dad possessed) Offensively he can fly like his brother Dee and as a LH hitter that is a big advantage for his overall game. Obviously, he has plenty of arm to be a potentially super SS prospect. I have seen him twice and I actually like him as a pitcher better but I could see why he projects as a top 20 pick with the upside he has at SS and the power he already has shown. (Royals @ 19) http://pinetarpress.com/early-look-2014-mlb-draft/  

       3.  Jacob Gatewood – Clovis (CA) HS –            


     9-4-13 – Mack’s Mock Draft v1.0 – 15 –  SS Jacob Gatewood – Clovis (CA) HS – This is a big guy (6-5) for a shortstop and also generates Tulo comparisons.  He generated a ton of power through excellent bat speed, plus has excellent speed, soft hands, and plays a great defensive game. This is definitely the year of some great shortstops

2-5-14 - Continuing our profiles of some of the top high school hitters available in the 2014 MLB Rule IV Draft brings a look at Jacob Gatewood, a Short Stop from Clovis High School in Clovis, CA. Do you like your up the middle players tall, lanky and wiry? Do you like them with plus raw power? Do you like them to wrists that would make Connor MacLeod envious? If you answered yes, you’ll probably like Gatewood. If you answered no to any of those three questions then I’ll remind you that Chuck Knoblauch ain’t coming through that door, and you really, really need to go watch Highlander. Gatewood works from a tall set-up, allowing his length and wiry strength to be used to his advantage. As I’ve discussed in regard to Joey Gallo, depth and distance from the plate in a hitter’s stance as well as angles through the zone become an ever-present concern for tall hitters with long limbs. Too much ‘hunch’ in their set-up will lead to an inability to get the bat head through the zone and anything less than an absolutely direct lines will lead to plenty of sad-faced calls to their bat supplier. http://projectprospect.com/article/2014/02/04/2014-mlb-draft-jacob-gatewood-hitter-profile      


     4.  Matt Chapman (SS--3B) – Cal State Fullerton –


1-3-14 – TTF Baseball - 40. Milwaukee Brewers — Matt Chapman, 3B, Cal State Fullerton - The 6’-2”, 200 pound right-hander has a plus arm and enough range to stick at the hot corner. Whether or not the power will show up and remain there is up for debate. He does show an advanced approach at the plate, having drawn 34 walks to 29 strikeouts over 55 games as a sophomore. I got to see him play with The Collegiate National Team and really liked his line-drive swing. He wound up leading Team USA in RBI with 20 over 23 games and drew 14 walks for a .396 OBP. If the power comes this year, he could move up draft boards. http://throughthefencebaseball.com/2014-mlb-draft-2/40753#ppGUqI6CbWFvzsPf.99

   5.   Ti’Quan Forbes – Columbia (MS) HS –


1-3-14 – TTF Baseball - 36. Miami Marlins — Ti’Quan Forbes, SS, Columbia HS (MS) - At 6’-4” and 180 pounds, the right-hander oozes potential due to his defensive abilities, strong arm, plus speed (6.4/60) and developing raw power. He has shown a patient approach at the plate, driving the ball to all fields, and his size suggests more power will come. He hit .391/.447/.758 as a junior with only seven strikeouts over 103 plate appearances. If teams believe he can stick at shortstop, he could shoot up draft boards. Committed to Mississippi. http://throughthefencebaseball.com/2014-mlb-draft-2/40753#ppGUqI6CbWFvzsPf.99

          6.   Joey Pankake – South Carolina – 

1-3-14 – TTF Baseball - 43. Chicago White Sox — Joey Pankake, SS, South Carolina - Reports are Pankake is going to be playing all over the field this year. He will be the team’s closer, play some outfield and move around the infield — all in hopes of raising his draft stock. At 6’-1” and 200 pounds, he has an advanced approach at the plate, a canon arm and excellent bat speed. He showed developing power as a sophomore, hitting .311/.387/.496 over 62 games with 11 home runs and drew 29 walks to just 29 strikeouts. Even if he can’t stick at short, he should be bale to handle second base. http://throughthefencebaseball.com/2014-mlb-draft-2/40753#ppGUqI6CbWFvzsPf.99

  7.  Alex Blandino

       (up from #8 )

10-14-13 – Top ’14 College Hitters - 7. Alex Blandino / 2B / Stanford — Blandino gets the unfortunate label of a ‘tweener’ — he doesn’t have the athleticism to play shortstop and the bat doesn’t likely play at third — but I certainly think he has the athleticism and offensive ability to be an average to above-average regular at second base. http://mlbdraftinsider.com/2013/10/top-14-for-14-college-hitters/   

     8. Milton Ramos  – American Heritage (FL) HS –
                                      (down from #7)   

1-3-14 – TTF Baseball - 52. San Francisco Giants — Milton Ramos, SS, American Heritage HS (FL) - A defensive whiz who should stick at shortstop, the 6’-1”, 160 pound right-hander showed great improvements at the plate during the tournament circuit. He has been clocked at 6.53 in the 60, showing above-average speed, as well. If he continues to improve offensively, he could be a first-round pick. http://throughthefencebaseball.com/2014-mlb-draft-2/40753#ppGUqI6CbWFvzsPf.99

     9. Greg Deichmann – Brother Martin (LA) HS


1-3-14 – TTF Baseball - 65. Pittsburgh Pirates — Gregory Deichmann, SS, Brothers Martin HS (LA) - Left-handed hitting power shortstops are a nice commodity to have, and the 6’-2”, 190 pound Deichmann has a chance to stick at short due to his strong arm, speed and instincts in the field. He has excellent bat speed and can put on displays in the cage during batting practice. Even if he ends up at third, the power and arm will play well. Committed to USC. http://throughthefencebaseball.com/2014-mlb-draft-2/40753#ppGUqI6CbWFvzsPf.99        

      10.  Josh Morgan   – Orange Lutheran (CA) HS –


12-10-13 – TTF – Top 50 HS Players - 40. Josh Morgan, SS, Orange Lutheran HS (CA) - A quick-twitch athlete, Morgan is a 6′-0″, 185-pound right-hander with great actions at shortstop. he has worked extremely hard to remain at the premium position, including dropping 10 pounds to become more fluid in the field. He also gained more speed in doing so. At the plate, he makes consistent, hard contact to all fields. One of those kids who just gets better every time out. Committed to UCLA. http://throughthefencebaseball.com/2014-mlb-draft-top-50/40532#zz88YJZTOG8iEa1Z.99 


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