Mack – My 2017 Team


It’s not complete but, to tell the truth, is it ever complete?

1B – positional available – I really have no confidence in Lucas Duda and I would either just release him or package him in some deal for a new outfielder or catcher. I don’t see Dominic Smith becoming a factor here until 2018 so I’d have to look elsewhere.

2B – Neil Walker – (new contract) - $18mil/2017 – 2018 option – Walker wants to come back next season and you have to sign this guy to a decent raise/contract. I’d offer him a two year deal but settle with one and an option. This signing would return T.J. Rivera to the UT1 position he has earned.

SS – Astrubel Cabrera - $8.25mil/2017 – 2018 option – anything I say here would only commend the decision to originally sign this guy to a multi-year deal. He gets my vote for the team MVP this season.

3B – Jose Reyes - $$22mil/2017 – 2018 option – as sad as this is, I see no option to either working out a retirement deal with David Wright, or simply placing him on waiver. No other team is going to touch the remains of this contract and the Mets need to move on. The retirement compromise solves the retiring of his number down the road problem.

UT-IF – T.J. Rivera - $500K/2016 - $500K/2017 – everybody did everything they could to keep this undrafted ‘bat’ from making his way to Queens, but it’s going to turn out that he will lead the team in batting September. There’s nothing special about his defense, but he can play all four infield spots and he would be a wonderful hitting, both in relief on off days for an aging infield and as a pinch hitter.

UT-IN – Wilmer Flores – it’s sad that Flores can’t find a full time job with this team, but there simply are better options and his increased power numbers make for a great bat off the bench. He also can play three infield position, none of which are shortstop.

LF – Yoenes Cespedes - $30mil/2017 - $32mil/2018, $34mil/2019 – I know in my heart that this team can’t consistently make the playoffs without this guy in the lineup. I build my entire roster around this guy and Noah Syndergaard. Without either one, you’ll have a lost season. 

CF – position available – For me, this is the biggest hole on this team. The Mets need a solid defensive centerfielder that hits 30+ home runs. Period. I’m not going to take the time to try and figure out who Sandy Alderson should go out and get here. This is his job and he doesn’t share his rolodex with me.

RF – Curtis Granderson - I thought the Mets had this position all figured out when they traded for Jay Bruce, but he’s turned out to be the second coming of Jason Bay. I no longer have any desire to resign him and I’m willing to live with Granderson for once more year. He’ll never hit above .250 again, but he’s a clutch hit and bleeds Mets blue and orange.

UT-OF – Juan Lagares - $4.5mil/2017, $6.5mil/2018, $9mil/2019, option/2020 – this has turned out to be a great contract and would even be greater if he would stay off the disabled list. Still, he’s a Golden Glove winner that has hit over .280 in the past. How many other Mets outfielders can claim that?

UT-OF – position available – this will most probably be filled by either Brandon Nimmo or Michael Conforto… and I’ve struggled trying to pick either one of them, and, let’s face it… neither one of these guys need to be sent back to AAA ball to hit .900 again. They both bat left handed and I’m particularly upset at what Conforto did not do this season, but both of these could be trade bait in the off season so who knows who’s going to fill the spot.

C – position available – my hopes is the Mets make a big run for Wilson Ramos in free agency. Ramos was only paid $5.35mil this season by the Nationals so there should be plenty of wiggle room here to get a deal done. I’m sort of done with Travis d’Arnaud. He basically didn’t hit in a basic injury free season and, worse than that, he can’t throw my wife out at second base.

C – Rene Rivera - $1.65mil/2016 – ARB3/2018 – you can’t find a better defensive backup catcher who can occasionally hit a home run or two. The pitchers love him and the other team’s runner hate to run on him.

SP1 – Noah Syndergaard – look, I have to try and put back this ‘rotation of all time’ knowing guys like Wheeler may never pitch another ball for a professional baseball team. As you will see, I have the next three fill-in starters in my pen.

P2 – Jacob deGrom -  take your time

SP3 – Mike Harvey - we need you next spring

SP4 – Zack Wheeler -sit back and chill

SP5 – Steven Matz – and occasionally long toss with Wheeer

Long Man/emergency SP6 – Bartolo Colon – $10mil/2017 – I have no desire to offer Colon a multi-year deal, but I also have no desire to let him pitch for another team. Right now, he’s the most stable starter we have on this staff and I can just about guarantee you that he will be needed in the 2017 rotation at some point during the season. The worse thing that happens here is you have yourself a hell of a relief pitcher.

 RP – Robert Gsellman - $500K/2016 – Pre-ARB/2017 – I could have picked Seth Lugo here but I liked Gsellam’s hair more. Knowing our starting rotation’s past health record, we’re probably going to see both these guys anyway sometimes in 2017.

RP – Hansel Robles - $516.5K/2016 – Pre-ARB/2017 – I happen to love this guy and I think he’s a Familia waiting to happen.

LHRP – Josh Edgin - $625K/2016 – ARB2/2017 – it seems to me that Eglin never got out of the gate this season. I still love him as a LOOGY.

LHRP – position available – maybe Smoker, but definitely not Gilmartin. I hope Sandy can find a new lefty stud to fill this slot.

8th Inning guy -Addison Reed - $5.3mil/2016 – ARB3/2017 – I have no problems bringing this guy back as my 8th inning guy followed by the best closer in baseball…

Closer – Jeurys Familia – $4.1mil/2016 - 2nd year of arbitration

One final thought…

Would you like either a stud first baseman or centerfielder?

How about offering three-for one that includes a choice of:

          Gsellman or Lugo
          Nimmo or Conforto

          And either Flores of T.J.


Thomas Brennan said...

Hi Mack

You write about all of the things that Sandy Alderson is thinking about for next year, while he is also trying to pull off a miracle finish with a tattered starting rotation. Those sorts of headaches are good to have - you could be the Phillies GM.

I think you have to keep Gsellman and Lugo - man, the rotation fell apart this year, and who knows if Harvey or Wheeler will ever be the same (I will assume Matz and degrom will, but even that is not a sure thing). Gsellman is very impressive.

So is TJ Rivera. Imagine if he hit like the 84 guys they called up last season who all (but for Conforto) could not hit a lick. TJ figures he may start to be exposed when he gets promoted above the major leagues, but this MLB stuff is easy. I mean, a .361 average with a .500+ slug in 90 plate appearances - let's get him on the All Star team next year! Murphy who?

Bruce, I am not going to fully judge until this season is over...he could still ignite this week (has shown signs of awakening, including his mammoth homer on Saturday).

I will leave the rest of prognosticating thoughts to the other readers.

Thomas Brennan said...

Gsellman and Lugo are 7-4, 2.59 combined in 97 IP. Absolutely incredible - no one could have predicted that.

Dallas said...

I hear that guy in Cincinnati plays a pretty good first base...he would be quite the difference maker and they are trying to rebuild. He is owed a lot of money though. I wonder what it would take to get him. Somehow Atlanta got the #1 overall pick and a very good CF for an average pitcher so who knows.

I think its hard to give up on Conforto. A guy rushed through the minors and was give a couple months to struggle. He has looked good recently. He was hitting like .425 down in Vegas right? I think you give the kid another chance.

Do we pick up Bruce option and trade him? As poorly as he played for the Mets you have to think he still has some value. Ces, Nimmo, Conforto, Grandy, Lagares, Bruce is way too many OF so someone is getting traded (unless they let Ces walk).

Thomas Brennan said...

Dallas, don't let Cespedes walk. Murphy one year, Ces the next? Uhh, uhh.

Lew Rhodes said...

Why are we talking about 2017? Gsellman and Lugo are going to pitch us past the Cubs!

Hey all, been quite sometime since my Mack's Mets posting

Lew Rhodes said...

I believe it was on here last year that I said TJ Rivera would never be a legitimate ML player.

Boy was I wrong -- I am will gladly eat that crow.

What a great story he and Lugo have been -- even if they never do what they did this year again, we would be lost without those two

Thomas Brennan said...

Hey Lou,don't be such a stranger! Hope all is well. Just keep on mind Harvey, Matz, Jake and zach are 20-26 this year, while Seth and Rob are 7-4. Nuts

Thomas Brennan said...

I had Muno and Reynolds ahead of Rivera at the start of last year. TJ just kept hitting while the other 2 faded

Mack Ade said...

Tom -

I would keep Lugo but you can't carry everyone on the 25 man if the 'big 5' are healthy and you want 2 lefties in the bullpen.

I would open the season with Lugo in Las Vegas

Lew Rhodes said...

I actually think Lugo over Gsellman because Gsellman is the better starter - keep him in AAA stretched out to fill in when needed -- because it will happen.

Plus, it would not surprise me if Harvey isn't ready in April - plus Wheeler is going to have his innings capped.

I love Bart and we need to keep him, but he is going to hit a wall someday

Robb said...

personally i would like to start tj rivera in the minors and bring back kelly johnson for 3mm if not we are just going to end up trading for him again, giving up more depth. given injuries, TJ will shuttle back and forth all year.

I think jay bruce has value at 1/12 mm to someone else and maybe they can trade him for some A ball guys with potential bc otherwise that was a ton to give up for 2 shit months and the mm they owe him no matter what after the season. seems like here are penty of teams that need what he was before he got to new york and sucked bc the stage is too big for him

reyes is your ss/3b infielder for next year as he has a team option, the 22 mm is being paid by the rockies, he agreed to a minium or just over 1 year deal plus team option when they signed him supposedly.

As for wright, I think you are at least 1 year if not two years away from the retirement/ injury settlement. he's coming back. how long he lasts is beyond me. anyway, Manny Muchado is a free agent after 2018, Aranado after 2019. and cabrera can play third once Rosario is ready to bridge the gap.

I believe cespedes can be brought back for a 5 year 125 contract with a 6 year 7.5/22 option 6/147. making his met total 6/160 or 7 years 172.5 which tbh i think is fair. plus he wants to stay if its close.

gsellman/lugo start in the minors, need guys stretched out for when at least 2 starters go down.

colon 1yr/7 mm.

my 4 outfielders are yo, grandy, conforto, with legares as the platoon. reyes as my fifth/swing guy.

duda/flores at first to start at least.

Thomas Brennan said...

Robb, nice analysis...Nimmo should be in there, IMO. He hit. 375 after April in Vegas, so. I would say he is ready as 4th or 5th OF.

Thomas Brennan said...

Interesting that Dilson Herrera was not called up by Cincinnati. Maybe we overrated him?

TP said...

Hola all,
Always great to see Mack opine.

Here is my 2 cents -
1. Of course, Yo must be retained.
2. I enjoyed Walker, but I'd opt to keep Duda at 1B and let Walker move on, mostly due that back surgery and also to the cost savings and only 1 year commitment for Duda. The only way I'd change that is if DW announced his retirement before Walker signed elsewhere.
3. I lke the pool of infielders give DW's uncertainty, so my group includes MVP Cabrera, Jose, Flores, TJ, and re-signing Kelly Johnson.
4. The OF is tough, and a little crowded. The first assumption is the Yo is in LF. I differ from Mack in that I am fine with a platoon of Nimmo/Lagares in CF. I would sign and deal Bruceplaw for a legit 7th inning arm. He is a Cleveland/Texas type of guy, where he could put up big numbers, and at $12 million he has value despite his late season slump. I still love Conforto's swing and would give him a shot at RF full time. I'd keep Grandy over Bruce, but would deal him if another team returned value. Worst case I'd keep him as insurance for Nimmo/Conforto, as well as a power bat off the bench.
5. Catching. First, the easy part. Most everyone is happy with Rene Rivera as he backup. He should clearly be retained. The hard part is upgrading, which is clearly a major need. TDA and KPlaw were both disappointing offensively, but I would still go for a defense first catcher. This is a requirement on a pitching first team. I don't have anyone in mind, that is for the winter.
6. Starting pitching, I resign Bart ad keep everyone possible on the 40 man that the rule 5 draft allows. We saw what can happen with pitching in 2016. While this year has been a big disappointment, the great thing is that we found out the Gsellman and Lugo can contribute at the big league level.
7. Mets control Familia and Reed, so the 8/9 tandem returns. I have more confidence in Familia dominating in 2017 than Reed, but I still like Addison. Robles drives you nut at times, but with a little more maturity he can be very good. As I said above, I hope hey can deal Bruce for a legit 7th inning arm. I'd resign Blevins and then ptch together the rest of the pen with Smoker, Edgin, Montero, etc.

All that said, 2016 ain;t over, so LGM.

bob gregory said...

I'll just be glad if Alderson reverses course on his insistence on his whole "hunting for pitches" as the only acceptable approach for hitters.
Sure it might help a lower ability hitter squeak out a small increase in production. But it hamstrings and messes with natural professional hitters.

Hopefully he will stop ignoring the importance of batting avg.

Additionally I hope he learns to steer away from back injuries.

bob gregory said...
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bob gregory said...

Remember....some of the best and most productive hitters were able to successfully hit pitches out of the strike zone.

Case in point: Juan Gonzalez

bob gregory said...
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