Oh, No! Watch Yo Go!

In a development as likely as lawsuits after the upcoming election, Yoenis Cespedes today made it official that he wants someone to show him the money.  Since that's not likely going to be the Wilpons, you've already seen his final appearance in a Mets uniform.  

Thank you for all that you did...may you find the contract you desire.  I'd love for it to be with the Mets, but I'm not holding my breath.  


Thomas Brennan said...

I'm turning blue, holding my breath.

Anonymous said...

I prefer a better legit CF

Gary Seagren said...


Gary Seagren said...

Just thinking of a few if "YO goes" options. What about signing two former Nats in Desmond and Ramos for less than the $$$ it will probably take to sign YC. Desmond gives us a solid RH bat for CF and also positional versatility and in Ramos a two way catcher at 29 who because of injury will probably be at somewhat of a discount AND the fact he won't be hitting against us is another plus. It also gives us time to evaluate TDA and Plawecki while Ramos is rehabbing to see who is the backup and who goes in trade. I would also sign either Chapman or Jansen because with the Cubs setting the bar higher we will need a solid off season AND the healthy return of most of our pitching staff if we are really thinking of a run to the WS. Does anyone know if we gave Walker a QOer?

Reese Kaplan said...

No QO for Walker has been announced.

I like the point Gary makes about the combination of Ramos and Desmond. Assuming Ramos gets say $16 million per year and Desmond about $12 million per year...that's $28 million, less than what Cespedes is projected to get. It also addresses the two pimrary needs, gives d'Arnaud most of the year to prove he's valuable (as a trade chip) and makes one of Bruce or Granderson tradeable.

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