Just the way Sandy and Terry drew it up in April...flounder for months, stay within hailing distance of a Wild Card slot in late August, start losing key pitchers and others to injuries, reel off 18 of 23 anyway to grab the Wild Card lead with 13 to go, and have the struggling Braves, Phils and Marlins the rest of the way.  "Sounds like a plan to me."

I always dreamed of the Mets starting a 43 year old guy and two unheralded rookies with less than 10 combined Mets starts in a critical September series....and of course, in my dreams, they swept.  Ridiculous, right?

Gabe Ynoa and a spring training lineup yesterday during a playoff run.  WIN.  Gabe, never a strikeout pitcher in the minors, punches out 8 in 4.2 IP.  Where did that come from?  Did he rub Jake deGrom's hair?  SWEEP.

Offensive Cinderella TJ Rivera hits .350 everywhere he goes, so why shouldn't we be surprised he is hitting .350 here too?  And adds a game winning homer to boot.

deGrom needs surgery? Get well soon, but no problem.  Cespedes feels like Hillary and comes out of the game?  No problem.  Flores, one of the Mets' hottest hitters, misses 8 games? No problem.  D'Arnaud has 14 RBI after 149 games? No problem.  Jay Bruce forgot how to hit when he came to NY?  No problem.  Matz misses a month? No problem.  Neil Walker out for the rest of the year with back surgery? No problem.  Harvey misses half the season? No problem.  Wheeler takes 2 years off? No problem.  Wright was not right for 80% of the season? No problem. Duda misses almost as many as David? No problem.

After all, we have deGrom clone Gsellman, at your service.  Unheralded Seth Lugo is pitching like, well, Greg Maddux. Josh Smoker is smoking.  And Grandy is grand again.

Just 13 more games.  Keep doing the Amazin', and TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS.


Thomas Brennan said...

Lugo, Gsellman, and Ynoa have started 11 games and are 5-2, 2.67 in 64 IP in those starts. Amazin'.

bob gregory said...

Just incredible.

Look at the performance and resulting health situations of the players held in high regard as part of Alderson's plans.
Wright, D'Arnaud, Walker, DeGrom, Matz, Wheeler, Harvey, Campbell?, Kelly. Who else am I missing?

Then look at the performance of the players Alderson has tried his best to distance the team from.
Flores, TJ Rivera, Reyes, and most of all Cespedes.


Thomas Brennan said...

Missing Duda and de Aza from Sandy's love List.

Thomas Brennan said...

thinking of former Mets favorites, Ruben Tejada appears to have not been added to the 40 man roster of the Giants...he was hitting fairly well in AAA at season's end, so that seems a bit surprising. Also a bit telling. Glad we are past the Ruben Era. I am sure Reese has a Ruben bobblehead on his fireplace mantle.

bob gregory said...

On the mantle?
Or in the fireplace?

bob gregory said...
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Thomas Brennan said...

You're right - I think Reese would burn it in effigy.

Thomas Brennan said...

I was out tonight, but I see the Braves gave THEM the business. Shocking.

Thomas Brennan said...

I was out tonight, but I see the Braves gave THEM the business. Shocking.

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