Some guys like Noah Syndergaard have SIZZLE, firing pitches with searing velocity.  Hard to ignore - a must to watch.  The blonde locks don't hurt.

Other guys who drive in slower lanes are quietly efficient - like Gabe Ynoa.  In what is anything but a pitchers' league,the PCL, Gabe has quietly compiled an All Star quality 9-2, 3.40 mark after 15 starts spanning 95 IP. 

And the ERA is a bit misleading...in his 3 weakest starts, he allowed 19 earned runs in 17 innings.  In his other 12 starts, he has compiled a stellar ERA of 1.96, which is probably about 3 runs per game lower than league average. Clearly, he has to be doing a lot right.

(In the interests of full disclosure, he hasn't had to pitch against his lethal hitting Las Vegas 51 teammates, which has to help.)

Gabe is a 23 year old righty who started out in the DSL in 2010 and has compiled an impressive 56-27 career record (.675 W/L %).  Just 122 walks in 722 career innings too.

He pitches to contact, with just 49 Ks in his 95 innings in 2016, and about 5 Ks per 9 innings in 2015 and 2016. 

All in all, and given the state of the Mets' pitching staff, one would think he is upcoming trade bait, or will be a 6th starter on this team next year.

All in all, though, he has left an awful lot of fellow minor league pitching teammates in the dust and is knocking on the major league door. 

The question is, in which town will that be?


That Adam Smith said...

The low K totals are a bad sign, that said, he's definitely pitched well. On another team, he'd likely be looking at an imminent call up.

Tom Brennan said...

I agree, Adam. Perhaps he has really tried to learn to pitch to contact, so that when he gets to the bigs he does not get pounded and flounder

Tom Brennan said...
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Anonymous said...

He could have a Dillon Gee type career........back end of the rotation starter or a swing starter/long reliever type, which every staff needs. With our depth, not sure if he ends up in Queens, or not.

Tom Brennan said...

Anonymous, I agree

Tom Brennan said...

Anonymous, I agree

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