Day 2 - MLB Draft .

Tom - Have to tell you.

I've never seen an all college pick draft before.

I don't know anything about these no names other that they are tall and full of helium.

My guee the H.S.kiddies come tomorrow with complicated signing deals

This is going to be a real ass backwoods draft


Hobie said...

I am amazed that the first 10 picks were all college guys.

Particularly intrigued by the D-II superstar Placid Torres.
"Torres' 162 strikeouts in 116 innings were by far the most of any pitcher at any collegiate level this season. The left-hander's 0.70 ERA ranked first in Division II and fourth in the NCAA. Torres went 11-0 in 14 starts, throwing seven complete games and four shutouts."--MLB News

My newest Angel Cuan :-)

Tom Brennan said...

They seem to be focused on quick college fixes, guys with a longer track record, and have lost patience in the Nimmos and Cecchinis and perhaps Smiths. Too uncertain of their real development pathc when they are so young.

bgreg98180 said...

Too bad the loss of patience didn't occur a couple of drafts earlier

Unknown said...

I never got the HS draft picks. Why have to project when you can get a more finished product out of college and when your thinking a HS pick is at least 4/5 years out how many GM's and front office personnel last long enough to reap the benefits. Nimmo has to be the poster boy for the "what were you thinking" dept. and everyone said so at the time. Some hotshot in the front office wanted to make a statement I guess and I wonder if whoever it was is still around. Now to be fair he's finally putting it all together but it's taken 5 years and probably 6 by the time he see's the majors.

eraff said...

You guys are incredibly unrealistic in your expectations.

Nimmo is 23...... All we know is he's NOT Mike Trout--- and probably not Conforto either

He's played and advanced at every level... His at 3300..400.900

What the hell else do you want?

eraff said...

He's at 300.....400....900

eraff said...

The college draftees may be with the knowledge that they will need to trade some near mlb guys for the 2016 team to be completed

Dallas said...

You cant trade the first year draftees. Unless they go as a player to be named later or something. Maybe they try to sign the college guys under slot because they have more leverage then use the extra money on the HS kids in the later rounds.

eraff said...

Dallas...the point is that they may tradee existing A= to AA/AAA guys...they need to re-load with guys who can quickly slot at A=/AA/AA over the next year

Tom Brennan said...

eraff, I did note in recent posts how extremely well Nimmo has done since late April (.380/.670). Some guys suddenly come into their own, we can only hope.

Now that the daft is over, let's see what the kiddies can do. May there be more PJ Conlons in the bunch.

Gsellman got destroyed in his AAA debut last night. Tough, tough league for pitchers.

Taijeron is on a tear - up to .310, 24 doubles and not even mid June yet.

Tom Brennan said...

Of course, the "red-hot" Taijeron struck out 4 times last night. There is his achilles.

Nimmo 3 more hits, surged to .332, We do need hitting.