Most Met blog followers know who Tom Szapucki is.  He is a 20 year old lefty mid-to-high 90s fireballer that the Mets are very fortunate to have.

I am not sure I have ever seen a Mets prospect come out of the gate like Tom has - he may earn a nickname oh. like Tom Terrific, perhaps - if he keeps it up.

So what's he done in 2016?

8 starts

47 innings

76 Ks

23 hits allowed

4 earned runs

As the old saying goes, the numbers speak for themselves.  And they are speaking (using my best Michael Caine accent) "very, very loudly".

In the minors, Thor did not pitch like that.  Harvey did not pitch like that.  Matz did not pitch like that. de Grom did not pitch like that.  Wheeler did not pitch like that.   You get the idea.

In his last start in Brooklyn, he took a no hitter into the 6th, and struck out 11 in 5.1 innings.  Wow.

Tom's rockin' - and he's got our attention.  We're watching.


Eddie Corona said...

when we made the trade for Bruce and were talking about Lucroy this was one name I did not want to see included...
Szapucki and Dunn (possibly Church) may be the only legitimate to take over for the Big 5 we currently have in the majors when their contracts are up or traded...

Thomas Brennan said...

Possibly Harold Gonzalez, too, who has been terrific in Bklyn in 2016. Time will tell. Who will be better...SZAPUCKI or Dunn? We'll see.

Hobie said...

Looking over MinL catching(!) I find some interesting stuff.

AAA: Plawecki (.309BA/.851 OPS) and Monell (.275/.832 with 18 HR--more than Taljeron) -- maybe a LV illusion.

AA: X. Carrillo, a disapointing .260/.687 -- (I thought X would have a break-out year

A+: Tomas Nido, .316/.814 at PSL,

A- Mazelka has been hot/cold/injured, there's a Nat Ramos (.297/.786) who has a 47% CS rate.

RK: Anthony Domino at KP (.307/.935) and Carlos Sanchez (.356/.913 in GCL) have been raking. Ali Sanchez has fallen off the charts in Bklyn.


Thomas Brennan said...

Plawecki is example 1 of how it is hard to project minor league hitters. I do like Nido, and Mazelka, who has had injury challenges making this a hard-to-read year as to how his future goes. He had an outstanding 2015 as a healthy player

Thomas Brennan said...

Eudor Garcia awakening, with 6 hits the past 2 games. ALONSO 4 more hits, including his 11th double and his 5th BROOKLYN homer. Not bad for a month's work, Mr. ALONSO.

Ali Sanchez's sleeping bat woke up with 4 hits also.

Thomas Brennan said...

Dwight Gooden is one guy who compared, as a minor leaguer, to Szapucki.

When Dwight debuted at 17, he did OK.

In his first full year, though, at the age of 18, he threw an awful lot of pitches, unheard of today:

19-4, 191 innings, 300 Ks, 112 walks, 2.50 in A ball.

Szapucki is 2 years older, about the same K rate (14/9 IP), far fewer innings (thankfully), and much better ERA (0.77) and WHIP so far this year. Doc Gooden is amazing company for Szapucki to be in.

A Harol Gonzalez note: Szapucki's 21 year old Brooklyn co-ace has allowed just 2 earned runs in his last 34 IP, and has K'd 56 in his last 44 IP. So he is another guy doing really exciting stuff in the NY Penn League.

Gary Seagren said...


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