Mack’s Wednesday Report – 9-21-16


Good morning.

For some reason, I couldn’t sleep last night, so I got caught up on both the site as well as the Mets season.

It amazes me that this team has post four of their projected ‘dream rotation’ and have still managed to stay competitive in September. This wouldn’t be happening, by the way, if rosters were not able to be expanded and more pitchers could be sent out to the bullpen.

Look, here’s the plan when something like this happens.

1.     You pitch the remaining two ‘starters’ (Syndergaard and Colon) with the goal of getting six solid innings out of each of them

2.     You then pitch Gsellman, Ynoa, and Lugo with the goal of getting five solid innings out of them.

3.     You reduce those innings as quickly as things go bad, or, in the case of Lugo, when your gut instinct is telling you that you are about to lose a lead before the fifth inning ends.

4.     80% of your games will have Addison Reed pitch the 8th inning

5.     80% of your games will have Jeurys Familia pitch the 9th inning

6.     You go to your choice of worship and say a prayer that Steven Matz will be back this weekend.

7.     If not, you have 11 more pitchers to fill in the cracks that include most of the 6th innings, all of the 7th innings, and a few of the 8th and 9th innings.

I didn’t expect the team to here this late in the season. There’s a lot of good things going on right now, including the managing of Terry Collins (sorry Reese)… but, there also is a ton of bad things… all the injuries… lack of hitting/throwing by TDA… and the September swoon of Reyes, Cespedes, and Bruce.

But I’ve watched the last two games on my Sports South feed (damn Braves) and it really feels great being back in another pennant race.

I don’t expect the feeling to last long, but I’ll take it in a bad year.


bob gregory said...


Familia has already been used so much this season.

Using him in 80% of the remaining games will result in at least 78 innings and 81 appearances this year.
Combined with 78 innings regular season plus post season innings last year and
77 innings in 2014....
That is a lot of stress on a reliever's arm.

Thomas Brennan said...

Braves always keep their tomahawks sharpened for us, Mack. Amazing. Especially with total zero, stunning non-performance fromm d'Arnaud and Bruce. Hope all is well, buddy. And they may rue the day they did not promote Paul Sewald.

Gary Seagren said...

Hi Mack hope all that can be well with you is. As far as the Braves go I don't think I'll ever get over Blair, Swanson and Inciarte for Miller and where were we when this went down? A first overall draft pick as well as a solid all around 25 year old outfielder and good pitching prospect for Shelby friggin Miller wow.

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