Richard Herr - So Whaddya Think 2


“So Whaddya think?”
“Whaddya mean, what do I think?”
“Whaddya think, about Walker accepting the $17,2 mill?”
“More power to him.”
“That means the front office is going to be screaming about payroll.”
“How d’ya figure that?”
“That brings the payroll up to over $120 million.”
“They’re gonna be crying and moaning about not being able to give Cespedes the money he wants.”
“I believe they have the right to express their opinions.”
“They keep saying they want to spend about $140 million.”
“I’ve heard them say something like that.”
“They gotta spend more.”
“I’m very pleased you are so liberal in spending other people’s money. I noticed you did that very well before when you let me pay for the last round. However, I gotta take this opportunity to mention that that was quite a long time ago, and now when I look down into my glass, I not only notice that it’s empty, but the bottom’s dry.”
“I’m talking about the Mets.”
“And I guess you should continue to do all the talking, since I can’t because my mouth is so dry my tongue is covered in dust.”
“The Mets gotta spend more.”
“You said that. And I could mention there’s someone else who could spend a little more with our friend Percy, who is tending this bar.”
“I mean they’re a playoff team, which means they make more money. But in order to make all that money, they’ve gotta spend more.”
“I do believe that Fred, Sandy, and Jeff are gonna say that they got a bunch of young pitchers they gotta start paying soon.”
“They aren’t spending the limit before they reach the luxury tax.”
“Which I will mention for clarity is $189 million and probably going up when they get a new CBA.”
“Yeah, and they get Cespedes, they can trade away Bruce and his $13 mil.”
“And perhaps get a piece or two back in young players.”
“And Grandy’s contract runs out after this year, which gives them more money.”
“So you think you got a plan?”
“Yeah, I got a plan.”
“I think that’s wonderful. You should tell the whole world about your plan. Why don’t you start by explaining your pllan to Percy when you got him over here to order another round for us?”

Whenever Richard Herr isn’t solving all the Mets’ problems, he spends his time writing humorous science fiction novels.

You can see his books at https://www.amazon.com/Richard-Herr/e/B00J5XBKX4.


bob gregory said...

I can so easily imagine the listener in your conversation to be Mr. Alderson.

Thank you for another thought provoking article.

bob gregory said...
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Reese Kaplan said...

I have no problem with dumpster diving if it is an aspect to the plan but not the plan itself. For example, I'd make a hard run at Koji Uehara to help replace some of the quality innings that may walk away in the forms of Jerry Blevins and Fernando Salas. Then again, I would have looked at minimum wage Paul Sewald, too, but the Mets thought it was not important enough to protect him in the Rule V draft.

Mack Ade said...

(I see Sandy deleted his comment)

Thomas Brennan said...

Let's each spend a few bucks and get Sandy drunk and see him sign Cespedes with his guard down. The hangover will be brief and well worth it. Don't sign him, the hangover hits hard during the season. Real hard.

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