Tuesday is a great day for a quiz question.

I'll give you the answer, then you can guess the question:

ANSWER: Alfredo Escalera, Drew Jackson, Danny Mars, Troy Michalzewski, Alex Verdugo, Matt Oberste.

QUESTION: which highly regarded minor league prospects who have been playing minor league ball for years are hitting WORSE in the Arizona Fall League than the oft-mocked and vilified Tim Tebow?

I get to read mocking articles today that maybe poor Tim, who is so clearly over his head, can pray for his injured knee because he believes in miracles.

Funny - tens of millions in the USA (including this writer) believe in miracles, but as usual, moronic writers grab for low hanging Christian mockery fruit in their articles.  Fair game for the untalented. Let's skip the nonsense - how's he doing? 

FACT: Tim Tebow, who hadn't played baseball since high school roughly a decade ago, has hit in 5 of his last 6 games against pretty top notch minor league pitching talent in the Arizona Fall League.  Let's look at that another way: in his last 6 games, he only went hitless once. I'm impressed there.

While many of the recently drafted Mets minors outfield drafted "talent" who played in 2016 in the LOWER minors hit below .200, or barely above, Tebow steps in against far superior competition that would have cremated most of those hitters, and after going 0-12 in his first handful of games, he is 5 for 22 since.  The highest ANY Mets draftee starts out is in Brooklyn - the pitchers in the AFL are far better.  He is holding his own.  Most Cyclone outfielders did not, in 2016.

Consider former Mets 3rd rounder Ivan Wilson, who after a few supremely struggling seasons bursting with strikeouts recently retired after failing to climb past mid-A ball.  I could go on with failure examples, but I won't.

I for one am as anxious to see Tebow heal up and play minor league ball next year, as I was when Michael Jordan decided to give it a try.  And Michael might have made it, had it not been for an untimely baseball strike. 

Former NFL great Deon Sanders did make it, but it took him a while in the minors and a few struggling short years in the majors before he figured it out and had a reasonably successful major league career.  Bo Jackson was a freak, so I will not go into his successes.

As John Lennon would say, "All we are saying, is give Tim a chance."  "Imagine" Tim in the majors, I wonder if you can.   


Mack Ade said...

I played in a jam band here in South Carolina for 15+ years. Guitars, banjo, stand up bass, mandolin, even a chello.

We took all requests except one. No Jimmy Buffett.

Maybe we show have this rule here for Tebow. :)

Thomas Brennan said...

I love buffets - my midsection is living proof!

I just thought it hilarious that despite starting off 0-13, he's gone a respectable 5 for 21 since but gets zero positive press.

Here is a guy who despite a weak arm won a Heisman trophy, and in the much more challenging NFL, in his rookie season turned around a 1-4 team and got them into the playoffs; despite that same noodle arm (only Grandy is impressed with it), he completed 48% of his passes in the NFL, threw for 17 TDs, and averaged 5 yards per carry in nearly 200 NFL runs from scrimmage.

In other words, a guy who shuts up the naysayers and succeeds when almost no one thinks he can. I like having that sort of player. Two that come to mind are RA Dickey and TJ Rivera.

Mack Ade said...

I was just kidding Thomas.

Tebow makes for good post fodder.

Thomas Brennan said...

No, I got you, Mack...the football thoughts hit me after I wrote the post, so it was a good chance to slip the info in!

Mack Ade said...

OBJ for 1st base!!!

Thomas Brennan said...

We want you, Odell. Lebron James can bat clean up.

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