Baseball is simply the best game around.  A simple case in point is the Mets' last 2 games.

A gut punch announcement that Jake deGrom needs and gets season ending surgery.

Then a gut punch of a game Wednesday night, with a badly managed game ultimately lost on a brilliant Braves catch, robbing Yoenis Cespedes of a game winning 3 run shot.  Total AGONY.

Then more AGONY Thursday...more shoulder pain for Steve Matz, and the quartet of starters (Harvey, Jake, Matz, Wheeler) are all agonizingly done for the year.

Last night, though, ecstasy came early on a Grandy 2 run shot, his 29th.  Lugo was cruising until allowing a run in the 4th and (ugh!) 2 more in the 5th on two solo shots.  After 3 straight losses, a feeling of AGONY crept in there.

But the Mets pull ahead, feeling ecstatic, until a Phillies 3 run jack in the 8th put the Mets behind 6-4.  AGONY turned to dread.

But wait, Jose Reyes hugely smacked his 8th homer in the 9th to tie the score at 6, and the fans were ecstatic again.

Duda comes up in the 10th to pinch hit and hits a laser beam into the seats that would have been a walk off winner, but agonizingly it was foul by just inches, and then Duda fans.  On to the 11th.

Familia coughs up a couple of runs including one walked in by the Mets' 10th pitcher, Jim Henderson.  AGONY and dread at the looming prospect of another brutal, gut-wrenching loss.

Except they won: the amazing Asdrubal Carera (.364/.429/.729 in his last 30 games) jacks a 3 run walk off bomb, far too deep for any acrobatic catch on this night.  ECSTACY ensues, as the team and remaining fans erupt.

What a game.  What a sport.  What a season.


Gary Seagren said...

Couldn't have said it better...WOW. Casey said it best...Amazin Amazin Amazin. Now of course what happens next. We used 27 players last night which of course is incredible so who plays tonight. TC should start Duda after his almost HR and Nimmo who has looked good with his sporadic playing time and we better hope Ynoa can go 9 right so anyway LETS GO METS!!! Thomas we gotta talk Mets email me seagren@verizon.net tx

Thomas Brennan said...

Tied up again today, Gary...I still say that they should bring up Sewald, if by now he is not too shut down. With deGrom and Matz out, our pitching is stretched. Don't get caught short.

Make sure Duda is really ready before starting, and let's see Nimmo )a hit and a hard out) in there before de Aza or Bruce.

Eddie Corona said...

bro... your title said it all... didn't even need to read the rest of the article..

Gary Seagren said...

agreed but Duda has to be better than Campbell

Thomas Brennan said...

This team is NOT for the faint of heart

Thomas Brennan said...

Gary, I have come to the conclusion that Duda on his death bed would be better than Soup. A little blunt, but so be it.

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