WET AND WILD by Tom Brennan

WET AND WILD by Tom Brennan

The magic number to get in the Wild Card game now remains at TWO after St Louis won their Thursday game with a bottom 9th walk off win, and San Fran followed suit with an easier win vs. the Rockies.

Now each of those two teams and the Mets vie over the last 3 days to land one of the two wild card spots, with the Mets in the driver's seat in that regard, one up on SF and two up on STL.  All 3 teams are on the road again, Willie Nelson told me, and on paper, the Mets have it easiest:  Phillies, while the Frannies play the tough Dodgers and the Louies play the almost as tough Pirates.

That's the Wild part.  The Wet part? 

Philadelphia's weather forecast:
Today? Rain.  For Tonight's Game:  Showers                    
Low 61° 40% chance of precipitation.  Gsellman the Great vs. Asher.                   

Saturday for the 1:05 start? Showers
High 70° 50% chance of precipitation.  Colon the Colossal vs. Klein (who?) 

Sunday's 3:05 game? YAY!!!  Partly Cloudy
High of  76°, with a mere 20% chance of precipitation. Thor vs. Eickhoff (if they have not clinched both a Wild Card and home field before then).

Then win the Wild Card game and face the Cubs - getting ahead of myself there, but the sight of Gsellman and Lugo mowing down the Cubbies is downright exciting.

Have a good day, stay dry, and go WILD.


Gary Seagren said...

LOL it's the northeast can you expect anything else. Thats why I live in Florida I need the sunshine. LETS GO METS!!!

Thomas Brennan said...

Weird weather...damp, windy...yesterday right thru early Sunday around here. Living in Florida is Snow Fair.

Thomas Brennan said...

Gsellman the Great, and Bruce has Broken Loose.

Mack Ade said...

I may have to revisit my projected 2017 team regarding Jay Bruce.

Even more so, Robert Gsellman seems to have earned a fixed position in next year's 5-man rotation

TP said...

Of all the issues in 2016, the Mets have entertained through the balance of the schedule. Kudos to them. In addition, they established another two big league starters. Lastly, Bruce has finally gotten back to being Bruce, and even if he doesn't fit in for 2017 he has re-established his market value. The team is in good shape going forward.

Thomas Brennan said...

With the Cards and Giants both winning, thanks be for the revelation that Gsellman has become. Magic # is one because we won.

Thomas Brennan said...


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