OK, OK, I know by now you all agree with me that calling up TJ Rivera while Neil Walker becomes Papa Walker is the right choice.  TJ is an assassin with the stick.

But when Steve Matz, like many of us folks, took the final two weeks of August off to rest the aching left shoulder and get some late summer R&R with Zach Wheeler and Matt Harvey, was Rob Gsellman the right choice to call up?

Or was Rafael Montero?

Or was Gabe Ynoa?

ANSWER: we'll soon find out.

Rob's got a pretty lousy win-loss record and ERA in 2016, so why him at all? Well, after a nightmare debut in Vegas, he has pitched quite well there in his most recent several starts, striking out almost a man an inning.  As Jake deGrom knows, pitching well and winning can be two different things.

I have not seen Gsellman pitch, but for some reason, the 23 year old reminds me of Ron Darling.  May he be our next Darling.

Montero?  After a stunningly bad stretch in the nightmare for pitchers called Las Vegas ( which is French for "what am I DOING here?"), I suggested strongly that a demotion to Vegas could be Rafael's health spa.  While I have been assured Mets' hierarchy folks do not read this blog, shortly thereafter they did just that.  Rafael has responded in 8 AA starts by going 4-2, 1.70.  Including 7 shutout innings last night.  My gut is I would have promoted Rafael over Rob, but I hope I am wrong.

Ynoa?  He improved to 11-5 last night by tossing 8 shutout innings in Tacoma in typical Ynoa fashion...he struck out just 2, and is averaging 4.5 Ks per 9 this year.  When called up to the Mets recently, he did get manhandled in one of his relief outings, so his not being the choice is understandable.

So the Gsellman Era begins....we'll see if the Mets' choice of him over Raffie and Gabe was the right one soon enough.  Hope so.

What do you think regarding this brief, weakly researched post, folks? Who would you have promoted?  Gotta go...my 20 minutes are up.


Thomas Brennan said...

Another 2 hits and a homer for Michael Conforto, whose .420 + Vegas bat wants to be sent back to Queens, along with the bat swinger himself.

Anonymous said...

This may not be a popular view, but I don't really see the Mets making the playoffs this year (and if they did, do you really see them doing anything substantial?).

Too many injuries, sub par performances and general crappy luck sabotaged their chances......perhaps a WS hangover? Look at the Royals for a similar situation.

My point is that I would use the rest of the season to prepare for 2017. Which would include the following;

1. Cut Terry Collins loose and let Wally have the last six weeks to see what he can do (not likely, since he apparently doesn't get along with Sandy). I would also like to see Frankie V get a shot as the next pitching coach.

2. Get Matz's bone spur cleaned up in his elbow and also let him rest his left wing. Plenty of time for rehab and getting stronger for next year.

3. I would also consider the same for Thor, since he has a similar issue (bone spur) and he is also getting up there in innings pitched for 2016.

4. Hopefully get Wheeler into a game or two by the end of the year for his confidence and development heading into 2017.

5. Promote a few of the kids (Nimmo, Conforto,Ynoa and or Montero) and see what they have to offer.

6. Sell/trade anything (waiver style) that you don't plan to use next year.

Is there really a huge different in winning 75 games or 85 games if you are sitting home in October? Going for broke when you don't have a legitimate chance could cost you big time (Matz or Thor for a longer stretch), like stupidly trading Dilson Herrera!


Eddie Corona said...

I think you make a good argument... this would have been a good time to see if Montero could be Lighting in a Bottle like Degrom was (not to say he would be as good)...
I think this STL series is D-Day and if we tank here we should be looking toward 2017... If some how we could sweep (2 out of 3 may not be enough) then we may have a shot at the Wild Card...
All Aside if somehow we can get in the dance... Degrom, & Thor might have enough to make things interesting...

Reese Kaplan said...

I think they are probably so soured on Montero that they want him to build up gaudy numbers so he becomes viable trade bait.

Ynoa vs. Gsellman is kind of arsenic and cyanide. Neither are relief pitchers. What's wrong with Sewald? Oh yeah, 40-man roster.

Thomas Brennan said...

REESE, I AM GLAD YOU MENTIONED SEWALD. I have Sewald Recommendation Fatigue. He should be up here.

I hope the Mets win decisively this week and get hot, or fold like a cheap tent. I would like to see what Mike suggests, and go after 2017, if they can't win 2 or 3 from the Cards this week.

But unless they are swept, don't count on it, as there are a lot of games against relatively weaker teams after the Cards thru season's end.

eraff said...

It's probabable that the Mets won;t make the playoffs... IF they did, they'd be extremely dangerous!


It would indicate that they played Hellious Ball over the latter 35 games...it would mean they had hot pitchers and a lineup that was cooking.

2 hot pitchers and a closer with a scrappy lineup can take you far in October.

Thomas Brennan said...


eraff said...

Gaellman was rested...Ynos was not.... That's the reason Gsellman was called

Decent stuff.... Needs a better change... His location was shaky--- too many FATballs

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