Mack’s Sunday 2017 Draft Report – 6-19-16


Good morning.

Tom Brennan has asked me to come back and contribute here, even it is to be sporadically. I should be able to help both Tom and Reese to keep the ‘ship afloat’… and maybe even get Ernest back for his primo Friday report. We’ll see.

For those concerned, my health is generally fine though I do have to monitor my blood sugar throughout the day.

For now, I’m going to work on returning with my Sunday look at the upcoming draft. I expect this to start off to be every other week due to the lack of new information coming in at this point in the 2017 mock season.

I’m also going to try and keep track of what the Mets 2016 draft produced this year.

First, the 2017 draft.

I so far have limited info from three mock drafts and here it is –

  1.     C                 J.J. Schwartz               Florida
  2.     SS               Mark Vientos               Charles W Flanaghan  HS (FL)
  3.     LHP           Brendon McKay          Louisville
  4.     RHP           J.B. Bouloukas             North Carolina            20
  5.     C                K.J. Harrison               Oregon State                23
  6.     OF              Jeren Kendell               Vanderbilt                    23
  7.     RHP           Hagen Danner             Huntington Beach HS (CA)  SHSHH
  8.     RHP           Tanner Houck              Missouri                      
  9.     1B               Alejando Toral            Archbishop McCaerthy HS (FL) 
  10. RHP           Alex Faedo                   Florida                         
  11.  OF             Cole Turney                 William B. Travis HS (AR)
  12. RHP           Hunter Greene             Notre Dame HS (CA) 
  13.  LHP          DL Hall                         Houston County (GA)
  14.  SS             Royce Lewis                 J Serra HS (CA)                   
  15.  OF             Jordan Adell                Ballard HS (KY)                  
  16.  RHP          Alex Lange                   LSU                                       
  17.  3B              Jake Burger                  Missouri State                      
  18.  RHP          Kyle Wright                 Vanderbilt                            
  19.  SS             Charles Leblance         Pittsburgh                            
  20.  3B              Jayson Gonzalez          Bishop Amat HS (CA)         
  21.  RHP          Turner Larkins            TAMU                                   
  22.  RHP          Hans Crouse                Dana Hills HS (CA)             
  23.  1B              Pavin Smith                 Virginia                                 
  24.  SS             Freddie Zamora          Miami Killian HS (FL)        
  25.  RHP          Cobi Johnson               Florida State                        
  26.  C               Hagen Owenby            East Tennessee State 
  27.  OF             Justin Farmer              Riverview HS (FL)
  28.  RHP          Drew Rasmussen         Oregon State

Below, please find some league signings that have gone down - 

      3rd round Ben Bowdon and the Rockies have agrees to a $1.6 signing bonus (per Jim Callis)

     The Rockies also signed 4th round pick Colton Welker for $3000K over slo

    Former Colleyville Heritage standout Cody Thomas of Oklahoma has signed with the Los Angeles Dodgers for $300,000. Thomas has played outfield for Oklahoma the last three years after he graduated from Colleyville in 2013 ... 

Former Prosper pitcher Jace Vines of Texas A&M signed for $375,000 with the Kansas City Royals as the 133rd overall player selected .. 

Waxahachie and Dallas Baptist center fielder David Martinelli signed for $321,000 with the Phillies.

please find the ranked list of Mets 2016 picks and some information I have gathered on them so far -

 Draft Pick –

#1     P       Justin Dunn                           11th on Mack’s Top RHP in
                                                          2016 draft
                                                                   23rd on Mack’s top 134 players
                                                          in 2016 draft

#1     P       Anthony Kay                         7th on Mack’s Top LHP in
                                                          2016 draft
                                                                   42nd on Mack’s top 134 players in
                                                          2016 draft
#2     1B     Peter Alonzo

#3     3B     Blake Tiberi

#4     SS     Michael Paez

#5     SS     Colby Woodmansee              Signed – assigned to Brooklyn

#6     P       Chris Viall                             Signed -

#7     P       Austin McGeorge                  Signed – assigned to Brooklyn

#8     P       Placedo Torrez                      Signed -

#9     P       Colin Holderman                  Signed – assigned to K-Port

#10   OF    Gene Cone

#11   P       Cameron Planck                   Previously declined 3rd round
                                                          money (600K) from Mets

#12   P       Matt Cleveland                     103rd in Mack’s top 134 players in
                                                          2016 draft

#13   C       Dan Rizzie                             Signed – assigned to Brooklyn     

#14   P       Christian James                    signed -     

#15   OF    Jacob Zanon                          signed – assigned to Brooklyn

#16   P       Trent Johnson                       signed -

#17   3B     Jay Jabs                                 signed – assigned to Brooklyn

#18   P       Adam Atkins                          signed – assigned to Brooklyn

#19   P       Gary Cornish                        signed – assigned to Brooklyn

#20   OF    Carlos Cortes                        15th on Mack’s top infielder list
                                                          for the draft… 
                                                                   76th on Mack’s top 134 players in
                                                          2016 draft
                                                                   Reported to be attending South
#21   P       Max Kuhns

#22   CF    Ian Strom                              signed -

#23   2B     Nick Sergakis                        signed – assigned to Brooklyn

#24   P       Dariel Rivera                        signed -

#25   P       Cody Beckman

#26   3B     Rylan Thomas

#27   P       Joel Urena

#28   P       William Sierra

#29   P       Alex Haynes

#30   P       Eric Villanueva                     signed -

#31   LF     Jeremy Wolf                          signed – assigned to K-Port

#32   P       George Kirby

#33   SS     Duncan Spence

#34   P       Anthony Herron Jr.

#35   P       Andrew Harbin

#36   P       Garrison Bryant

#37   SS     Branden Fryman

#38   SS     Jaylon Mc Laughlin

#39   C       Jordan Hand

#40   C       Michael Chambers


Thomas Brennan said...

Welcome back, and glad your health is good.

How does your 2017 mock compare to what happened in 2016, in your opinion?

How do you think the Mets did overall in this draft?

The way we're playing of late, can we call to the # 1 pick? Just kidding, but lately, so are they.

Lastly, how do you think we did drafting power bats?

Thomas Brennan said...

Cecchini hitting .385 over last 130 at bats. Over the past 2 seasons, spanning 159 games, he has 39 doubles, 4 triples, 10 homers and .319. Plus 48 errors. Enigma. Thoughts, anyone?

Mack Ade said...

Thomas -

It's too early to figure out if the talent level in the 2017 Draft will be higher that 2016, but it's hard for me to believe that it could be wrose. 2016 might go down as the worst draft pool in 20 years. There basically were no five star bats at all in it.

I'm going to give my opinion about the Mets 2016 draft next Sunday.

In my opinion, we didn't draft one power bat in 2016. a Couple of decent pitching prospects and lots of pitching helium, but nothing more. Sory.

Thomas Brennan said...

My view is: draft pitching. Draft power bats. 9 power bats may never make it. One (like Duda) might. why draft low power guys and then they hit well but for limited power like (undrafted) TJ Rivera and never make the majors? Or make the majors as mediocre crap, essentially?

Mack Ade said...

Tom, sadly put, the T.J. Rivera's of the baseball world are basically fodder. So probably is Ceech. It's very very tough to make that jump to the majors. You're playing against the top 725 baseball players in the world. And, trying to hit against the top 145 starting pitchers in the world that were produced over a 10+ year span of drafting.

Robb said...

With all the clamoring about tj rivera, i think its going to be super funny when he replaces campbell on the 40 man next year and all everyone does is complain for the next 3 years about how he really isnt that good.

I am amazed you can even do a projection this far out without a monumental talent like harper as the obvious 1st pick. or the like.

im looking forward to reading your thoughts next week, maybe one of the first 3 deals will get done and we'll know if there was any savings for lower round players in the offing.

Mack Ade said...

Robb -

I'm really not projecting anything. I'm just giving my opinion which is really just my guess, that's all

Thomas Brennan said...

Mets down 5-0, crashing and burning in June. Franchise ritual.

TP said...

Mets look dead. They may be inclined to do something drastic like bringing babk Jose on the MLB minimum. I am not in love with the idea, but what do they have to lose?

TP said...

And to quote the late great Mr. Kiner, a happy birthday to all the fathers out there.

Gary Seagren said...

It's gonna soon be about 2017 sadly because our pitching has been good not great and certainly not the greatest staff in the history of baseball as touted in the off season. With our upcoming schedule till the All-Star break being a beast [and now that includes the Braves] the Front office will have to realize the lineup as constructed won't cut it....the question though will be what the FO will do about it. I guess Eric Campbell is getting his airline tickets as we speak.

Thomas Brennan said...

Not Campbell, please

Mack Ade said...

Guys -

I wouldn't overreact.

I beiieve the Mets went into Sunday's game with the same win-loss record they had last year after the same amount of game.

Anonymous said...

I like the homerun as much as anyone but contact with gap power, works better.We have no speed and our defense is shoddy. The leader in steals is David wright with 3, that says it all.

Thomas Brennan said...

The Mets need to find a way to steal 1B. Nimmo Time?

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