DOM SMITH SURGE by Tom Brennan

Before I start today's article, my last article asked a question: is Rob Gsellman the right choice to call up?

Answer?  Yes, yes, yes, as he bailed gimpy Jon Niese out of a severe mess in a must-win game.

Now, taking a sneak peek at the future, let's gaze upon one Dominic Smith, laboring in AA.

Simply put, Dude is smoking: in August, through Aug. 23, he has in 20 games gone .413/.483/.613.  Whoosh!

After a sluggish pace early in the season that had him sitting at .259 in late June, he has revved the sucker up in July and August - in 45 games, .366 with just 23 Ks but with a solid 22 walks, and 11 doubles, 7 homers and a sweet 34 RBIs, boosting him to 85 in 114 games.

He turns 22 next mid-June - maybe he turns starting major league first baseman about the same time.  Why not?

Let me muse about a few more higher level bat guys:

Phil Evans, as I noted recently, has astonished folks in AA this year - over 83 games, the 23 year old 3B has hit .333/.371/.490, and has a versatile glove that allows him to man SS, 2B and 3B.  He is a chip or a future utility guy, it appears.

 Amed Rosario has cooled of late, after being sidelined for a bit with a hammy.  But the 20 year old slick SS and future star still rocks at .316/.366/.458 for the year.  Would still like to see more homers than the 5 he has hit, but 12 triples offset that deficit.

Looking to AAA, a more likely (if not traded) early season Met in 2017 is Gavin Cecchini.  GC has hit .314 in Vegas this year at SS, with a .382 OBP.    His average and splits are nearly identical to those he put up in 2015 in Binghamton.  His two flaws are a low-side power profile and a proclivity to making errors at SS.  33 errors in 95 games sounds abysmal, but he actually has improved much over his last nearly 40 games, with just 6 errors, so an apparently solidifying defensive game makes him a 2017 Mets candidate.

Brandon Nimmo has proven he can hold his own on a big league field, although his lack of extra base hits while with the Mets for a few weeks is disconcerting.  But Nimmo has had his break out year in Vegas, hitting nearly .375 over his last 70 games.  He still lacks homer thunder, with just 9 in nearly 400 AAA plate appearances, but progress is progress.  .375 over that stretch is major progress. If not traded, he should be a Mets' outfield reserve in 2017.

Michael Conforto - I am convinced we are seeing nothing more than a Soph Jinx.  In Vegas, over 27 games, he is hitting a ridiculous .413/.474/.731.  Hopefully he gives the Mets a surge in September.

So there is near-term hope in several minor league bats, as evidenced above.


Reese Kaplan said...

Next year I hope to see Michael Conforto in CF flanked by Yoenis Cespedes and Jay Bruce. Brandon Nimmo and Juan Lagares should be the reserves on the bench. Of course, that presumes Cespy will stay and the manager (hopefully new one) doesn't bench the hot hands in order to get veterans going.

Thomas Brennan said...

I hope you're right, Reese. That would be a terrific OF.

Wilmer Flores, off topic, should be our everyday 1B now, with TJ and perhaps Loney getting some ABs. Since June rolled around and he started getting some consistent AB's, Wilmer in 195 ABs has hit .283, 12 HR, 37 RBI. That is plenty good - that works for me.

IB said...

Didn't Smith start slow last year too and then tear it up after the ASB? He seems to get stronger as the year progresses. Nice ballplayer

Thomas Brennan said...

IB, you are correct - last year Smith started extremely slowly, then caught fire about a month in, and had a great year overall. But All Months Count, so he should figure out how to come out red hot in 2017. Slow starts can retard a career.

I saw Ike Davis got released from Yanks' farm system a few weeks ago - was striking out a lot in AAA. I wonder if he just gave up.

IB said...

Yeah, but I'll take the Jul/Aug/Sep MVP if I have to!!

BTW - Game ball to Cabrerra last night. What a great game he played.

Thomas Brennan said...

IB, great on Cabrera, now just got to put the electrodes on Franken Bruce, and reactivate his monster bat and we can actually start putting fear into opposing pitchers again.

Heard this AM that Dodgers have had 27 DL trips this year, so mets are not the most snakebit

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