Aside from the fact that many Mets fans don't care much how the 2016 draftees are doing (just tell me about the really good ones, will ya?), I like following how they are doing. 
I'm just like that, weird...I know.  But how are the top 20 picks doing?  I'll fill you in.  I have nothing against guys below round 20, just that few (like 34th round pick Seth Lugo or undrafted TJ Rivera) actually make it to the Mets.  (Note; 23rd rounder Nick Sergakis is actually doing pretty well).

We're far enough along to give meaningful report cards.  So here goes:


Justin Dunn, 1st Rd, Brooklyn: 7 G, 0.50, 18 IP, 19 K.  So far, so great.

Peter Alonzo, 2nd Rd., Brooklyn: 30 G, .321/.382/.587 - Wow! The only guy hitting with power, amazingly, in a typical Mets draft. Then Alonzo breaks his finger, causing Alonso Mourning!!

Austin McGeorge, 7th Rd., Bklyn: 11 G, 12 IP, 2.92, 1.14 WHIP, 11 K

Placido Torres, 8th Rd., Kingsport: 10 G, 13 IP, 21 K, 3.38.  Like those Ks.

Chris James, 14th Rd., GCL: 11 G, 0.73, 0.90 WHIP, 8K.  Nice start.

Gary Cornish, 19th Rd., Brooklyn: 10 G, 14 IP, 1.93, 1.14 WHIP, 21 K.


Colby Woodmansee, 5th Rd., Bklyn, SS: 46 G, .271/.308/.354, a scary 59 K.  3 errors.

Chris Viall, 6th Rd., Kingsport: 8 G, 5.29, 15 BB, 24 K in 17 IP.  Wild Thing, love the K's!

Jacob Zanon, 15th Rd, Bklyn, OF: 44 G, an excellent 20 of 22 steals, despite hitting just .197/.284/.287 so far.  25 K.


Blake Tiberi, 3rd Rd., Bklyn: 39 G, .237/.320/.290, 22 K, no errors at 3B.  Hopefully, a 3rd round pick can do more offensively than Blake has done so far.

Gene Cone, 10th Rd., Bklyn: 40 G, .243/.337/.309, 26 K, just 1 OF error.  Unexciting.


Michael Paez, 4th Rd., Bklyn, SS: 28 G, .168/.262/.252, 3 errors.  Only 5'8", this seems like another in a history of Mets' poor offensive picks.  Draft power bats, man, not small guys in early rounds.  Maybe Paez will prove me wrong.

Colin Holderman, 9th Rd., Kingsport: 10 G, 14 IP, 7 K, 5.27.

Trent Johnson, 16th Rd., Kingsport: 12 G, 12 IP, 7.30, 1.62 WHIP, 10 K

Adam Atkins, 18th Rd, Bklyn: 13 G, 5.25, 1.75, 12 IP, 14K.


Dan Rizzie, 13th Rd., C, Bklyn: 26G, .157/.287/.217 is downright non-offensive.

Jay Jabs, 17th Rd., Bklyn: 41 G, .190/.300/.248, 36 K.  Not promising for a 3rd baseman.


Matt Cleveland, 12th Rd., GCL: 4 G, 4 IP, 4.15, 1K.  Hopefully he gets 10 innings in this yr


Anthony Kay, 1st Rd: has not pitched yet.  Resting golden arm.  See you in 2017, AK.


Cameron Planck (11th round), Carlos Cortes (20th round) - your mistake, boys.

Overall take:
So far, very happy with Dunn and Alonso, otherwise, to me, results show a poor draft.
I will say that while the guys in Brooklyn collectively may not be hitting, they are fielding remarkably well, all far better than my favorite defenseless piñata Gavin Cecchini.



Anonymous said...

a poor draft so far... the draft was in june

Thomas Brennan said...

Anonymous, I am comparing performance to year's past...by this time, a lot more positive things stat wise coming out of the draftees. It is early, but it looks poor past the first few. It mostly looks weak to mediocre to me.

Danny Muno and Cory Vaughn tore it up in Brooklyn when drafted, and one barely made it, the other did not. So when, to me, guys HIT .160 over 30-40 games, it could be opening jitters. More likely, it is a busted pick. When I see one of the better performers like Woodmansee striking out an awful lot, I've seen that early flaw almost never gets fixed.

Hence my thoughts. However, if Dunn, Kay, and Alonso succeed, it will make it a worthwhile draft.

I'd rather see them gamble on sluggers down the line. No one but ALONSO was showing ANY power. To me, that is inexcusable year after year.

Anonymous said...

Didn't they sign Planck for a mil?

Thomas Brennan said...

Yes, my apologies, Planck was signed, but not reflected as such on Mets website, nor has he played yet.

Perhaps they are working with him on his mechanics before putting him into games.

Eddie Corona said...

Yeah I was going to say I thought Planck was signed...
I hope Kay works out because I was not originally a fan of this pick... the MLB draft sucks because of the draft pool and penalties... why have a draft if I cannot keep every player selected? So I may have to draft a player who may sign for 10k so I can save money so I pay someone else over slot? Aweful system...
Dunn, Alonso and Probably Planck to me are the key for this draft... (here's hoping Kay is a Loogy)
I believe they didn't know about Kay's injury and that is why we got him under slot and were able to sign Planck who was thought to be unsignable...
I mean why draft a guy 11th and then sign him for a million?
could we no have taken someone in the 5th round who was worthy of a million?
I know you cannot be perfect in the draft crap shot but I dont understand how you miss in the first round... You spend a year preparing just to get that right... about 1000 players get selected but you cannot figure out which 30 should be in the first round?

Eddie Corona said...

oh and I SOOO agree with you on cecchini... I have always felt that their pick was Addison Russel that year select 1 pick before us... and when he was gone they were so adamant about picking a SS that they reach on cecchini... (when they could have had C. Seager or Wacha I believe that year) Do you homework Front Office and pick best available / with the highest ceiling... If you going to miss miss on someone who is suppose to be a star...
best i heard about cecchini is he had a high floor... AVG across all 5 tools...

Thomas Brennan said...

Great input, Eddie.

My brother Steve agrees fully with you - draft the best guy. I veer slightly from that - pitchers are fragile, and the Mets almost NEVER develop sluggers. I would really try to nab power hitting guys. One or two each year becoming impact pro hitters and we could - WOW - have an offense to match your average major league team. Maybe better. And power arms....maybe Paul Sewald has a successful career, but he has had an A+ minor league career, but because he is not a power pitcher, we have not seen him make the majors yet.

In terms of tools, it looks like Desmond Lindsay may be a real-deal future major leaguer...maybe part of a future article.

Eddie Corona said...

I am not so concern with the Power as much as the hit tool... I love the gap to gap hitters... Bernie Williams was as dangerous and clutch (i wish that was a tool being clutch) ... Give me 3 or 4 of those guys in a line up... tough outs ... Assassins as Mike Francesca Once said about that the core of the 96 Yankees... Oneal, bernie, jeter, Just brutal to get thru the line up...
it kills me when we have man on 3rd and no outs and we cannot just get the ball in the OF...

But I am holding out hope on Alonzo to be our Paul Goldsmith...

Thomas Brennan said...

Ultimately you want assassin hitters more than power...maybe overlooked TJ Rivera, who hit. 400 with runners on base in Vegas. My favorite Mets assassin was dour Eddie Murray, who was devastating one year with the bases loaded. Pitchers quaked.

Thomas Brennan said...

Ultimately you want assassin hitters more than power...maybe overlooked TJ Rivera, who hit. 400 with runners on base in Vegas. My favorite Mets assassin was dour Eddie Murray, who was devastating one year with the bases loaded. Pitchers quaked.

Eddie Corona said...

yeah I would say our last guy was beltran... Piazza, fonzie and wright all fit the bill... problem is that we almost always have only 1 guys... We need 4 of them... Its why I was so dishearten in 2006, 07,08... I feel like if delgado would have arrived in 2005 like Omar wanted him... we would have had the offense you speak of... But delgado had 1 year (2006)... the 2007/8 were a let down... If only we had a little pitching back in those years the drought would have been over...

Thomas Brennan said...

True...Met fans remember those few times we had HITTING teams like the current Red Sox, BlueJays, etc. Few ... Too few.

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