Mentioned a few Mets minors standouts yesterday, I'll mention a few today as well, with some overlap because some guys have been hot enough of late to get multiple mentions.

SS Gavin Cecchini is one of those multiples...he has exploded the last 3 games, going 11 for 14, and climbing to .329, placing him 3rd in the PCL batting race. 

Who are the #1 and #2 hitters?  Both Mets.  Brandon Nimmo at .348 and TJ Rivera at .347.  Impressive trio.  Cecchini continues his drastic reduction in errors over his past 40 + games, too.

RP Paul Sewald, unlike everyone else, is finding pitching in Vegas to be relatively easy, sitting at 5-3, 3.39 with 17 of 21 saves and 78 K in 64 IP.  In August and July, in 20 games, he has a 2.42 ERA, 26 IP, 16 H, 33 K.  Let the chant begin: Call up Paul, call up Paul.

Lefty giant Andrew Barbosa has battled a lat injury this year, but he was dazzling on a restricted pitch count for St Lucie last night, tossing 7 no hit innings in 85 pitches, walking 1 and fanning 11.  He has thrown 64 innings this year, 1.70 ERA, 0.97 WHIP and slightly more than a K per inning.  Besides injuries that have set him back in his career, he has had control issues, but not this year, with just 17 walks in those 64 IP.  He is 28-19, 3.34 career with 489 Ks in 409 IP.  he has pitched as high as AAA.  Why not call him up to the Mets for the stretch drive?  Last night was quite a sales "pitch".

Brooklyn righty reliever Gary Cornish is not pitching like a recent 19th round pick for the Mets. Last night, in 3 IP, the 22 year old allowed just 1 hit while striking out 6.  Not a fluke game, as Gary for the season sports a 2.45 ERA over 13 games, and in 22 IP, has an incredible 37-2 strikeout to walk ratio.  16 Ks in his last 3 outings spanning 8 IP.  Wow.

Kingsport OF Ricardo Cespedes went 4 for 4 yesterday, making him 19 for his last 41 over 10 games and boosting his average to .324...not bad for a guy who just turned 19.

Short and sweet - some highlights to make a Mets fan smile.


Anonymous said...

Gavin needs to move over to SECOND BASE! The Vegas squad isn't going anywhere this season, so what do you have to lose giving Gavin a month's worth of playing time at his future spot?

Follow that up with exposure at second base in the Arizona Fall League and then give him the entire off season to work at the position. I don't see a huge learning curve, since he is already playing a middle infield spot and the variety of throws he would have to make are much easier......could cut his errors down even more.

With the Herrera deal (still hate that transaction) removing our "future" at second base and Rosario on the fast track at SS, it would maximize our resources to put GC at second base......especially if they do not retain Neil Walker.


Thomas Brennan said...

Mike, I'd love to retain Neil Walker, but his back and a multi year contract defies logic. I'd absolutely go ALL IN on Cespedes - do NOT let him get away - and saving money on Walker by putting Cecchini at 2B works for me. We'd still have Reyes, Cabrera and Flores for the infield in 2017, so if Gavin faltered, there are options, so I'd do exactly what you suggest and think "Cecchini" at 2B next year. Also, if Harvey is never "Harvey" again after this surgery, that is one more big salary they won't have to pay soon, and Wheeler being out all year keeps his future salary jumps further into the future. So:


At this point, with the AAA season winding down, I'd leave Gavin at SS, as he finally has shown fielding adequacy there, so why mess with THAt so late, but get him to work at 2B in the off season and in the spring.

Adam Smith said...

I, too think Cecchini is a 2B if he stays with the org. Though with Cabrera signed on for another year, and Rosario likely still a year away, he might well be the plan for backup/emergency SS duty in '17.

Watching this team since he got here, you absolutely MUST retain Cespedes. Warts and all, he's one of the most dangerous hitters in the game, and basically irreplaceable in this lineup. You just cannot be the GM who lets Murphy and Cespedes walk in consecutive seasons on a team that has such trouble scoring. Round the next two years on his deal up to $25mm per, and give him two player options for $20mm apiece and I'll bet he stays.

Thomas Brennan said...

Adam, your lips to God's ears. Cespedes must be retained.

Yep, Murph has 67 extra base hits and 98 RBIs, not to mention his .345 average. Nice. Glad he is not in our division....oh yeah, he is.

Eddie Corona said...

only thing to disagree with you is that Cecchini needs to move to 2b now...
Why do we always have a guy learn a new position in the Majors... He is not our SS of the future... So let see if he the 2B of the future... I have always said if your a SS then you can play anywhere... Have him learn 2B maybe her Gold glove there...
But I wouldnt stop there... Have him learn 3b , LF, RF... How valuable was Zobrist...
Yes Cespedes needs to be signed... And his biggest issues are he like to play Golf... He is a golf addict... REALLY???

Thomas Brennan said...

Agree, Eddie. I thought Cecchini should have been moved around too, but only about a week to go. I am not against it if they feel he can switch on the fly without getting hurt.

The writers here would have found something to rip Willie Mays in his prime if he were a Met playing today. We need Cespy

Thomas Brennan said...

The writers in New York, that is.

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