Mack Ade - Current Updated Winter Ball Stats


3B     Niuman Romero          .393   28-AB  0-HR   5-RBI   .526-OBP  1.062-OPS
C       Juan Uriarte                .333   6-AB    0-HR   0-RBI    .333-OBP   .667-OPS
IF      Phillip Evans               .327   55-AB  1-HR  11-RBI  .403-OBP   .894-OPS
CF    Champ Stuart              .300   70-AB  1-HR   5-RBI   .329-OBP   .729-OPS
SS     Gavin Cecchini            .295   61-AB  1-HR  7-RBI   .357-OBP   .816-OPS
C       Xorge Carillo               .262   107-AB  1-HR 14-RBI .360-OBP   .706-OPS
OF    Juan Lagares               .250   12-AB   0-HR  3-RBI   .231-OBP   .481-OPS
OF    Tim Tebow                   .194   62-AB  0-HR  2-RBI    .296-OBP   .538-OPS
1B     Matt Oberste               .184   49-AB  1-HR  8-RBI    .208-OBP   .514-OPS

P       David Roseboom         0.79-ERA   1.06-WHIP   11.1-IP     15-K
P       Corey Taylor               1.93-E RA  0.93-WHIP   14.0-IP     17-K
P       Chason Bradford        3.00-ERA   2.00-WHIP   9.0-IP       13-K
P       Paul Sewald                 3.32-ERA   0.84-WHIP   19.0-IP     14-K
P       Corey Oswalt               3.33-ERA   1.33-WHIP   27.0-IP     21-K
P       Marcos Molina            3.78-ERA   1.38-WHIP   16.2-IP     8-K
P       Nabil Crismatt            4.15-ERA   1.38-WHIP   17.1-IP     14-K
P       Jose Carlos Medina     4.40-ERA   1.53-WHIP   14.1-IP     11-K
P       Darwin Ramos             10.50-ERA 2.00-WHIP  6.0-IP       6-K
P       Luis Mateo                   13.50-ERA 4.50-WHIP  0.2-IP       0-K
P       Jenrry Mejia                15.00-ERA 3.00-WHIP  3.0-IP       2-K
P       Adrian Almeida           47.25-ERA  5.25-WHIP  1.1-IP       4-K


Tom Brennan said...

Tebow maintaining that 10 point lead over Oberste, of course it helps that the AFL season is over, but Oberste got funding from Jill Stein and is demanding a recount.

We need to get our boys to the gym, as 5 combined homers is not a happy stat.

Mack Ade said...

Tebow and OB are welcome to play in Wisconsin.

Dallas said...

Seward is so gone. Good chance we have egg on our face for that one. Wouldn't be too surprised to see Evans taken either.

David180 said...

Tebow Last 11 games: 9 of 32 (2 Doubles).281 avg. 8 walks On Base % of .425. OPS in last 10: .739.He was improving rapidly.

Tom Brennan said...

David 1o0, you're on my wave length about Tebow. Tebow will outperform in 2017.

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