Even TJ Rivera in his ML debut couldn't kick start the abysmal offense, although he did manage to generate 1 of their 6 hits in 12 innings of another excruciating low scoring, non-clutch loss.

Here are some factoids:

The Mets are 0-49 this year when they trail after 8 innings.  Impossible, you might say, but achievable when you have an abysmal offense.  For other teams, not so impossible, as Jeurys Familia can attest when he recently turned two 9th inning leads into losses.  Had he faced the Mets those 2 days, it would have been 2 more saves.

In 45 of the Mets' 56 losses this year, they've scored 3 runs or less, including 8 shutouts and 14 games where they managed a mere run.  Fourteen more, including last night, where they scored two.

Astoundingly, in not one loss did they score more than 5 runs.

In 15 wins, they scored 3 or less.  In another 17 wins, just 4 runs.  The pitchers must sweat almost every single day to have any chance to win.

They are trying to set history with the lowest batting average with runners in scoring position in major league history.

With 418 runs scored, they are 29th out of 30, barely ahead of the Braves. They have scored 191 runs less than the Red Sox.  They are nearly 100 runs below the average National League team.

They are 30th (dead last) in batting average, at .237.

They do have injuries, for sure, that have greatly contributed here.  But these sorts of horrific statistics have been all-too-familiar to Mets fans of many years.  When will we get to where the Mets are close to or at the top of the offensive leader boards?  Ever?  As a Mets fans for 55 years, all I can tell you is it is rare when we have an offense that is in the top half of the National League.  Why is that?  On that subject, many articles could be written.

Off topic, now that TJ Rivera crashed through his AAA glass ceiling, what about his glass ceiling relief counterpart, Paul Sewald, who has struck out 23 and allowed 2 earned runs on 5 hits in his last 11 games spanning 14.1 innings in a hitters' league.  When does he get his chance?  Time to announce the PROMOTE PAUL campaign.


IB said...

I can't watch anymore. It's so irritatingly predictable. Or is it predictably irritating? Either way, it blows.

The offense stinks, which has wiped out all the bullpen arms which leads to a team going nowhere.

I'm not a talk radio guy, but is anyone griping about Kevin Long yet?

Still a lot of games left, but.......

Mack Ade said...

Good morning, Tom.

First, great job at keeping up the blog. I am very proud of you and Reese.

As you know, I haven't followed this season with any intensity and, frankly, I barely recognize the lineup. Ty Kelly? T.J. Rivera?

Mets fans must face the reality that a great team was built here... for the infirmary... and, on paper, things could have gone a lot better.

I would start concentrating on next year... sign Neil Walker to a (at least) 2017 deal... pick up the 2017 options on both Reyes and Bruce... sign deGrom to a 4-5 year deal.

Past that, light a candle.


Thomas Brennan said...

Hi IB - yes, predictable in a highly irritating way - watching them has been like rolling in poison ivy when you are sensitive to it - "highly irritating" starts immediately.

Injuries have decimated what could have been a very good offensive squad - and the young'ns have not pulled their weight offensively, this year or last.

Thomas Brennan said...

Mack, always great to see you comment - it has been an unfortunate year - too many injuries, but the guys who are called up fail to take advantage of the opportunity (except Conforto last year and in April this year). Reyes getting hurt just as his "spring training" period was ending, and then Cabrera going down, really hurt too. Reyes could be back Sunday and if Cespedes can return healthy, there is a glimmer of hope.

And, maybe TJ will give them a lift - a lot to ask of any rookie.

Absent a huge turnaround, this season is over. With Matz and Thor having chips, missing the post-season could be a blessing in disguise.

Walker has to be a multi-year deal for some team. Hopefully the Mets will re-sign him and Cespedes, and not cheap out. Cespedes, if not for his foolhardy dive into the stands in April, might have had a huge year - but on the bright side, may dampen his contract cost once he tests the waters after the season and keep it affordable for the Mets. It is misery without him, so they really need to realize that and do all they can to re-sign him.

TP said...

The injuries are rough but not an excuse for the record or the dismal offensive stats mentioned by TB. TDA to me is the biggest disappointment although clearly the futility has been a team effort.

There is still a lot of ball left in 2016. On the optimistic side, the law of averages suggests that they should perform better in the final 50 games, simply because it is hard to be this bad for 162. However, we have seen this movie before, and for 2017 they need to find a way to get more athletic and find some players that are better fundamentally. This makes the difference in at least 5 to 8 games a year. 5 more wins at this point and while the division would still be challenging, the WC would be under control. And, the manager has clearly cost them a few games this year too. These issues are the ones that need to be addressed for 2017.

Thomas Brennan said...

Another edition today of this year's sitcom: Heroes to Zeroes

Thomas Brennan said...

Cut Niese, call up Sewald or Montero.

Thomas Brennan said...

TJ Rivera has a two game hit stream. Play him, Terry.

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