Mack’s Morning Report – 6-1-16 – David Wright, Will Craig, Ernest Dove, Bernie Madoff


Good morning.

It’s June. Welcome to Draft Month. I will have a ton of posts about the draft leading up to the opening of the draft on June 9th.

Since I’m retiring at the end of this season, this will also be the last year I research the draft. I’ll especially miss this portion of my blog. It always generated the most readers of any days throughout the year.
On June 5th I will be posting a series of posts that rank the top players available, by position. You can make copies of these and keep them in front of you while you watch the Mets ignore all the experts and draft someone out of Kiwanis ball somewhere in the Aleutian Islands.
On June 6th I will post up two posts… my last mock draft that will be five rounds and my personal picks for the first 19 picks in the draft, which end with the Mets pick.

As you already know, David Wright now has been diagnosed with a herniated disc in his neck to go along with his spinal stenosis. There simply is nothing good about this, but the Mets might want to consider a draft option that literally could follow the meteoric rise that Michael Conforto had to the majors.

Wake Forest third baseman/first baseman Will Craig is considered by many draft experts as the top college hitter available in the draft. Fangraphs had a feature on him  this year which did say that he may have to be moved full time to either first base or a corner outfield position due to his limited mobility at third.

I’d still consider him for the 19th pick in the draft. Craig is hitting .392/.537/.766 with 16 home runs and 65 runs batted in. By the way, he’s also 2-0, 2.42 as the team closer.

Craig literally could report to St. Lucie the day after the draft, start next season in Binghamton, and be a September call-up to replace either Wright at third or Lucas Duda at first

IF Dale Burdick was transferred from Binghamton to Brooklyn

C Tyler Moore was placed on the Columbia disabled list

RHP Nicco Black was transferred from Columbia to Brooklyn

IF David Thompson was activated on the Columbia roster

RHP Witt Haggard came off the Columbia disabled list

OF Jayce Boyd was transferred from Brooklyn to Binghamton

Ernest Dove no longer writes for Mack’s Mets. You will find him exclusively at MetsMinors.net He did a wonderful job here for a long period of time and his Friday features were some of the most read on the site. He will be sorely missed.

Remember when the Bernie Madoff mess came down and everybody claimed Mets poverty? Well, now a story comes from  Adam Rubin that Jeff and Fred Wilpon are scheduled today to make a $16,000,000 worth of profits they made on their buddy’s scheme. -

Under the original 2012 court settlement, the sides stipulated that the Wilpons lost $176.6 million in certain Madoff funds, while making $162 million from other funds.

The Mets owners originally agreed to make payments in 2016 and 2017 to return the $162 million profit -- with one major wrinkle:

Through lawsuits and other means, a court-appointed trustee has made significant progress in recovering money for the Ponzi scheme's victims. And since the Wilpons lost money in certain funds, they were allowed to reduce their settlement by whatever principal was recovered from their funds that were not profitable.

Right now, the figure owed is down to $61 million from the original $162 million.

        Mack - Only 61 mil... such a deal.


Thomas Brennan said...

Best of luck to Ernest Dove. I will miss the Dom Smith man-crush posts. Now if Smith could start crushing the ball, we'd all be better off.

I also read in the Madoff article that the $61 million they owe for Madoff will likely reduce further. Compared to how it looked a few years ago, they must be breathing a huge sigh of relief. Time to ramp up spending.

Robles has allowed a homer every 6 innings as a major leaguer - other than those, he has pitched great, but the dinger rate is completely unacceptable.

A few unrelated ramblings:

Nice to see Loney join the other scoundrels (part timers and subs) who can never get a hit for the Mets. He, Flores, and Plawecki went 1 for 11 - that will win a lot of games. The subs are now down to .170 in 319 at bats this year - whoo hoo.

Matt Reynolds showed his joy at returning to Vegas by striking out 4 times last night. Nimmo doubled his season homer total to 2 last night.

Cecchini exhibiting low power but 30 for his last 80. Don't get excited about him - 10 errors in 29 games at SS, and 38 total errors in 138 games since last year. How do you spell "bust"?

Stolmy Pimentel, who has a 1.35 WHIP in 53 career major league innings, has a 2.42 WHIP and 11.39 ERA for Vegas - WTF?

Hobie said...

Looking forward to your draft-by-position profiles.

Right now I would grab Josh Lowe if available at 19 (OK with Craig or J.Nolan too). And at 31 (certainly 64) -- just for the name, but the bat is pretty good too -- Carter Kieboom!

Wilson/Modof... sounds about the way it should have gone. Lets move on.

Anonymous said...

Morning Mack:
I'm hoping for Will Craig and Robert Tyler in the upcoming draft!
But if Buddy Reed is available


Thomas Brennan said...

I do look forward to the draft postings...we need OFFENSE!

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