A Met fan and commentator, Casey Wentworth, forwarded this to us and we thought we'd share it for anyone interested in reading or commenting:

Sometimes I sit reading NY Mets franchise news online and cannot understand something the team has recently just done. Examples? Trading for the often injured Jonathon Niese and bringing him back here as  a NY Met. And by the way Mets fans, Antonio Bastardo is pitching well in Pittsburgh now and says thank you.

I was so utterly delighted when this Mets franchise finally woke up from their Egyptian-like entombment sleep and got rid of both deadwood starters Jonathon Niese and Dillon Gee. These two pitchers always let the team down when counted on the most and neither one would ever be a one or two starter anywhere. But every single Mets season here, each one would be counted on to somehow lead the team to the promise land. The problem here being that this promise land was always in a rest stop bathroom just outside of nowhere. And now one has been actually brought back only to find a new injury that he had not found initially as a NY Met. It is ludicrous.

Curtis Granderson, his contract, his age, his "turn-it up switch" that he only uses when in the playoffs or all the stars and moon align just right first. Turn it up switches are for players who do not want to play 110% every game. He has been awful here all season, but now is turning it up to come in over 20 homeruns the way Carlos Beltran always did when here the last one and half months of the season to pad their year's stat sheet. I want Curtis gone at the end of this season, and I do not care if the Mets have to eat his entire stupid contract to do that. He impresses me now almost as much as a moldy old loaf of stale bread sitting in my refrigerator.

This Rugiano right fielder, what do I think. He is 34 years old and probably not as good as Travis Taijeron would be had anyone within the NY Mets organization flexed a brain cell. Taijeron is 7 years younger, lots more homeruns and strikes out even less this Rugiano. Rugiano is 34 years old, Granderson's age. Let them go! (My God)

Old man Walker out hurt for what the fourth time this season? This is what getting younger is really all about. Neil is 30 years old, same as Murph is. For $3.0 million dollars more this franchise could have kept Murph a NY Met and right now they might just be in contention for a wild card. But no. Neil Walker is a decent somewhat solid second baseman.

But at $10.0 million a season? Are you kidding me with that? Bring up Cecchini for second in 2017 here. Vegas has Cecchini on shortstop lately, but short is Jose Reyes in 2017 after the Mets trade Cabrera and his hefty .260 batting average, same as Wilmer Flores.

Wilmer Flores problem is his hip-swivel mechanics. He tends to either hit a homerun using it, or being way the heck out in front of the pitch and little league grounding it to short. His mechanics will never allow him to be a starting big league player, anywhere. It does not work for him. He needs to go back to using the step-into the pitch approach with his lead leg, old school style. TJ Rivera eats Wilmer's lunch totally. Flores should not be re-signed here. Mediocrity seldom wins
championships in any sport.

The NY Mets management need to grow out their logical sequence in their own thought processes. This whole mess (2016 team) can be turned completely around in one off season if done with gusto correctly. But it won't happen if history is the judge here. They will keep all the cheap mediocre players they have here now, add like marginal veteran ones on the down-slide. It will not work.

Terry will leave after the 2017 mediocre season (like this one was0 and GM Alderson will soon be made to follow him. 2016 will become a distant memory, and the team will never get back (under the leadership of these two) to the World Series again until they are both gone.


ReyesMets said...
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Thomas Brennan said...


It may shortly be time to sell a few parts (Kelly Johnson, anyone?) and play the kids, and give Jake, Matz, and Thor time off to get ready for next year. Unless a miracle pops up - like Lugo beating wainwright today, for starters.

I disagree on Walker, and am on the Neil Walker bandwagon. I do not think Cecchini is ready yet - even as a 2B - he needs to add more power and tighten up the D. if he doesn't he is a sub at best.

Flores has hit .285 the past 3 months, with 12 homers and 37 RBIs in 200 at bats - I like TJ but I am not sure he can match that, acknowledging Wilmer has his flaws.

ReyesMets said...
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Thomas Brennan said...

@ ReyesMets, I am not sure if the writer, Mr. Wentworth, will respond to your comment or not.

I personally think Curtis is just largely done, myself, that age has caught up with him, but he always (in my opinion) tries - he is and has always been a pro. At his age, almost every offensive guy is in decline. Few guys (absent PEDs) have not started to decline. Last year's guy was Michael Cuddyer - batting title at 34, final season at age 36. The Mets were the ones that offered Grandy the 4 year deal - very risky to do 4 years for anyone in that age profile.

I think Grandy a year older in 2017 will not be a pretty picture, no matter how hard he tries. Age can be a tough taskmaster.

Reese Kaplan said...

@ReyesMets -- you're welcome to contribute to the site if you have opinions about the Mets that you want to share. Personal attacks on the folks who do post, however, will not be tolerated.

Mack Ade said...

Reese/Tom -

I deleted the post from @ReyesMets

Mack Ade said...

Tom -

Tell Casey I will gladly add him as a Macks Mets writer if if wants to... have him contact me at macksmets@gmail.com

Thomas Brennan said...

Will do, Mack.

Anonymous said...

The Genius in his own mind GM is the one responsible for this mess.
First, he should have kept Murphy because he had shown to be the best hitter on the Mets not named Cespedes. He was also more of a leader to the Mets than Wright ever will be. On top of that, Murphy should have been kept simply because Duda and Wright always get hurt and Murphy could play both positions well. Murphy for all his faults is a money player that hits when it counts. Ever wonder why the Nats took off with him and the Mets sank without him?

Then again the Genius in his own mind failed to protect valuable relievers in order to protect the likes of Campbell. Can't remember his name but was picked up by the Braves and Bowman who is now with the Cardinals.

Then this Mad Genius gave us the wonderful Jay Bruce for the future 2B and Wotell. At the time I kept saying why oh why do the Mets need another high strikeout player who is slow and a bad defender? So now we have 2 useless rightfielders. Great.

Maybe, just maybe our Genius GM and the other 3 Stooges that help him make bad decisions will see the light and trade away most of these chokers before the 2017 season starts. Sending Collins, aka "The Imbecile in the dugout" into retirement would be nice too.

But those moves requires that you have neurons that actually talk to each other to form a bright idea. Can't wait until Sandy lets Kelly Johnson walk which means the Braves will sign him and the Mets will trade yet another pitching prospect for him in 2017.

When you look at the moves by Sandy and Collins you start to believe that maybe you cannot teach old dogs new tricks. Maybe is the nickname I picked for each that is cancelling each other? Genius vs Imbecile? Ying vs Yang? Trump vs...oh never mind, I would need a day to write about that one.

Thomas Brennan said...

Hillary-ous, Anonymous. Kidding aside, a lot to agree with there...especially Murphy, but also Alvarez and Bowman. BAD moves.

TP said...

Can't say that I agree with most of the Genius GM bashing.

Most of those Monday Morning QBing on Murph refuse to acknowledge that Alderson did offer him a contract for 2016, in excess of $15 million. Murph declined, an move that cost him tens of millions in guaranteed salary.

I am on the fence with Walker, but would like to see him resigned if reasonable, mostly as insurance for Wright.

Jose will be counted on in 2017, more likely at 2B or 3B.

Wilmer is a useful player, inexpensive, and belongs in the IF mix for 2017.

The 2017 priorities IMHO are 1. retain Yo 2. upgrade C 3. decide on a 1B and 4. add a backend arm to the BP.

Thomas Brennan said...

TP, good points. I loved it when we got Jose back. That was a GREAT move.

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