The home run record for the Mets as a team, coming into this year, was 200 in 2006, a year in which they averaged 5.15 runs per game.

The Mets are up to 192 homers this year with over 20 games to go, so surely this record is about to fall. Remarkable when one considers losing home run threats like Duda and Wright for 80% of the season and Cespedes, Walker, Cabrera, and D'Arnaud for significant stretches and having Conforto sent down for an extended period after hitting the soph jinx head-on at the start of May.

Remarkable.  We wish, for instance, that a guy like Brandy would defy the shift and hit to the left side more to keep them honest.  He says, Nah, I would rather hit homers, if you don't mind.  25 already, is a 30 homer season in the offing?

As we all know, Mets team scoring has been amongst the lowest of all MLB teams this year, despite the homers.  But low scoring is so much easier to take, and more fun, when the boys from Queens are launching them post haste.  Keep launching them, boys.

And you've gone 14-4 in your past 18 games.  Can you do that again over the next 18?  We surely won't mind.  Especially if you keep going deep.


Thomas Brennan said...

This from a franchise that hit under 100 homers in 15 seasons, an amazingly futile stat.

Gary Seagren said...

Thomas I went to the game last night in Bradenton and although the weather was nice the game left alot to be desired but I got to talk to J.P. Ricciardi which was interesting. I saw him walking down to the left field section and talking on the phone so after he was finished we talked for about 10 min. He said Matz threw yesterday and felt fine and he expected Matz and Degrom back this season. He also said in regards to "Magic Lugo" (love that nick name) Gsellman and Montero no one saw this coming and then he said they didn't last year either. He was very engaging in conversation and pleasant to talk to. As far as the game went Conlon was off his game as the Marauders were hitting shot's all over the park and just when he was about to escape the 2nd inning, luckily with only 1 run, what should have been a third out infield pop up fell in front of 4 infielders. That clearly rattled him and when he came back to pitch the 3rd inning he started jawing with the ump over a pitch call. Thompson had hard hit double and Nido looked fine behind the plate hit a few hard shots and got a hit himself and get this: THREW OUT A BASE RUNNER!!! WOW. We sure could use some that right now. Thomas do you know if the qualifying offer is still in affect this off season? Lets connect soon

Thomas Brennan said...

Nice recap, Gary. PJ's worst game of the season, and he showed his Irish temper. Will try to catch up to you.

Thomas Brennan said...
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Thomas Brennan said...

94 runs in those last 18 games going 14-4...5.22 runs per game works for me.

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