WHY JOSE? by Tom Brennan

WHY JOSE?  by Tom Brennan

I am excited Jose Reyes is coming back.  If everyone's dirty laundry in life came into full, unfettered view, boy oh boy would the hypocrites be scurrying for cover.  It goes back to Adam and Eve, when they did the wrong thing and were scrambling for fig leaves to cover up their nature suits.

Jose Reyes deserves a second chance.  To use another biblical reference, we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.  He is repentant, his wife could have left with millions but stayed.  I'm OK with Jose.

But - Why Jose Reyes?

Simply, the Mets are 28th in scoring and 29th in batting average - AFTER HITTING .255 IN THEIR FIRST 22 GAMES SPANNING APRIL, IN WHICH THEY AVERAGED 4.9 RPG.

Since then, 52 games, 3.1 RPG and a rip-roaring .222 average.   Which has to be the worst in terms of average and scoring over that span by far.   As a fan, I am befuddled how often this team over the years goes into a prolonged hitting abyss that is something experienced to that degree by no more than 2 or 3 other teams.

And, recall that the Met hitters' plight would be far worse if they had to face METS' PITCHING!!

I believe Jose will be the spark to get this excruciatingly boring, moribund hitting squad going.  Thank heavens he is back. 


Get Conforto back in gear, and back here ASAP. 

Exile de Aza. 

If still sputtering, definitely sign Gourriel. 


If Harvey pitched for the Bosox, he'd probably be a 10 game winner and no one would be worried about him.  HIT for these guys. Come on!


Tom Brennan said...

Keith Law came out strongly on the other side of this matter. I opt on side of forgiveness and a second chance. I think it sends a message of redemption, not of ignoring women's safety issues.

Throughout the USA, criminals who have served time have been rehabilitated and returned to the work force. Alcoholics are rehabilitated and given a new lease on life. America is a compassionate, forgiving country. Jose likewise deserves another chance.

Darryl Strawberry went through hell and is now a Christian minister, touching many lives. Sometimes, a person hits bottom and then becomes a far greater person than they ever would have been.

Keith, you are wrong. I understand your feelings, but you are wrong.

I think Jose gets how he blew it, will show stellar comportment from here on out, and may even become a national spokesman against domestic abuse, although he could certainly choose to not do so.

Obviously, he is in a position akin to Jennry Mejia after his second strike. if Jose trips up, he is gone for good just like Mejia.

I think he will be fine, and I look forward to his contributions as a Mets fan.

However, if he happened to be on the same journey and had signed on with another team, I'd feel the same way. He did not kill someone...he deserves a second chance. I'm glad it is the Mets who gave it to him.

Reese Kaplan said...

While I agree that no one is above reproach, there is something a little bit sleazy about turning a blind eye to whatever a player has done so long as he's helping to win ballgames. So towards that end, let's discuss whether or not the Reyes reunion was a good thing.

I think for how little he costs and the element of speed alone he becomes a valuable asset, but I'm not sure there's a starting role for him. If he picks up the OF and 3B in the minors as has been reported, then he takes on that former Wilmer Flores role of supersub and he's a very solid player in that regard.

Gourriel, but contrast, would be a starter and make Flores at best a platoon partner at 1B. I'd like to see the bench include Reyes, Nimmo, Flores, Johnson and a catcher. Where it gets a little tricky is when Conforto and Lagares are ready to return. De Aza is the obvious first cut. I'm not quite as sure about the second.

The Dim said...

I second your comments. I am all for giving Reyes a second chance. For instance, if your marriage is not going well, don't you seek a marriage counselor for a re-birth. As a parent, what do tell 2 siblings when things are going apart. Kiss and make it up to each other. Why? Because, you believe in second chance.
I will go even further by also using a well know biblical verse,
John 8:7
"Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her."

Tom Brennan said...

Dimitri, I agree. If Reyes is truly repentant (yes) and plays as an exemplary guy (still to be seen, but I think yes), let him do it.

Tom Brennan said...

Probably Reynolds, Reese. Great he has done solidly, but so did Campbell and Verrett at first. Don't stay with Matt til he downturns too. Send Matt down, recall him in Sept. More AAA time can't hurt.

Tom Brennan said...

Probably Reynolds, Reese. Great he has done solidly, but so did Campbell and Verrett at first. Don't stay with Matt til he downturns too. Send Matt down, recall him in Sept. More AAA time can't hurt.

Tom Brennan said...
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Tom Brennan said...
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Tom Brennan said...

Ron Leflore played in the majors after prison time for armed robbery, right? Roger Clemens went head hunting and them spearfishing vs. Mike Piazza and got off scot free. Jose had a very bad moment. He learned, and was punished for 52 games. Done his jail time. 2nd Chance time.

IB said...

It sounds to me like Reyes just snapped. As you say, Tom, it was "a very bad moment".

Speaking for myself, I know what it's like to snap --it's not pretty and it doesn't come out of the blue. It's not a justification -- but we are human...

Jose is going through anger management now, I'm sure, and I'd bet anything it's something he wants and knows he needs. That's good enough for me. I'm rooting for him.

IB said...

And, on another subject entirely, boy was I wrong about Nimmo being kept in AAA in favor of a more seasoned bench tool like Bernadino!!
Oh well, so much for my baseball handicapping.

Let's go Brandon!!

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