The guardian angels that have allowed 43 year old Bartolo Colon to pitch like an All Star switched sides last night.  Turning him into a normal 43 year old last night.a

Last night, in honor of Jose Fernandez, the guardians from above switched sides, with those angels directing the ball off of very low power Dee Gordon's bat leading off the game into the second deck.  Supernatural.

Right there, the angels made it clear this would be a night of Marlins celebration.  Bart got clobbered, the relief pitchers got the game over quickly, and Met bats, producers of buckets of runs in the recent Phillies series, were quieted.

St Louis got clobbered by the weak Cincy Reds, so the Wild Card situation actually improved (one less game for the Cards to deal themselves in).

Time for the angels to switch back to Casey's Metsies....Stengel spoke to the angels after the game, so all should be good from here on out, folks.


And let's go Mets.


Thomas Brennan said...

I just noticed that another former Met farmland pitcher that was traded last year, Matt Koch, is 1-1 in 5 games and is starting for the D Backs this week. He allowed more hits than innings every season in the minors, so I doubt his career will be successful, but he has made it to the Big Tent.

Hobie said...

You know, for a moment I thought Bart had "McLain'd" those first pitches to Gordon as a cathartic gesture. That was wrong as BC had actually just lost all command of his FB.

Big time loss for the Mets & a huge win for the Marlins who now have, for at least one more night, a miracle finish in their hearts. Tonight is a must win for the Mets.

Thomas Brennan said...

Hobie, the match up favors the Mets tonight, as long as Thor is over his strep throat. We need this one. Don't put too much weight on Lugo on Wednesday.

Gary Seagren said...

Another senseless tragedy as more news of what happened Sat. night comes to light and unfortunately we've all heard these types of stories many times before as the list of young men doing foolish things late at night is endless....very sad. I do hope we wake up and decide we really shouldn't be giving games away like last night karma or not as we have 5 games to go to win the WC so lets get it together please and focus!!!!

Gary Seagren said...

FWIW has anyone mentioned the dramatic decline (except last night of course) of Dee Gordon's stats from the 2015 season to this season after his PED suspension and wondered if this might be brought up this winter as clubs can't be happy paying big $$$ for players inflated stats due to PED performance....any thoughts?

Thomas Brennan said...

Their sppedboating is like the motorbike ninjas I see often on Long Island highways, where I am doing 65 and they blow past me at 110 MPH. All fun until a mistake is made. We are breakable, and young people sometimes ignore that at their peril.

Thomas Brennan said...

I'd be pissed as a GM if I overpaid due to PED performance, for sure.

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