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Good morning.

I was talking with Tom Brennan yesterday about a negative comment left on the site that I deleted. It was directed at a guest writer and was quite rude and unprofessional to both the writer and the site.

I’m not online like I use to be and, to be honest with all of you, negative comments on Mack’s Mets have always been around. The difference now is I used to check the site 8-10 times a day and I would delete the bad comments as quick as they posted.

It’s a difficult time to be a Mets fan right now. Nothing seems to be going right at this point in the season and I think it’s more than a coincidence that this bad comment came on the morning after the best Mets pitcher even threw a bad game.

Can the Mets tell their fans that they no longer are going to compete for the 2016 pennant and instead, concentrate on 2017? You can’t do this in ‘New Yawk City”! The newspapers will kill you, the fans will either stay home or turn vicious and you literally could affect the decision of some players whether they would come back next year and play for this team.

In my opinion, 2016 will not be the ‘Year of the Mets’. Washington would have to go into the tank to give the Mets a chance to win the division. Past that, the loser of the battle between the Dodgers and Giants looks to be a lock for one of the wild card teams. The Mets just don’t seem to have enough healthy talent to play the kind of .700+ ball that would be needed here.

    1.     I love the potential of a Cespedes-Conforto-Bruce outfield. Pick up Bruce’s 2017 option

    2.     Sign a new AAA affiliate deal with El Paso so Reese can get press passes

    3.     I love the idea of Wright and Reyes playing one more year together

    4.     Do everything you can to resign Walker

    5.     Find a new catcher and first baseman

    6.     Don’t even think of bringing back Wheeler this season.

    7.     Shut down Matz for the rest of the season.
    8.     Start the internal debating on whether someone needs to start a dialogue with Bartolo’s agent

    9.     DFA Granderson and Niese

   10.  Ask all of you to hang in there for the remainder of the season.


Tom Brennan said...

Mack, you should get your resume ready in case the Mets need a new GM. Great ideas, although I think the idea of Wright in 2017 is walking into a nostalgia trap.

I love comments from those who disagree with our articles. I agree there is no need to get nasty.

I think Conforto will be fine - I am going to drop a little article in around 11 AM (your article deserves 3 hours of free space) to say way, and extoll a few other gents (no, not Matt Reynolds).

I always smile when I see your articles, sir.

Gary Mack said...

I agree with what you are saying except the Bruce thing. Trade was terrible , I feel they should let him go. Rather see Nimmo out there

Tom Brennan said...

Gary, Mack can weigh in, but I'd like to see Nimmo as a back up OF starting 2017, maybe Bruce traded mid year and Nimmo moved up then. He's done well in Vegas, but I am not convinced he is yet a major league starter.

We'd have been better off keeping Dilson and sticking him in the OF instead of Bruce - so far, at least.

Dallas said...

Its crazy that Fulmer is having a better year than our entire heralded staff. Imagine if Sandy had pried away Cespedes with someone else.

Mets play a lot of bad teams the rest of the way. They still have a decent shot, last nights game was a must win and they did it. It would feel much better if they had won the DeGrom game too.

Dilson hasnt done much yet for his new team. Hopefully Bruce shows up in September for our playoff run.

Anonymous said...

I like to think logically most times so I think that Bruce is what the Mets will try to sell their fans once they are priced out of Cespedes. Oh we tried they will tell us but he was just too expensive. Bruce, however, is exactly the type of player the Mets need to stay away from.

Jose and Wright playing together for another year is a nice dream but a dream none the less. Wright's spinal stenosis and now neck surgery, the same surgery that forced Prince Fielder into retirement is not going to make that easy. It is far more likely that Wright will have to call it a career and work something out with the Mets.

I think you sign Duda with the intention of trading him later on. Lets not forget how bad this upcoming free agency is going to be.

Finding a catcher? absolutely. d'Arnaud will never be what he was projected to become. Too bad but he is his own worse enemy with that stupid batting with the bat pointed at the pitcher.

Shut down Matz? yes. Wheeler? yes DFA Niese and Granderson? yes. Of all these the Mets will shut down Wheeler and continue pitching Matz.

Eddie Corona said...

Mack your thoughts are a warm welcome...
I agree with some of your thoughts... Cespedes-Conforto-Bruce outfield... It is flawed but worth trying...
Need to get out of vegas (to almost anywhere else)... Wright / Reyes last hurrah but lets make sure neither is first option plan... Reyes should be forced to learn the OF and wright learn some 1B...
Do not sign walker... Grab your 1 Round Pick and actually draft well... Find a 1B / C would be nice but especially the C can only be done with a major trade and probably one of the young Pitcher . Shut down wheeler/matz probably the best idea...
Do not sign Colon... He has been fine ... Nothing more... Save the money for bigger needs... And we should be able to fill in the 5th spot with "ALL THE PITCHING THIS ORGANIZATION IS SUPPOSE TO HAVE" (Half sarcastic but we should be able to...Montero, Gsellamn, Lugo, Gillmartin, Verritt etc ... this will not be the reason we win or lose... All of the big 5 should be injury recovered) And how about Signing Degrom...
Niese gone is a given (although as Loogy and about 2 mil may be a good thing... DO NOT START)
Grandy - Good guy bad signing (I said this from day 1) Have to trade him for someone's else bad contract...

So probably with you for 60-40%..
Hope you drop in a thought every week or 2...

Hobie said...

Agree with 10 backward thru 4 and note that wrt (5): M. Wieters & Wilson Ramos are FA's (worth...?), & get both TdA & Plaw 1B mitts for Halloween.

3. Don't see DW regularly on the field, and given that, don't see him as a bench player either. OK, give him a 1B mitt too if an A-Rodian FO/PR job is not in the offing.

2. My preference is Rochester (sorry Reese).

1. Didn't like the Bruce trade and worst fears are being realized. Let him go. Cespedes--Legares/Nimmo--Conforto for the OF. (And talk to YC about RF, will ya?) If you're keeping Bruce on the payroll, better get 1B mitts in bulk and give one to Conforto.

Eddie Corona said...

Rochester is no longer an option... they have renewed their contract with the Twins

That Adam Smith said...

Have to find a way to get rid of Granderson - or commit to sitting him, which I don't trust them to do if he's on the roster.

And they MUST retain Cespedes, one way or another. On a team that struggles to score, you just cannot allow Murphy and Cespedes to walk away in consecutive years.

I agree that it would be best to convince Cespedes to move to RF, but if he won't, just put him out in LF and work around it. (I might even check to see if he would be willing to try 1B). Conforto also has to play every day, whether it be in RF or in CF if need be, even if he starts the season ice cold. I could live with Lagares in CF most days, if Cespedes and Conforto are on the corners.

Tom Brennan said...

Jayyyy Bruce, don't make it bad. Take a cold bat, and make it hotter. That's what Sir Paul McCartney would say.

A lot of folks seem to want Grandy to move on, yet we all respect the guy. Grandy, please do the right thing before OD 2017.

Unknown said...

WE HAVE TO SIGN CESPEDES PERIOD....everything else is secondary. YC is head and shoulders better than anyone else on our roster and no excuses for the FO on this one. As far as this year goes Jake has to be great to even think of a possible WC and as fans we can all dream can't we ...hell why not! Lets have some fun in Sept. because it's a LONG time till to March. It will be a VERY interesting off season for sure.

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